Music Video Survey Feedback


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Music Video Survey Feedback

  2. 2. The purpose of my audience feedback is to get an overall ideaof how my targeted audience and other audiences viewed mymusic video and my ancillary products. This will enable me tomake further changes, adjustments and improvements to myproducts and my video. By making further changes afterseeing the feedback, this will enable me to have more of anadvantage when tackling other videos, albums and adverts onthe market. Also, by gathering the views of my targetaudience, this enable me to adjust the products to their needs,meaning that they will become more appealing to my targetaudience and maybe other audiences. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF AUDIENCE FEEDBACK?
  4. 4. The first three questions enable me to see what my audience and some other audiences thought of my music video by rating it out of 10. The responses were 80% male and were also 80% 11- 20 years old, thus meaning that the majority of my results are from my targeted audience. The ratings show that 60% of the audience thought that the music video was a 7/10, 20% thought it was an 8/10 and 10% thought that it was a 9/10. This feedback was successful in regards to my music video because the scores are relatively high meaning that most of my audience liked the video and it must have appealed to them. Furthermore, judging from the results, there is still room for improvement in order to boost the quality of my magazine so that my audience will rate it a 10/10.ANALYSIS: QUESTIONS 1-3
  5. 5. In the next question, I asked the audience what they personally liked about the video and the results varied. The most frequent result was the quality of camerawork shown in the video. People mentioned that this was due to the amount of shots used in the video. This is good because I decided to incorporate a lot of shots meaning that the video will be constantly cutting from shot to shot, thus making it link to the speed of the song. The other main result was the quality of mise en scene used in the video. The audience mentioned that they liked the locations used because they linked to the genre of music, therefore meaning that they were successful. They also mentioned that the editing was good and that they liked the bands style. This portrays to me that generally the audience did enjoy the video and like most of the components in the video, therefore it must have appealed to them.ANALYSIS: QUESTION 4
  6. 6. On question 5 I wanted to see whether the audience thought that the camerawork was effective in the music video so that I could make changes if necessary. The results from this were very positive because they all mentioned that the camerawork was successful. This conveys to me that this is a strong area in my music video and I don’t need to focus on improving this as much as other areas of the music video. They mentioned that the reason for the camerawork being successful was down to the amount of shots displayed, which further emphasizes the earlier points.ANALYSIS: QUESTION 5
  7. 7. In this question I wanted to know what the views of the audience were on the editing in the music video. The results from this question were split between good feedback and satisfactory feedback. This tells me that the editing may have to be improved a bit more in order to get more of a positive response from the audience and maybe make them want to rate the video at a higher standard. One response read that ‘it could have had more techniques’. By implementing more techniques into my music video this should alter the audiences view on the editing. Some of these techniques could include more fast paced editing to ensure that the pace of the video keeps up with the pace of the song itself. This will also make the video more professional and synchronised.ANALYSIS: QUESTION 6
  8. 8. The following question asked what the audience thought of the mise en scene in the music video. The results from this were also very positive because they all mentioned that the mise en scene was effective and went on further to say that it was ‘indie’. This conveys to me that the mise en scene that I put into the video was a big success because it portrayed the genre of the music across to the audience. People mentioned that they ‘liked the settings used’, however they also said that the ‘clothing was partially indie’ and ‘could have had slightly more indie clothing’. This is most likely due to the main band member wearing the blazer and the other two members wearing just hooded jumpers. However the reason this was done was to represent the authority of the main band member because in the majority of band in this genre, the main band member is always the lead man and always stands out amongst the rest of the band. Therefore, I did follow the stereotypical culture of an indie rock band, but maybe the clothing of the other two band members could be altered slightly in the future.ANALYSIS: QUESTION 7
  9. 9. Questions 8 and 9 gathered the view of whether the music video followed the stereotypical conventions of an indie rock music video. The feedback was very good because 100% of the responses said that it did follow the stereotypical conventions. The reasoning behind this was due to the quality of camerawork, mise en scene and editing. One response that stood out to me was the one that reads, ‘I’m a little older than the target audience and I would have liked to have seen a narrative maybe but I still enjoyed it’. This response conveys to me that my video can be a success with other audience because they said that they enjoyed the video. This means that the music video could be more competitive in the market. However, it does also mention that it may have been a good idea to include a narrative. This probably would improve the video more because it would make it so that the audience were more attracted to it and maybe other audience would be too. On the other hand, in one of the music videos in which I analysed- ‘Teddy Picker’- there wasn’t a storyline and it was very similar to my video. It also had the band performing and then a few cut- away scenes of the band in everyday life.ANALYSIS: QUESTION 8&9
  10. 10. In my final question I wanted to see whether the individual thought that the music video would be appealing to other members of the target audience or maybe even other audiences. The results show that everyone thought that it would be appealing to the target audience, which is good because this means that I have been successful in creating the video around the needs of my target audience. One response stated that it might be more successful with other audiences if the video had a storyline which would maybe appeal to other people. However, one response stated that, ‘not only boys will like it! Girls will too!’ and ‘I’m older than the targeted age and I enjoyed it!’ These two responses give me sufficient evidence that not all, but some of other audiences will be enticed by my music video, meaning that my audience is of a larger scale than I first thought.ANALYSIS: QUESTION 10