Web Applications: Big Picture Snapshot


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A short presentation looking at how the technology landscape is influencing the development of web applications.

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Web Applications: Big Picture Snapshot

  1. 1. This is a main Webstatement Applications Big Picture Snapshotmore We add some explanation here 23 August 2011www.wanderingbear.co.uk
  2. 2. Whichever device, we want fast Internet connectivityArticle on Techcrunch:: Sprint release 4G superphone
  3. 3. Apps and app stores are everywhere, including in your dadspocket, we are buying them and downloading them for free Go to Distomo for stats on app stores
  4. 4. Whether business or pleasure, we want somewhere special to keep our valued electronic files so we can reach out to our cloud from any device, any time Illustration from Dropbox
  5. 5. With Google advertising their Chrome browser on prime-time TV people are paying more attention to their browser - watch ad on youtube For Chrome apps visit the Chrome Web Store
  6. 6. Web browsers and technology have come a long way giving us desktop-app-like experiences on the webTweetDeck is a prime example
  7. 7. With a fiercely competitive hardware and software scene the technology is moving at a lightening pace Wired Article: Silicon comes to Stratford: Developing Londons Tech City
  8. 8. A presentation by: Ben Jeffreys www.wanderingbear.co.uk @ben_jeffreyshttp://uk.linkedin.com/in/bcjeffreys