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Keynote Health Tech Event Eindhoven - Open Innovation Health Tech Opportunties in Northern Europe


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Keynote Health Tech Event Eindhoven Keynote Ben Heubl - Open Innovation Health Tech Opportunities in Northern Europe (as part of a conference, exhibition and Start-Up Plaza on topics like Diagnostics, Telemedicine, Treatments, Regeneration and Augmentation).

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Keynote Health Tech Event Eindhoven - Open Innovation Health Tech Opportunties in Northern Europe

  1. NORTHERN EUROPEHow to Accelerate OpenInnovation Initiatives withDisruptive Technology inHealthcare?How HealthIT startups can partner with Companies with an Open Innovation strategy - Northern Europe’s Opportunity profile
  2. INTRO New Generation of Healthcare Innovators• Health 2.0• Health IT Accelerator• Research• Tech• Financing• Conferences
  3. • 500 technology companies• 11,000 attendees• $2,953,000 in prizes• 60 chapters
  4. Representing ...
  5. Northern Europe For Life-science Corporations
  6. MedTech in Denmark
  7. BioTech in Denmark
  8. Sweden - Innovation - MHealth Frontrunner - Great Testing MarketExample
  9. “ Medicon Valley is facing increasingglobal competition, life science players in MediconValley need to find new smart ways to exploit the fullpotential of the region” conclusion from VINNOVA - Svensk Life Science industri efter AstraZenecasnedskärningar”, “ OECD Territorial Reviews - Skåne, Sweden, 2012” and ”Ernst & Young - Beyond borders: Global biotechnology report 2012”.
  10. “Create an environment of open innovation” “E.g. the Beacon Project” Susanna Dahlgren, Senior Project Manager in Medicon Valley Alliance.
  11. Novo Nordisk & Open InnovationSource: MARTA GASPARIN, MSocSC in Management of Creative Business processes Copenhagen Business School
  12. OPEN INNOVATIONExternal Actors are involved all the way along the entire innovation process.
  13. Why come to talk? External ActorsCorporations Disruptive Technology Providers
  14. STARTUPS Northern Europe + For Disruptive Technology Providers
  15. +/-- Mobile Penetration- Telemedicine- Ecosystem of University Research- Easy to set up Pilots/Testings- Government funding programs- Online HR Systems
  16. +/- - Scaling Opportunities Low- 2000Euro Hospital-Cost (per Person, per Day) - Politics - Healthcare Consumers
  17. Disruptive TechnologyProviders must...1. ... Target OI leadership2. ... Anticipate key market development opportunities3. ... Stimulate innovative thinking4. ... Guide product/technology investment decisions achieve Win-Win deals with Corporations!
  18. OI Industry Examples
  19. Technology providers forPHARMA Examples
  20. Provider  of  a  novel  technology   for  linking  genomic  and   clinical  data!
  21. • 1. Pharma with IO ... CT more cost effective (biomarker  discovery) • 2. Meet Demand... Big Data analysis • 3.Stimulate Innovation thinking... Transform provision of healthcare • 4. Guide ID... invest in new statistical toolsContact:  Gert  L  Møller,  CTO
  22. Technology forPROVIDERS Examples
  23. Making it possible to control a mobile devicejust by looking at it!
  24. • Driving innovative Investment decisions for Care ProvidersIn a healthcare setting they In DKcan supply affordable eye (according to a Google survey)control for Everyone1. Doctors2. Patients3. Use casesin cognitive diagnostics
  25. New service innovation of Healthcare deliveryC4U is owning40% of the Danish Market10 New project in India
  26. Technology forGOVERNM ENTS Example
  27. Open Source Telemedicine platform anddatabase for endless new solutionsFunded by the danish governmentIO strategy with companies & HC providerscontact Henrik Ledgaard Ibsen:
  28. "Denmark has taken the first pioneering step inrevolutionizing healthcare”Claus Nielsen,Vice Chair, Continua Health Alliance Europe, DELTA STANDARD FOR TELEMEDICINE Denmark’s Action Plan - Collect, Transmit & Store health data - Share medical documents & images - manage of HR - Medical appointments
  29. Technology forSUPPLIERS Example
  30. Test your Sperm quality at home! Contact: Nicolaj H Nielsen, +45 25 46 25 80,
  31. LOOKING TO JOIN FORCES“We look for companies with strong interest in thePoint-of-care and Home-test market.E.g. involved in female fertility testing (ovulation tests)and pregnancy tests” Nicolaj H Nielsen,
  32. Clinics located within shopping malls & pharmacies, specializing in treatment of common acute illnesses.
  33. “A visit to us is about half the price oftraditional doctor’s appointments. Our price isalso half the price of one visit to the healthcarecenter cost to the taxpayer on average”
  34. Technology providers for MED.DEVICE Examples
  35. Existing Partners NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  36. Additional OI Partners NEEDED! Contact: Michael Reibel Boesen,, +45 31596369Short term Long term
  37. Accelerators & Incubators
  38. E-Health Innovation Contest SME Competition
  40. ECOSYSTEM Europe
  41. Thank You!Add me!Benedikt HeublHealth Innovation