How to be a better speller!


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How to be a better speller!

  1. 1. How to be a Spelling Star! Hi, I’m Charlie and I’m not very good at spelling. So I have to think of lots of different ways to learn my spellings. Have a look at how I do this and see if you can think of any more...
  2. 2. Look – Cover – Spell - Check One way I learn my spellings is to write it down on a piece of paper, look at it and then fold the paper up. After 30 seconds, I write the word on my wipe board. Then I check it by unfolding my paper! It helps when I sound the word out in my head and think about what the word looks like.
  3. 3. Look – Cover – Spell - Check This is because I learn new words in 2 different parts of my brain! When I learn a new word When I learn a new word by listening to how it sounds, by seeing how it looks, I learn it in the middle I learn it in the back of the left side of my brain. of the left side of my brain. (The Temporal Lobe) (The Occipital Lobe) So it is important for me to try and remember: - How a word sounds - How a word looks
  4. 4. Look – Cover - Spell - Check Look at these Key Words: tree baby animal balloon anchor coffee Pick a word! How does it sound? How does it look? Your teacher will now hide the words. After 30 seconds, write down your word on a wipe board.
  5. 5. Look – Cover - Spell - Check After 30 seconds, can you spell your Key Word? Check your answer! anchor animal baby balloon coffee tree Now choose another Key Word of your own to spell!
  6. 6. Segmenting When I have a long word to spell, I split it up into different parts. I can do this in 3 ways: * I use two different colours to write down my word. * I cut up my word and glue it on some paper. * I draw a line between the different parts of my word.
  7. 7. Segmenting Look at these difficult words: Wednesday Saturday February Choose a word and segment it. Why did you segment it like this? Did your friends segment it in the same way?
  8. 8. Highlighting Sometimes a word has a silent letter in it. When this happens I use a highlighter pen to show me where it is. ghost knight chocolate
  9. 9. Highlighting Look at these difficult words: lamb gnome autumn Choose a word and highlight a letter? Why did you choose this letter and not another? Did your friends highlight the same letter? How else can you make a surprise letter stand out?
  10. 10. Mnemonics Sometimes I make up a sentence to help me spell a word. n e c e s s a r y Never eat crisps, eat salad sandwiches and remain young. Think! If I remember the sentence, I will remember how to spell the word.
  11. 11. Mnemonics Look at these difficult words: laugh yacht choir Think of a sentence to help you spell one of these words. Share your sentence with your friends. Who do you think had the best sentence? Why do you think this sentence was the best?
  12. 12. Pictures Sometimes I draw a picture to help me remember a word! H e a l t h y Pictures can help me remember: - How to spell a word - What a word means Warning! I must remember what letters I have drawn so I can put them back!
  13. 13. Pictures Look at these words: l ve b mb How do you spell these words without the pictures? What letter is missing? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now look at this word: sep e What word do you think this spells?
  14. 14. Do you remember the 5 ways I use to help me learn to spell? Look – Cover – Spell – Check Segmenting Highlighting Mnemonics Pictures Can you think of any more ways? Make a poster to show all the different ways you can learn to spell. Try them out! Use different ways to learn different spellings. I hope this helps you as much as it helps me! Look – Cover – Check – Spell Segmenting Highlighting Mnemonics Pictures
  15. 15. Learn these tricks and you can be a Spelling Star too!