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For a change of pace, this latest Insights webinar covers the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) convention recently held in Orlando, Florida. Our CEO Ben Quirk attended the event and reports his observations, focusing on how convention activities reflect the state of the healthcare industry in 2014.

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  1. 1. HIMSS  2014   March  12,  2014   Disclaimer:  Nothing  that  we  are  sharing  is  intended  as  legally  binding  or  prescrip7ve  advice.  This   presenta7on  is  a  synthesis  of  publically  available  informa7on  and  best  prac7ces.  
  2. 2.        HIMSS  in  Orlando,  2014  
  3. 3.        The  Show   A  tremendous  venue  for  healthcare  vendors  
  4. 4.        A?endance   •  More  B2B  than  ever  this  year   •  30,000  a?endees   •  22,000  vendor  a?endees   •  Cerner  and  Optum  had  an  overwhelming   presence   •  Other  EHRs  more  subdued  than  in  years  past,   reflecJng  slowdown  in  sales  
  5. 5.  View  From  the  ConvenJon  Center  
  6. 6.  ReJred  Catch-­‐Phrases  in  2014   • Health  InformaJon  Exchange   • Personal  Health  Record   • Cloud  CompuJng   • Meaningful  Use   • Regional  Extension  Center  
  7. 7.        Catch-­‐Phrases  in  2014   • Big  Data   • Accountable  Care  OrganizaJons   • AnalyJcs   • Quality  
  8. 8.        Catch  Phrases   Source:  Gartner  
  9. 9.        Industry  Shocks   • ICD10   • MU  2014   • Medicare  Cuts   • Affordable  Care  Act   • High  DeducJbles  
  10. 10.        Sessions   •  Huge  focus  on  ACOs   – How  to  avoid  piXalls  and  make  them  profitable   – Clearly  a  need  for  UJlizaJon  Management   – Tools  and  strategies  run  the  gamut   •  ICD-­‐10   – Industry  pushback  swelled  in  weeks  leading  to   HIMSS   – CMS  not  pushing  dates,  but  allowing  breathing   room  on  Meaningful  Use  through  hardships  
  11. 11.        Hillary  Clinton  Keynote  Address  
  12. 12.        Clinton  Takeaways   •  Clearly  already  campaigning   •  Admi?ed  issues  with  ACA,  but  stressed  it   was  the  right  step  forward  and  just  needs   some  tweaks   •  ConJnually  emphasized  abandoning  fee-­‐ for-­‐service  and  focusing  on  payment  for   quality  
  13. 13.        Missing  Issues   •  Value  Modifier   •  Coming  Pay-­‐for-­‐Value  Discussion     – Clearly,  government  has  plans  for  PQRS,  MU,   and  Value  Modifier,  but  sJll  won’t  share     – Referenced  conJnually  by  Clinton  
  14. 14.        Conference  Takeaways   •  Groups  are  focused  on  2014  changes.  No   one  we  spoke  with  is  switching  vendors   right  now.   •  Big  purchases  are  in  Accountable  Care   OrganizaJons.     •  Be  prepared  for  Value  Modifier  (future   Insights  webinar  topic).  
  15. 15.        HIMSS  in  Chicago,  2015  
  16. 16. Q&A