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CMO Infographic


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CMO Study 2011 Infographic.

Are CMO's ready for the digital marketing era?

Full study can be obtained here:

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CMO Infographic

  1. 1. Are CMOs Go to CMO study ready for the digital marketing era? Introducing the largest study of its kind featuring the wisdom of over 1700 CMOs and they Top 6 factors impacting marketing Customer collaboration & influence (68%) Share Growth of channel & device choices (60%) Social media (57%) ROI accountability (47%) Decreasing brand loyalty (43%)Today’s empowered and connected Shifting consumer demographics (37%) customers have your brand in their their hands views 79% Top 5 areas of unpreparedness Growth of Shifting Data Social channel consumer Financial of CMOs feel underprepared to explosion media & device demo- constraints manage the impact of choices graphicskey changes in marketing Most CMOs are struggling to provide numbers to demonstrate the return on investment for marketing Market insight 82% 80% 74% 64% PROBLEM: CMOs still focus Market research Competitive benchmarking Customer analytics Marketing team analysis on understanding Individual insight markets rather than individuals 42% 26% 48% Consumer- Third-party 40% generated reviews & Online Blogs reviews rankings communicationsOver 75% of CMOsplan to increasethe use oftechnology via: Customer analytics CRM Social media Mobile apps Content managementTop 5 obstacles preventing new strategies Cost (72%) Lack of ROI certainty Tool Lack of skills Lack of (61%) implementation (46%) marketing and issues IT alignment (47%) (45%) PROBLEM: market by build Most CMOs report not to segment relationships using data to But most CMOs expect loyalty to be top priorityCMOs view on key measures for determining success by 2015 63% 58% 48% 45% 42% 42% 38%Marketing ROI Customer Conversion rate Overall sales Marketing- Revenue per Social media experience new customers influenced customer metrics salesThe CMO’s view on marketing capabilities for personal success Leadership abilities (65%) CMOs regard financial Voice of the customer insights (63%) know-how, technological Creative thinking (60%) savviness and social Cross-CxO collaboration (49%) media expertise as Competitive trends insights (45%) specialist skills, requiring Technological savviness (28%) the involvement of Social media expertise (25%) dedicated professionals. Finance skills (16%)Source: 2011 IBM CMO Study Go to CMO study