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Theme 2 powerpoint ben ely

  1. 1. Theme 2 big history By: Ben ely
  2. 2. Eurasian civilization • Civilization is not created from a level of intelligence • Rather created through certain preconditions making it possible • Stated to be created from: Civilization! Ruling classes Specialization Of labor Food surplus Domesticated crops Domesticated animals Hunter’s & Gatherer’s
  3. 3. Advantages  Eurasia had a large advantage agriculturally from the land they already occupied  As opposed to Africa’s barren desert landscape making it difficult for most plats and animals thrive, Eurasia was covered in green land  The middle east and adjacent countries ending up having by far the best collection of plants and animals available for domestication  In contrast Native Americans hah nearly none of these advantages
  4. 4. Advantages Cont • Eurasia had a much larger land mass than Africa providing it with more plant and animal species • Eurasia existed on a similar latitude, allowing a greater ease of living for all creatures from not having as extreme of climate changes as the rest of the world • One of Eurasia’s only actual dissadvantages was how the population lived with the abundance of livestock, causing disease and illness
  5. 5. Disadvantages Native Americans Occupied the West with crops such as Maize Maize provided very little nutrients The crop was also required to be planted one by one. The difficulty of raising this crop incredibly contradicted the ease of Eurasia’s ready to grow Wheat and Barley crops Sub-saharan cultures could have only wild mammals while Eurasians were ready available with horses and camels, very convenient transport animals.
  6. 6. Disadvantages Cont. • Places like Australia, because of their small land mass, experienced game extinction through hunting • Africa and America had far apart north and south geography • Crops and animals couldn’t migrate far through the civilizations because of climate based natural selection • transmitted diseases were eventually abundantly spawned in Eurasia caused from its close proximity to livestock
  7. 7. Origin of Slavery • The term Slave comes from the victimized Slavic inhabitants of the Dalmatian coast held captive and sold to Muslim Spain. • Soon after this slave trading posts were made along the coast of the black sea and western coast of Africa • Slaves were used mainly in the production of sugar cane and many other tasks • Slaves were eventually sold like objects in exchange for other coveted goods and materials