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Why great business STORIES get funded, not great business IDEAS.


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Capital raising myth #1: Great business IDEAS get funded. This slide deck takes a visual look at why this isn't the case.

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Why great business STORIES get funded, not great business IDEAS.

  1. 1. Why great business STORIES get funded, not great business IDEAS. By Ben Hucker Principal & Founder IEVOKE
  2. 2. The great capital raising myth: "Great business IDEAS get funded."
  3. 3. Some great business IDEAS that weren't able to secure seed or venture money
  4. 4. Not such great IDEAS 75% % of startups that fail within 3 years of receiving venture capital investment
  5. 5. Clearly there is more at play than the intrinsic IDEA of a business when it comes to securing investment?
  6. 6. If great business IDEAS do not get funded then what does get funded?
  7. 7. "Great business STORIES get funded." - Bill Fisher, Entrepreneur & Author of The 6 Secrets of Raising Capital
  8. 8. Humans are motivated, moved, by emotion
  9. 9. Great business STORIES elcicit emotion
  10. 10. At IEvoke, we help you create a compelling business STORY
  11. 11. Your STORY can't be a work of fiction though
  12. 12. It has to be substantiated
  13. 13. And it has to be made memorable
  14. 14. We help you: Tell your story, Substantiate your story, & Make your STORY memorable.
  15. 15. 1. Elevator Pitch 2. One-Page Summary 3. Formal Presentation We build your STORY into 3 key documents:
  16. 16. We take you... From this... To this
  17. 17. Our service is on-demand
  18. 18. We offer a fixed-fee pricing point so you can budget with certainty
  19. 19. We work best with busy entrepreneurs and advisors
  20. 20. Technology & Innovation Our focus is:
  21. 21. Don't let your business IDEA end up on the scrapheap
  22. 22. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation +61 3 9005 6350 IEVOKE