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6 Capital Raising Myths Exposed


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A quick look at some of the great capital raising myths that no investor will ever tell you about. Entrepreneurs are continually mislead about the capital raising process so we thought it was about a time a few capital raising truths were told.

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6 Capital Raising Myths Exposed

  1. 1. 6Capital Raising Myths Exposed
  2. 2. Myth #1 "Numbers alone are enough to attract investors"
  3. 3. "No spreadsheet, no bibliography and no list of resources is sufficient proof to someone who chooses not to believe." SETH GODIN Entrepreneur
  4. 4. Myth #2 "Investors will read your business plan"
  5. 5. "Investors will NOT read your business plan for the same reason that book buyers will not first read the book they are interested in buying." BILL FISHER Entrepreneur
  6. 6. Myth #3 "I don't know any angel investors"
  7. 7. If you live in Siberia then this might be the case. Otherwise, it is simply not true.
  8. 8. Myth #4 "NO, means no more talking"
  9. 9. The most valuable information you will receive....will be available to you at the precise moment that the serious investor tells you that they are NOT going to invest.
  10. 10. Myth #5 "Valuation doesn't matter"
  11. 11. No matter how well your business performs between your first and second round of funding, it will not fully escape the force of its initial valuation.
  12. 12. Myth #6 "The deal is done when an investor says yes"
  13. 13. Your funding round will close...when the investor's money arrives in your business checking account. Until then, however, nothing is certain.
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