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Organizational agility: Taking retrospectives to the next level - DevOpsCon Munich 2019 - Ben Linders

Nowadays, many agile teams are doing retrospectives regularly. They are investing time to reflect, learn, and take action to improve their way of working and deal with problems that they are facing in a structural way. Organizations are seeing the benefits from this: teams that are becoming empowered, being able to deliver more value, happy employees, and fewer people leaving the organization. It’s time to take retrospectives to a higher level, and use them to reveal and solve systematic organizational problems. Problems that exist at a project or product level are related to the collaboration between teams and their stakeholders. Agile retrospectives can be used to do that, but you need a different approach. In this session, Ben Linders will show how we can use retrospectives to improve the agility of organizations.

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Organizational agility: Taking retrospectives to the next level - DevOpsCon Munich 2019 - Ben Linders

  1. 1. - @BenLinders 1 Ben Linders Consulting Organizational Agility: Taking Retrospectives to the Next Level DevOpsCon Munich, Dec 2-5, 2019 Ben Linders
  2. 2. - @BenLinders 2 Ben Linders Consulting Trainer / Coach / Adviser / Author / Speaker Agile, Lean, Quality & Continuous improvement Freelance Editor for Books: Valuable Agile Retrospectives Problem? What Problem? What Drives Quality Self-assessments Continuous Improvement Games: Agile Self-assessment Game Retrospectives Bingo Impediments Quality Coaching Cards Agile Testing Cards
  3. 3. - @BenLinders 3 Ben Linders Consulting Improving Organizational Agility  Systemic Complex Problems  Projects / Products / Systems  Cultural & Organizational Barriers Agile Retrospectives to the next level
  4. 4. - @BenLinders 4 Ben Linders Consulting Involve Stakeholder: Challenges  Busy – will they join the retro?  Might not see the need/benefits  Communication challenges Prerequisites:  Trust & safety  Good relationship
  5. 5. - @BenLinders 5 Ben Linders Consulting Retrospectives with Stakeholders  Invite all involved  Problems relevant for all  Suitable exercise/format  Shared understanding  Ownership of actions Meeting Atmosphere  Everyone feels welcome  Safe to speak up  No blaming & complaining  Guiding toward results
  6. 6. - @BenLinders 6 Ben Linders Consulting Large-scale retrospectives Project Product Organization Release Delivery Quarterly Collaboration Arch, Tech Debt Structure/culture Dev, Ops, & Teams & Departments & Stakeholders Arch / POs & PMs Managers Timeline Value Stream Map Open Space Large Sailboat Mad Sad Glad Self-assessment
  7. 7. - @BenLinders 7 Ben Linders Consulting Prime Directive “Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand.” Project Retrospectives – A handbook for Team Reviews Create an Open Culture where people Speak Up with Respect for each other to Learn and Improve
  8. 8. - @BenLinders 8 Ben Linders Consulting Independent Facilitator  Process  Effectiveness  Atmosphere  No personal agenda  Not involved in topic
  9. 9. - @BenLinders 9 Ben Linders Consulting Agility shouldn’t be your goal It’s a means to an end
  10. 10. - @BenLinders 10 Ben Linders Consulting Organizational-wide Collaboration
  11. 11. - @BenLinders 11 Ben Linders Consulting Contribute to goals  What hinders us to reach our goal?  What helps us to get there?  How can we contribute to the goal?  What are the risks & opportunities?  What to pack for our agile journey? Backpacking Retrospective
  12. 12. - @BenLinders 12 Ben Linders Consulting Imposing doesn’t work
  13. 13. - @BenLinders 13 Ben Linders Consulting Engage and empower Retrospectives Exercises Toolbox
  14. 14. - @BenLinders 14 Ben Linders Consulting Enable organization for retrospectives  Establish a culture of learning  Drive out fear and blaming  Do retrospectives at all levels
  15. 15. - @BenLinders 15 Ben Linders Consulting Key Takeaways • Use retrospectives to address systemic issues and do organizational-wide improvement • Think about the exercises used in your retrospectives and have a strong independent retrospective facilitator  • Don't impose change on people, engage and empower people with self-assessments and gamification
  16. 16. - @BenLinders 16 Ben Linders Consulting Questions?Questions? Ben Linders Trainer / Coach / Adviser / Author / Speaker Agile, Lean, Quality & Continuous Improvement @BenLinders
  17. 17. - @BenLinders 17 Ben Linders Consulting Bonus: Effective Retrospectives  Why over how  Good facilitation  Effective exercises  Frequent, small steps  Vital few actions
  18. 18. - @BenLinders 18 Ben Linders Consulting Vital Few Actions  Small Actions  Frequent Change  Focus on Value  Stop Starting, Start Finishing Vital Few Actions