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Ben philipson


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Bent Philipson is an award-winning chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author. He is the chef/owner in New York. Bent Philipson chef provides variety of cuisine.

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Ben philipson

  1. 1. Ben Philipson Presentation Hi my name is Bent Philipson. Raised and brought up in the New York City. At a very early age I unearthed my interests in cooking. At the age of ten I started baking with my mother who used to cook family meals. I assisted my parents in the kitchen. Culinary skills came natural to me and so I knew I wanted to be a chef! The youngest of the three sibling’s parents always taught us to carry a positive approach towards life and inculcate the importance of optimism. I began spending more and more time in kitchen and cooking became my hobby. As I grew older I was drawn to the aroma of food, would help my mother in her work, read cookery books and fish out new recipes and try them out. After completing my high school I attended Norway College and worked in domestic restaurants which further transformed my interests in culinary world. Realizing my flair for cooking I went for a professional degree in it. I completed my graduation from Culinary Institute of New York; NYC and earned the coveted degree of chef. The three years at college was awesome.
  2. 2. Being a scholar student of my batch I was always at forefront for participating in any cooking activities. I won many accolades and trophies in cooking competitions. Getting a scholarship to enroll in New York’s one of the best culinary training programs was the most precious moments of my life. I felt on top of the world. Since then there was no looking back and my career continued to escalate. There I learned and discovered what food is really in all forms. My first job was a learning experience for me. I would always cherish it through my life. My biggest pivotal switch was Mariotte. There I learnt how to behave professional with your food.
  3. 3. Apart from cooking I love to travel and explore different places. Past 10 years I must have visited number of places. My next target is south East Asia. I love meeting new people and knowing about their culture and cuisines. I am a traveler. Besides that I like writing books. I usually write for the people who are interested in taking cooking as a profession. Also I have my books published on cooking guide for beginner’s level. In my books people can find and try out different recipes. Also they can mail me their ideas or any interesting dish if they come across. I like interacting with the people when they come up to me and share their recipe of cooking. Now as a fully fledged chef I spent most of my time exploring the world of food. Travelling round the globe is my passion. Today being a successful chef I owe everything to my parents they have been my source of inspiration in every walk of life.