Using video in language teaching


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Slides used during Teacher Development Forum at the University of Manchester, 19th April 2013
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Using video in language teaching

  1. 1. Using Video in Language Teaching@BenGuilbaudBenoît GuilbaudMaria KluczekSheraz AliTeacher Development Forum19th April 2013
  2. 2. ✤ Copyright issues✤ Quick tutorials (YouTube, Video Library, PowerPoint, B.O.B.)✤ Sample activities✤ BOYA (Bring Your Own Activity)Today’s sessionUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  3. 3. ✤ ERA licence✤ JISC - Legal Guidance for ICT Use in Education, Research andExternal Engagement✤ The Copyright Licensing Agency✤ Understanding Intellectual Property✤ Creative CommonsUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013Copyright issues
  4. 4. “This recording is to be used only for non-commercialeducational purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence”Usingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013Copyright issues
  5. 5. ✤ YouTube✤ Manchester Video Library✤ PowerPoint✤ B.O.B. (Box of Broadcast)Quick tutorialsUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  6. 6. Usingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  7. 7. ✤ Go to and find a video you like✤ In a new tab, log into your Backboard Sandbox or course area✤ Follow instructions on the board for:✤ Embedding a YouTube video on Bb9+Usingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  8. 8. ✤ Go to and find a video you like✤ In a new tab, go to✤ Follow instructions on the board for:✤ Saving an offline copy of a YouTube video✤ Recommended file format: .mp4Downloading fromUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  9. 9. University of Manchester Video LibraryUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  10. 10. ✤ Go to✤ Follow instructions on the board for:✤ Accessing videos✤ Uploading & retrieving videos✤ Embedding in Bb9UoM Video libraryUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  11. 11. Usingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  12. 12. Video +Usingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  13. 13. ✤ Open Microsoft PowerPoint✤ Follow instructions on the board for:✤ Inserting a video into a presentation✤ Choosing playback options (auto-play, click to play)✤ Make your own!Video in PowerPointUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  14. 14. Usingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  15. 15. ✤ Go to✤ Follow instructions on the board for:✤ Logging in as a UoM user✤ Accessing programmes✤ Requesting a programme recording✤ Embedding your programme in Bb9UsingUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  16. 16. Useful softwareUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  17. 17. Live Movie MakerUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013Video editing, subtitles (.wmv format)
  18. 18. iMovie (Mac)Usingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013Video editing, subtitles
  19. 19. HandbrakeUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013Extracting video from a DVD
  20. 20. Xilisoft productsUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013Various, including extracting video from a DVD
  21. 21. CamtasiaUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013Screen capture, including web video streams
  22. 22. DropBoxUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013File storing & sharing
  23. 23. Teaching with video
  24. 24. ✤ Listening comp with open- and close-ended questions✤ Practising past tense + scene description✤ This week in the news✤ Using long documents (pre-sessional / homework)✤ Teaching with short filmsSample activities & resourcesUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  25. 25. Open- and close-ended questionsUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013✤ Read questions✤ Watch once✤ Compare / discuss answerswith partner✤ Watch again✤ Finalise & share answers withclass
  26. 26. Usingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013
  27. 27. Verbs + scene descriptionUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013✤ List actions on screen✤ Compare notes with partner✤ Conjugate verbs in giventense✤ Write scene description in thestyle of a novel (e.g. practisingFrench historical past)
  28. 28. This week in the newsUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013✤ Students watch/read newsbefore class✤ Start class by watchingheadlines from a newsprogramme✤ Students discuss newsthey’ve read or watched, andlink with video when possible
  29. 29. Using long documents (5 mins+)Usingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013✤ Give to students to watchbefore class to preparediscussions on a topic✤ Give to students to summariseafter class as homework✤ Watch at the end of class(short film, 10-15 minutesmax) to conclude on a topicoror
  30. 30. ✤ Useful YouTube channels:✤ Useful links:✤✤✤ www.thesmalls.comUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013Short films
  31. 31. ✤ JISC: YouTube and Vimeo for Education✤ The Five Best Tools for Creating Videos Without Installing Software✤ Teaching technologies: teaching English using video (ideas)✤ Film In Language Teaching AssociationUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013Further reading
  32. 32. ✤ Bring Your Own ActivityUsingvideoinlanguageteaching-BenoîtGuilbaud,TheUniversityofManchester,19thApril2013BYOA
  33. 33. Thank you for attending@BenGuilbaudBenoît GuilbaudMaria KluczekSheraz AliTeacher Development Forum19th April 2013