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Story Mapping and JIT Analysis


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A presentation on story mapping and just in time analysis.

Presented at the London Scrum User Group 15/02/2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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Story Mapping and JIT Analysis

  1. 1. Story maps andjust in time analysisTeamGunFire @benmathews80
  2. 2. Product Backlog @benmathews80
  3. 3. Product BacklogHard to prioritise One dimensional Can lack contextProne to gaps @benmathews80
  4. 4. Story mapsWhat are those then? @benmathews80
  5. 5. @benmathews80
  6. 6. Story mapsActivity Sign inTask Register Log in Log out Can create a Can accessStories basic account secure page Can log out Email Can reset confirmation password Capture company Can see Capture Can see welcome name confirmation message @benmathews80
  7. 7. Story mapsMVPRelease 2Release 3 @benmathews80
  8. 8. Story maps@benmathews80
  9. 9. Story maps@benmathews80
  10. 10. Story mapsReveal Helps slicing questions User focusedVisual Aids prioritisation Show MVP clearly @benmathews80
  11. 11. Story mapsGet the activity and task level right Explain to the team Work from the map @benmathews80
  12. 12. Just in time analysis(or how we’re coping with a big team) @benmathews80
  13. 13. JIT analysis I try to do no work… (but fail!) Team pulls analysisSimple artefacts are better A conversation is better still @benmathews80
  14. 14. JIT analysis Daily stand up StoryPO catch huddles up Ad-hoc conversation Retrospective Backlog sessions @benmathews80
  15. 15. JIT analysisLo-fi artefacts @benmathews80
  16. 16. JIT analysis@benmathews80
  17. 17. @benmathews80