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How to keep your marketing human in a world dominated technology

  1. #DigitalGaggle How to keep your marketing human in a world dominated by tech
  2. 2 The Marketing Buzzword Podcast Speak at conferences across the UK and Europe Head of Marketing at Talkative Wales’ #1 businessman under 35 Hockey player @Roberts_ben_m Published Author
  3. The confirmation
  4. The reality: Relationships are H2H not H2M, but the relationships are enhanced through tech
  5. Tech will come and go, but these humans will stay through it all
  6. Marketers are ironic
  7. We are pursuing a ‘be more human’ approach, but in the next sentence we will utter the words ‘we need a chatbot’
  8. Context and Customer Experience
  9. Which parts of the customer journey can you automate, and which still need a human touch?
  10. To funnel or not to funnel The funnel is inherently inhuman, but it has a role
  11. Awareness Information Conversion Retention Advocacy
  12. Although people may not come down the funnel in a linear fashion, it’s great for helping us to understand… when to human and when to automate.
  13. It all comes down to the style and type of business you want to run
  14. SMB/SME
  15. Large Business
  16. How do you know which to do and when? 6 principles
  17. 1) Is it highly personal? 2) How long does it take? 3) How expensive is it? 4) What is the risk of change/failure? 5) How important is it? 6) Are questions expected?
  18. As marketers, we are brilliant at ruining great technologies You don’t have to follow the shiny.
  19. It’s not about being the first-mover. It’s about being the smartest mover.
  20. Ultimately, it’s not a VS situation. We don’t have to automate full processes. We can use hybrids
  21. Map the process. Map your journey. Identify the different touchpoints.
  22. Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority (The Book)
  23. Thank you! Twitter: @roberts_ben_m LinkedIn: Ben M Roberts

Editor's Notes

  1. Ideas about how and when to be human and when to use tech – how to use tech to be even more human Not going into details regarding implementation – but can help outside of here
  2. However if you have come to people and robots fighting then you’re not in the right place
  3. I’d like you all to look around and intro yourself to people around and confirm that everyone is in fact a human Set the scene
  4. Technology means we have better comms channels and platforms, but it still needs people to actually form the relationship Not linear. -
  5. New technologies and companies will come and go but humans will be around for it all. They are Email, chatbots, live streaming services,
  6. This is the problem.
  7. I’m absolutely not saying don’t get a chatbot. Because they are incredible. But, the opportunity cost is lost of humanisation. We need to be more considerate. There are so many times a chatbot has gone wrong. It’s infuriating. – Yes you can personalise and humanise, but the risks are great – humans have already had 18+ years of training to understand other people Does you chatbot allow escalation?
  8. In the right context, and in the right part of the customer journey tech can be AMAZING. Working in tandem.
  9. Have you mapped your touch points and contact points? – You need to understand your user flow – where the blocks are – where the questions arise Training emails – do they need to be done every single time
  10. It’s not a “cookie cutter” approach - not one size fits all
  11. Useful for breaking things up – but not assuming or forcing people to move down in a linear fashion – helps you ID areas for automation Can move A-C, don’t have to be A-B We can add logic to skip processes or change the process depending on the the needs and desires f the customer
  12. Does the touchpoint need to be a human interaction? Is it an update? Is it a reminder? Are you messaging prospects – what are the risks of this going wrong? STORY ABOUT ME – Ben M on linkedin
  13. Manychat – chatbots – Social Media Live web chat – Bravissimo – Video calling to increase personalisation Remarketing Reminders – things like baskets, Facebook live’s Active campaign Reporting – I use Google Data Studio – allows me to pull in data from across analytics, search console and Google Sheets
  14. Internal processes Invoice processes AI Bidding on PPC and Google Marketplace ABM – use data from cookies and your CRM to inform your account customers of certain updates and alterations – are there specific training materials that need to be sent? – GDPR & permissions
  15. The fundamental questions are . . . Do your customers want to speak to you, or do you speak to them? Do you go for speed and efficiency or personal and …
  16. Just because it is new – it doesn’t mean you have yo add it in. Just because it is the latest and greatest, and your marketing idol says it’s the best thing they’ve ever done, it doesn’t mean you have to blindly follow.
  17. It’s not about all the technology – it’s about having an automation strategy – Start small and make it bigger – use internal (native) automation tools then tie together with a tools like Zapier First, A, then B, Now C. – Don’t over-complicate, and over-stretch, this is how you become inhuman not a better human
  18. Key takeaways: Find what you stand for as a brand and a person. Drill deeper, be authentic, and you’ll build authority.