New Tang Dynasty


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New Tang Dynasty

  1. 1. 2011 Media Kit Release version 1.0 New Tang Dynasty Television 229 W. 28th St New York, NY 10001 T 212-736-8535 F 212-736-8536 Sales & Marketing T 212-292-8370© 2011 NTD Television. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Content 2 Welcome to NTD Television 3 NTD Programs 4 NTD Events 5 Grow Your Brand 6 Viewer Demographics 7 NTD Production 8 NTD Coverage                  NTD www.
  3. 3. Bridging thegap between Welcomethe East and the West to NTD The network for the Chinese communities around the world New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television provides in- language news, information and entertainment to Chinese people all over the world. We deliver this greatly under-served market to those seeking to reach out and make an impact within the local Asian community. >> 4 CONTINENTS COVERED THROUGH SATELLITE AND CABLE NETWORKS NTD signal reaches 100 million Chinese viewers in Asia, and 1.8 million Chinese viewers in Australia, Europe and North America. >> CULTURAL RENAISSANCE DEDICATED TO REVIVING TRADITIONAL CHINESE CULTURE >> THE LARGEST CORRESPONDENT NETWORK With 60 reporting bureaus worldwide, NTD has the largest Chinese correspondent network. >> THE ONLY UNCENSORED TV BROADCAST INTO CHINA Leader in Chinese free media.                  NTD www.
  4. 4. NTD PROGRAMS News & Information News NTD World News Financial & Economic Frontline China’s Forbidden News Asia Brief (English) NTD News Magazine Weekly News Review (Cantonese) NTD World News Economic Review Community News Daily news in Mandarin, Cantonese and English; Updated multiple times throughout the day. Documentaries Zooming In Let Us Tell the FutureNine Commentaries on the Communist Party A Decade of Courage Award-winning program explores the critical issues of our time, with a focus on China, China related issues and Chinese communities in the US. Commentaries Decoded: Mainland News News Chat Current Affairs Independent Comments Humorous Interpretation of the real news behind the official story as reported by China’s government controlled media.
  5. 5. NTD PROGRAMS Living & Education Wellness Chinese Medicine Happy to be Healthy Exercise for the Lazy Health and Healing with Dr. Noto Unravelling the mysteries of traditional Chinese medicine Education The Journey to Chinese Character Hello NiHao Rainbow Bridge Learning Chinese is FunThe World of Education - On Campus Each Chinese character has a story, each brushstroke – a meaning. This program will take you on a journey to discover the intricate meaning behind the world’s most spoken language. Talk Shows Focus Talk Live in North America (New York) Life 100 (San Francisco) NTD’s nightly, no-holds-barred, live call-in show allows our viewers to express their views from what’s happening in China and the Chinese community.
  6. 6. NTD PROGRAMS Culture & Entertainment e*Star The lowdown on what’s hot in entertainment, style and celebritynews. Follow the latest trends, get theskinny on upcoming films and fashion trends, test new gadgets, and more, with charming host Yingying Zhang. Drama The best serial dramas from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.. Travel Jet Lag World Kaleidoscope Wonders of the World Across Europe Australian Vision Hello Korea Travel in the World Tour famous attractions around the world and get introduced to different cultures and traditions Culinary Food Paradise Mrs Q’s Kitchen Wandering Gourmand Sweet Mercy A gateway to cultures through food
  7. 7. NTD EVENTS Shen Yun Performing Arts Showcasing the best of ancient Chinese culture. NTD takes its name from China’s Tang Dynasty (AD618–907), often referred to as China’s “Golden Age”. For many, Tang culture symbolizes the height and pride of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. NTDTV seeks to rekindle the lofty ideals of Tang times, fostering renewed appreciation and achievement in the traditional arts of China, many of which have been decimated after decades of communist rule. NTD brings the largest lunar New Year celebration to New York City annually since 2004. It presented Shen Yun Performing Arts at the legendary Radio City Music Hall during the lunar New Year period. Shen Yun Performing Arts brings the glory of 5000 years of Chinese civilization live on stage. It toured in more than 100 cities world wide in 2009 with more than 300 shows. In 2011, Shen Yun is coming to the Lincoln Center with an all-new performance!                  NTD www.
  8. 8. NTD EVENTS Global Competition Series Since 2007, NTD has proudly presented the Global2007-­2009 in review Competition Series. Dedicated to the renaissance of traditional Chinese culture, this series is a continuation of NTD’s effort to re-introduce the essence and beauty of authentic Chinese culture to15,000 art works the world, and in the process facilitate the exchange of cultural ideas between the East and the West.1900 pieces of clothing andaccessories Each competition in the series focuses on a different facet of Chinese cultural life, which will entertain and90 performances educate Chinese and Western audiences alike.35 cooking competitions6 fashion shows >> Chinese International Violin Competition4 art exhibits >> Chinese International Vocal Competition >> International Chinese Classical Dance Competition5000 contestants from 39 >> Chinese International Photography Competitioncountries and regions >> International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts500 individuals awarded Competition$900,000 cash prizes >> Global Han Couture Design Competitionawarded. >> Chinese International Piano Competition >> International Chinese Culinary Competition >> Chinese International Figure Painting Competition                  NTD competition.
  9. 9. The market you need to Grow your target Brand Viewer DemographicsIf you’re looking to increase HOUSEHOLD INCOMEbrand awareness, the Less than $25,000 11.3%ethnic Chinese community $25,000 -­ $49,999 22.9%presents an attractive $50,000 -­ $74,999 18.6%opportunity. $75,000 -­ $99,999 15.4%This population segment is $100,000 -­ $149,999 17.7%economically and culturally $150,000 + 14.2%rich, and very well educated. AGEThey are also Under 18 3.7%technologically savvy 18-­24 3.2%and key purchasers in a 25-­34 11.9%multitude of consumer 35-­44 19.5%categories. 45-­54 21.4% 55-­64 19.0% 65 or Older 21.2% GENDER Female 51% Male 49% EDUCATION Graduate School 33.9% College 40.2% High School Grad or Less 25.9%                  NTD (2009 NTD audience survey in New York, New Jersey, and San Francisco) www.
  10. 10. Advertising & PR TV commercials Print ads Customizable show content Community EventsNTD ADVERTISING & PRODUCTION: Multimedia Capability 2D & 3D graphicsWorld Renown Production Talent Still and video photographyNTD’s documentaries/ads received many Animationaccolades through the years 2010 Telly Awards 51st International Columbus Film Festival 27th International Philadelphia Film Festival 4th TV and Radio Golden Bell Awards in Multimedia Production Website creation Taiwan Training films Public annoucements & special eventsNTD was chosen Chinese partner of mainstreamstations New York 1, WABC, and WNBC for NY Mayoral election US Presidential electionNTD was the winner of “Best Investigative/In-­Depth” award from New America Media: Zooming In: “Hi-­Tech Companies, the Chi-­ nese Government and the Internet.” www.
  11. 11. NTD COVERAGE:Global Satellite www.
  12. 12. NTD COVERAGE:Cable & over-the-air net work Cable  &  Free-­to-­air U.S.  Cable  and  Free-­to-­air  * Total  Subscribers Area Channel Schdule (Households) New  York  City   Time  Warner  589   24  hours  /  7  days 1.16  million territories,  Mt  Vernon   (digital basic) NY,  &  Southeast   Bergen  County  NJ New  York  and  New   Verizon  FiOS 478   24  hours  /  7  days 880,000 Jersey (basic) New  York  &  New   WMBC  DT  63.5 24  hours  /  7  days Greater  NJ/NYC   Jersey (Free-to-air) metropolitan  area,  Long   Island,  Upstate  New  York Los  Angeles  – KXLA  44.7 24  hours  /  7  days Cover  Greater  LA  area     Greater  Los  Angeles (Free-to-air) (13  million) San  Francisco KMTP  32   Mon.-­ Fri.:7:30pm  – 8pm;;   1.9  million   Bay  Area  (1) (Must-carry 10pm  -­ 12am Channel) Sat.:  9am  -­10am;;  9:30pm  – 10pm Cover  9  counties  in   San  Francisco KMTP-­DTV   24  hours  /  7  days Northern  CA Bay  Area  (2) 32.5/33.5 (Free-to-air) Hawaii Oceanic  Time   24  hours  /  7  days 220,000 Warner    698 (digital basic) Houston Wave  Vision  761 24  hours  /  7  days 90,000 Greater  Philadelphia   WYBE    35 10:30-­11am:  Asian  Brief  (English,  Mon.-­Fri.) 2.7  million  in  PA,  NJ,  DE  and   (Must-carry 5–5:30pm:  World  News  (Chinese,  Mon.-­Fri.) sections  of  MD. Channel) 5:30  -­ 6pm:  Asian  Brief  (English,  Mon.-­Fri.) *  NTD  program  available  in  16  U.S.  metropolitans.  Please  check  for  more  details. www.
  13. 13. NTD COVERAGE:Cable & over-the-air net workCanada Area Area Channel Channel Schdule Schdule Total  Subscribers Total Subscribers Entire  Province  of  Ontario Entire Province of Ontario Rogers  817 817 Rogers 24  hours  /  7  days days 24 hours / 7 350,000   350,000 Toronto  &  Montreal Greater Vancouver Area Bell  Fibe TV  727   Novus 340 24  hours  /  7  days days 24 hours / 7 Greater  Vancouver  Area   Novus  340 24  hours  /  7  daysEurope Country Area Channel Schdule Total Subscribers Hungary Nationwide Invitel 40 24 hours / 7 days Baden- Kabel BW GmbH & Germany 24 hours / 7 days 1.1 Million Wuerttemberg State Co. KG, Channel 349 www.
  14. 14. NTD COVERAGE:Taiwan Cable Networks www.