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Get Proof - Not Promises


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Proof of concept checklist.

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Get Proof - Not Promises

  1. 1. Proof of ConceptCHECKLIST CHECK TO SEE… if you’re getting an OPEN PoC
  2. 2. Get Proof. Not Promises.Are You Getting anOPEN Proof of Concept? Is it onsite? What is a Data Warehouse This is the first, most important, question to ask. Why? Testing performance on your own site, Appliance? in your own data center configuration, and under your own business demands is the only way to Simply stated, it’s integrated see how that technology will perform if you adopt it. Anything other than that is a false premise. database, server and storage in a The Netezza TestDrive brings an IBM Netezza appliance to your site and sets it single, easy to manage system up right in your data center. We want you to watch. that requires minimal set-up and ongoing administration. In 2003, Will it use your own data? Netezza introduced the world’s “Of course…” some vendors will say. But if they simply take a sampling of your old data, first data warehouse appliance. test it in a configuration that you don’t use, and deliver “results” from that exercise. What does it tell you? The IBM Netezza During your TestDrive, we’re using your data in real time, delivering exceptional appliance delivers high data processing performance. The results you see are proof of the speed and reliable data handling you’ll get consistently from an IBM Netezza data ware- performance right out of house appliance. the box. No indexing or tuning required. Will it use your own queries? As an appliance, all of the integration of hardware, software You collect carefully-chosen sets and types of data for very specific analysis. Each enterprise is unique. A Proof of Concept that doesn’t use your queries can’t tell you much about how a and storage is done for you, technology or architecture will benefit your operations. leading to shorter deployment The Netezza TestDrive uses your own queries. In fact, most of them are not cycles and faster time to value for shared with Netezza beforehand, so you can see just how quickly our technology Business Analytics. fits in with your operations. Expert Testimony. How long is the set-up? “Always use the exact configura- Consider the two aspects to that question. (1.) How complicated (and therefore, prone to tion that will be deployed in the downtime) is the technology you’re testing and (2.) how important are you as a customer? A field to conduct technology proof of truly valuable PoC should get you to the answers that you need quickly – because you don’t concept testing.” need false starts, dead ends, or vendors who don’t have time for you. – Craig Borysowich, Netezza sets up its appliance and begins loading data in less than two days. IT Can I see it in action? Are you ready to TestDrive? Far too frequently, vendors who won’t perform a PoC onsite also won’t guarantee the results It’s easy to get the process started. they provide from a lab PoC because that forces them to expose many of the hidden tasks they performed. Behind closed doors, you can’t see the extensive tuning required. Be wary of Click to: what you can’t see. During the Netezza TestDrive, you can have hands-on access and witness testing. or call: And of course, it’s at your site, using your own data, so you know the performance 1-866-964-7976 results are 100% relevant to your needs.