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Ancillary Product Survey Feedback


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Ancillary Product Survey Feedback

  2. 2. The first 2 questions show that the majority of the responses I got were from my target audience, thus meaning that I will be able to see whether my ancillary’s were successful in the view of my target audience rather than other audiences.QUESTIONS 1&2
  3. 3. Questions 3 and 4 portray what the target audience would rate the album and the advertout of 10. The main result for the album was 7/10 with 8/10 close behind. Whereas themain results from the album advert were joint 8/10 and 9/10. This connotes to me thatboth the ancillaries have been a success in regards to the target audience because theseresults are very high. However, the advert scored higher, meaning that the albumpossibly needs slightly more improvement to meet the needs of the target audience. QUESTIONS 3&4
  4. 4. The responses from this question are quitepositive because there was always 3strengths given but rarely 3 weaknesses.The main strengths that appear the mostare layout, image and colour. This tells methat the layout I used must have beenconventional and the colours werestereotypical of the genre because theyconnote the style of the indie rock. Also,the use of editing on the image must havehad an impact on the audience. The mainweaknesses were the lack of detail and thecluttering of colour and fonts. This couldbe resolved by making the album lessvividly colourful in order to increase thesimplicity and including more detail onthe CD and the strip in order to boost theprofessional aspect of the album.QUESTION 5
  5. 5. There were also rarely 3 weaknesses given on the advert which is positive. The main strengths given were the colours, layout, fonts and the image. Therefore, similar to the album the main conventions of the advert received positive feedback, thus connoting to me that the audience were satisfied overall with the advert. However the few weaknesses that were given include not providing an image of the album itself and merging the fonts with images. This can be dealt with by actually including an album image on the advert and trying out different fonts, font sizes and font colours in order for them to merge with the images used. This will as a whole make the advert look much more appealing to my target audience and more likely to be successful in the market.QUESTION 6
  6. 6. This gives me evidence that myancillary products did follow thestereotypical conventions of mostproducts in this genre according to mytarget audience. The main reason thatmy audience thought that it did followthe conventions is because they couldinstantly see that it was a part of theindie rock genre. This is good becausethis means that they will definitelystand out to my target audience.QUESTION 7
  7. 7. The main improvements that appeared were to add more detail, make it so the fonts merge more with the images and to perhaps make it simpler by reducing the colouring. These responses are very helpful because they clearly show we what was missing from both my ancillaries, meaning that I can improve them so that they will be portrayed in an even more positive way for my target audience. Also by making these changes, I will be able to maybe have a wider audience and the album will be much more successful in the market.QUESTION 8
  8. 8. The answers for this question were all extremely positive because they all thought that the ancillaries were appealing to the stereotypical audience. The reason for this was because of the ‘unique style’, ‘created band identity’ and it was ‘fresh in the genre’. This signifies to me that I am conveying the correct style of band across to my target audience.QUESTION 9
  9. 9. All the results from here well very positive meaning that I was successful in delivering a quality album and album advert to my target audience overall. Therefore, when I come to make improvements there may be the possibility that the interest in the products may become larger and other audiences may become involved.QUESTION 10