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Is Mobile Africa's Future


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Is Mobile Africa's Future Infographic

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Is Mobile Africa's Future

  1. 1. STORIES OF A SMARTER PLANETIs mobileAfrica’s future?African economies are among the fastest-growing in the world. Today,the continent is poised to transform the global economic landscape.Sub-Saharan Africa’sannual GDPgrowth averaged5.7%between 2000 and 2010.1Annual growth isexpected to average Africa accounts for7%average over the next 20 years.1 14% of the world’s population.2A new middle class is emerging in Africa, signaling new growthopportunities for several key industries. Primary among them is mobilecommunications—a necessity to Africa’s expanding economy, andan increasingly critical part of daily life. By the end of 2012,Nearly there will be90%of all phones in Africaare mobile phones.3 735 million mobile subscribers in Africa.4Across Africa, mobile technology is becoming a cornerstone for industrieslike healthcare and agriculture. For millions of people, it is makingbanking truly accessible for the first time.Close to 18 millionKenyans use mobilephones as a bankaccount, depositing Total African mobile money transfersand transferring money are expected to exceedremotely to avoid $200 billion in 2015, accounting for approximatelyexcessive travel and 18%wait times.5 of the continent’s GDP. 6Bharti Airtel is working with IBM to deliver next-generation mobile phoneservice across 16 African countries, from Ghana to Tanzania—offering notjust a voice and data network, but a world-class platform for digital services.The elements of a smarter mobile infrastructure can include: 1. Services Providing basic voice and data services, including voicemail and text messaging. 2. pplications and Content A Delivering sophisticated web-based services, from banking capabilities to video and news. 3. etwork Management N Applying advanced analytics to manage the flow of data and help prevent outages. 4. ustomer Support C Powering the management, measurement, monitoring and billing of all customer interactions. 5. Authentication Verifying the identity of users and preventing subscriber fraud.They will support the growing needs of Africa’s “power users.” Monthly, a typical mobile Monthly, a sophisticated user with a feature phone mobile user with a averages: smartphone averages:7 1,000 1,000 300 20 120 60 10 1 Voice minutes Text messages Megabytes of data TransactionsBharti’s mobile network is helping to fuel growth on the continent ofAfrica—equipping citizens with the tools they need to improve theirlives in ways never before possible.• I mproving communication capabilities • M aking banking services more accessible for people without computers or Internet to more people. access. • C onnecting people to health information,• E mpowering farmers and business owners products and services.8 with real-time information.1 The Economist, 2011.2 United States Agency for International Development.3 A frica—Mobile Voice and Data Communications Statistics, 2011.4 GSMA, 2011.5 The Guardian, 2011.6 Pyramid Research.7 A nalysys Mason, 2012.8 Discovery Tech.