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Article on BFA in IEEE Quarterly newsletter (Jan'11, Vol2, Issue 1)


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The first 2011 issue of MIle HIgh Spark (a quarterly newsletter from the Denver chapter of IEEE) has an article on Ben Franklin Academy. Please go to Page 3 for reading the article.

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Article on BFA in IEEE Quarterly newsletter (Jan'11, Vol2, Issue 1)

  1. 1. Mile High Spark Volume 2, Issue 1 JANUARY 2011 From the Chair Hello, and welcome to the all of the fun and interesting events Inside this issue: January edition of the Mile High that you may hear about through the Spark. I am excited to be your Den- email distribution. IEEE President 2 ver Section Chair this year along with a whole team of volunteers If you would like to know more New Officer 2 listed below. First, I would like to about the IEEE and what your section Training thank all of the officers and volun- does locally, statewide, or even IEEE Ben Franklin teers that helped make last year a internationally, just come to a meeting. 3 Academy success, and I am delighted to see We would love to see you as often or that many of them have stayed on to as little as you would like. We’ll even Fall Social Recap 4 help as we go into this next year. feed you dinner! Just send me an email so we can get an accurate count. Communications 5 The IEEE is a dynamic or- The executive committee meets the Society ganization, and the Denver section second Tuesday of each month at the thrives because of volunteers like DeVry Institute in Westminster. IEEE e-Learning 5 many of you, that are constantly bal- Library ancing their family and work lives. I Bob Faus Colorado 6 became involved by simply attend- 2011 Denver Section Chair Government ing a local meeting to try and under- stand more and to meet folks in my field. It was quite refreshing to talk with engineers that share similar problems both within my area and across different industries. Soon, I Special points of began to help where I could. There interest: was never any pressure, and the sec- tion happily took whatever help I 2011 Officers could give. This can be as simple as lining up a speaker or a caterer, or just bringing ice water to an event held in the summertime. This is how Official newsletter of Bob Faus our executive committee and our IEEE-Denver Section Published Quarterly technical societies are able to hold Denver Section 2011 Officers Editor: Sharon Vaninger 2011 Chair: Bob Faus Submit articles for consideration to: 2011 Vice Chair (and 2012 Chair-Elect): Louis Tsai 2011 Treasurer: Cliff Alston 2011 Secretary: Tim Weil
  2. 2. Mile High Spark Page 2 Denver Section Member Elected IEEE IEEE Denver Officer Training President 2011! For the second time in six years, a member of The IEEE-Denver ExCom is coordinating the Denver Section has been elected by the Officer Training for the morning of worldwide membership to be President of the Saturday, January 22, 2011 at IEEE. Gordon Day (Fellow ’99, LM ’10) was elected to the highest position in the IEEE in DeVry University, October. He will be President-elect during Westminster Campus 2011 and then take over as President in 2012. 1870 W. 122nd Avenue Gordon is a long term member of the Denver Westminster, CO 80234 Section. He spent most of his career at the National Institute of Standards and Technol- Start Time: 8:00 AM ogy (NIST) in Boulder, Colorado. While he was there, he made groundbreaking advances As we have done in previous years, we in laser technology and fiber optics. More re- will review the roles and responsibilities cently, he served as science advisor to Senator of the chapters, section, and their officers. Jay Rockefeller and Director of Government This will include four breakout sessions Relations for the Optoelectronics Industry focusing on specific areas for treasurers, Development Association. He was also Presi- secretaries, chairs, and Student chapters. dent of the IEEE-USA in 2009. This year’s event is scheduled to be Gordon follows Michael Lightner, who was kicked off by Gordon Day, IEEE Presi- the previous Denver Section member to be dent-elect during 2011 and President in elected as IEEE President (2006). – Jim Look 2012. Chapter officers as well as members inter- esting in becoming officers are strongly encouraged to attend. This annual event is an excellent networking opportunity. It is well attended and well received with great information for all members of the IEEE-Denver Section. Email invitations have already been sent. If you have not received one or if you have questions, please send an email to Gordon Day, IEEE 2011 President Elect – Rick Robinson
  3. 3. Volume 2, Issue 1 Page 3 Ben Franklin Academy – A Mile High Spark in Douglas County The year 2011 will finally see the fruition of a dream of another tuition free charter school in Douglas County – Ben Franklin Academy ( The school board has come a long way after several discussions with different groups – model charter schools, Douglas County school district, and many others. As of this writing, the location has been finalized (County Line Road and Lucent Blvd). In parallel, the board has finalized a contract with a developer in Utah for construction. The developer, who has the experience of building several hun- dred schools, has assured the board of having the school ready for its new students by August 2011, even if they start in late Jason Sanders - Board President March or early April. Jason Sanders, President of the Founding Board, is very confident about the success of the school. The fact that he is modeling the school after a few successful charter schools in the area (American Academy, Skyview Academy and Northstar Academy) is a big assurance to many parents who could otherwise be concerned in enrolling their children into something totally new and untested. Named after America’s founding Renaissance man, the academy has a vision to develop young adults like Benjamin Franklin - “well read, scientifically curious, and civically engaged.” Relying on the thirteen virtues followed by Ben Franklin, the academy will provide a balanced, character education program by adopting a differentiated instructional approach. Ben Franklin Academy’s emphasis on science and mathematics distinguishes itself from the other charter schools in the dis- trict. In conjunction with the Core Knowledge Curriculum, the student curriculum will integrate sci- ence instruction every day. Regular project-based science activities, such as science days, science fairs, science-based field trips, and special science events will provide students several opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge in a hands-on environment. The extensive use of technology ranging from promethean interactive White Boards (Smart boards) to Dell’s HV-110U Document readers (more commonly known as ELMO) will provide teachers and students an eco-friendly and interactive environment for teaching and learning. A mobile lab (with 30 Apple MacBook laptops) and a technology lab with 28 iMac computers will provide opportunities to students to use the latest technology tools as an integral part of their learning process. The school’s construction is, of course, the most crucial element, but is surely not the only one. As the board waits for the first brick to be laid on the ground, they are working hard on several tasks – hiring the most eligible teachers, completing the curriculum, finalizing the books in the library, set- ting up of the tech lab – just to name a few. One of the key tasks lies on the shoulder of Steve Der- dowski, who is leading the fundraising activities for the Academy’s board. With several technology companies based in the Denver area, Steve is very confident that he would be able to sell naming rights for the library and tech center, amongst pursuing other fundraising opportunities. Continued on Page 4
  4. 4. Mile High Spark Page 4 For now Ben Franklin is a Mile High Spark. But, in a few years, as students graduate in pursuit of further academic excellence we will see the light spread to distant horizons. – Abhijit Sur Denver Section 2011 Appointed Positions Membership Development Abhijit Sur Electronic Communications Richard Rew Pre-College and Education Activities Abhijit Sur University Student Branch Activities Jennifer Kramer Professional & Career Activities (PACE) Bill Emery Awards and Recognition Katie Blair Publications & Website (webmaster) Sharon Vaninger Public Relations and Publicity Krista Hasling Government Liaison Matt Oetting Finance & Audit Rick Robinson and Bob Wilson (2010 Treasurer) Fall Social Recap Our Fall Event this year was held at “Wings over the Rockies” at the old Lowry Air Force base in Denver ( The Wings museum contains many aircraft on display, from vintage jets to a B1-A Lancer (Bomber). Over 50 IEEE members and their families were served a hot lunch from Qdoba followed by an excellent presentation given by Russ Harrison, Senior Legislative Representative for Grassroots Activities for IEEE-USA. Russ opened with the results of the recent elec- tions and how this would impact the IEEE now and in the future. The audience asked many questions and there were even a few lively de- bates. Afterwards, everyone dis- persed into the museum to look at all the displays. – Bob Faus
  5. 5. Volume 2, Issue 1 Page 5 Communications Society Dr. Victor C.M. Leung, from The University of Brit- ish Columbia gave a Distinguished lecture to an ani- mated group of people November 3 at Devry Uni- versity. The topic was Access and Service Con- vergence over Next Generation Networks. He indicated that next generation networks will consist of a conglomerate of access network technologies integrated by broadband IP-based core networks. Various subtopics were discussed regarding the re- quirements – multi-service, multi-protocol, multi- access, IP based networks, roaming, configurations, interoperability, and regulatory challenges. A con- vergent network architecture was presented show- ing both the advantages and technical and societal challenges that it presents. – Jill Arnson Dr. Victor C.M. Leung University of British Columbia IEEE eLearning Library The IEEE eLearning Library is an online collec- Signal Processing and Analysis tion of short courses and conference workshops. Sustainable Green Engineering IEEE members can purchase individual tutorials Vehicular and Wireless Technologies from the collection through the IEEE Shop. and more You can view the entire IEEE eLearning Library catalog at There are even Free Tutorials! index.php. The tutorials require a live connection to the host Tutorials are available in the following topics: site to play correctly. You cannot download a tutorial and run it later. Aerospace Antennas and Propagation Continuing Education Credits are available for Bioengineering each tutorial based on length. The CEU is a unit Communications that measures a person's participation in a for- Components, Circuits and Devices mal, non-credit continuing education program. Computational and Artificial Intelligence IEEE is an Authorized Provider of Continuing Computing Education by the International Association of Engineering Profession Continuing Education & Training (IACET). Fiber Optics Fields, Waves and Electromagnetics Visit the IEEE eLearning Library at Microwave Theory and Techniques Photonics and Electro-Optics Power and Energy Keep up with the latest information in the fields Reliability of Engineering. – Sharon Vaninger Robotics and Control Systems
  6. 6. Mile High Spark Page 6 Colorado Governmental Affairs 2010 proved to be another contentious and busy year for state politicians and while the state and rest of the country grapples with the effects of aerospace and energy technologies in the metro the Great Recession and reconciling budget area. The pilot initiative is believed to generate woes, 2011 should be another eventful year. But thousands of jobs in the state over the next five before looking ahead, a recap of governmental years. activity for the past quarter: • CSU and U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar an- nounced CSU will head up a new regional Cli- • State employers added 3,800 jobs in No- mate Science Center. vember, 5,200 job in October, and 3,300 • In November, Governor Bill Ritter launched the jobs in September. In December, the month long Complete College Colorado (CCC) state’s unemployment rate was 8.6%. initiative. The goal is to encourage Coloradans • The combination of the (Federal Level) who have earned college credits but left school to State Small Business Credit Initiative re-enroll and complete their degrees. and (State Level) Colorado Credit Re- • State budget shortfalls reduced funding for K-12 serve Program will yield approximately Education by $156.3M. However, schools will $172M in new small business. receive funds from (Federal Level) Education • $23M in grants and tax credits from the Jobs Acts to hire teachers and staff. (Federal Level) Affordable Care Act were awarded to more than 60 Colorado The political landscape looking forward to 2011 will be bioscience companies. dominated by closing the state’s $1B budget shortfall. • An agreement between NASA and the The state assembly, budget committee, and newly elected Colorado Association for Manufacturing governor John Hickenlooper will undoubtedly be busy. and Technology will encourage the ac- And as a reminder, the state assembly will convene in celeration and commercial rollout of early January until mid May. – Matt Oetting IEEE Denver Section Mission Statement Enrich the professional and personal lives of the Rocky Mountain Region members, developing them into valued The IEEE Denver Section is comprised of over contributors to society through 3600 engineers and technical professionals in the quality programs, continuing Denver - Boulder area. education, career development and community service; in collaboration with IEEE, industry, government and academia.