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Adobe Business Catalyst - end of life migration plan


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With Adobe announcing the End of Life for their Business Catalyst product, this presentation offers Adobe customers with CMS migration planning tools and tips.

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Adobe Business Catalyst - end of life migration plan

  1. 1. ™ Indietech™ © 2018 TM Indietech: the digital innovations and creative department at Newpath WEB Pty Ltd +61 3 8676 0762 Adobe Business Catalyst End of Life announcement and Migration Plan 2018 - 2020
  2. 2. Indietech™ © 2018 Announced on March 26th 2018, Adobe is no longer supporting or developing the platform and will discontinue hosting as of March 26th 2020.
  3. 3. Indietech™ © 2018 This means all Adobe Business Catalyst customer websites will be shutdown on 26/3/2020. All Adobe customers must migrate to an alternative CMS platform.
  4. 4. Indietech™ © 2018 Businesses should commence this migration process by late 2018 at the latest to ensure completion before the shut off date in 2020.
  5. 5. Indietech™ © 2018 We have built this migration plan to answer questions and to provide affected businesses with a framework for effectively transitioning to an alternative CMS platform.
  6. 6. Indietech™ © 2018 Why can’t we download our existing website and upload it to another hosting provider?
  7. 7. Indietech™ © 2018 The short answer: In some rare instances, it may be possible to download the website file and media assets and simply upload to another hosting provider IF no in-platform Business Catalyst features have been integrated into the website code base. This scenario is only likely for business that have purchased the “Bronze” subscription. In our experience, 95% of Adobe Business Catalyst websites leverage a range of proprietary functions that create significant dependencies on the core platform that cannot be migrated into other systems. Thus, a considered approach to migrating to an alternative and comparative platform is required.
  8. 8. Indietech™ © 2018 Our recommendation: If you are an Adobe Business Catalyst customer, it is likely your website is due for an upgrade anyway. While replatforming your website to a more capable Content Management System (CMS), use this as an opportunity for modernising your website’s design.
  9. 9. Warning! While we have provided some feature comparisons between Adobe Business Catalyst and alternative modern CMS’s, do not select your new platform based on like-for-like features. It is likely that your business’s requirements have changed since you first selected Business Catalyst as a CMS of choice. We highly recommending taking the time to rescope your online marketing needs.
  10. 10. Indietech™ © 2018 Why did we choose Business Catalyst in the first place? When reviewing alternative CMS platforms, it’s worth asking this question of project stakeholders. The answer to this question will inform the selection of an appropriate alternative CMS while also adding an important layer of information to the project scope. For many businesses, Business Catalyst’s all-in-one system allowed marketers to manage all their online assets and communications in one place. However, it is worth noting that while BC has many features, few of them were modernised inline with competitive products. Notably, the email marketing module had become dated in 2014 in comparison to, say, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Infusionsoft.
  11. 11. Indietech™ © 2018 Do we need another all-in-one CMS? As digital marketing experts, we found many of the features within BC limiting and inelegant. As a cost effective solution, this is typical of proprietary all-in-one CMS platforms at the lower end of the market. While all-in-one systems, such as Kentico, offer many off-the-shelf features without the need for 3rd party plugins or extensions (which can decrease the cost of ownership), the price tag is a little higher. With that said, Kentico is an excellent option for businesses looking to upgrade to a very capable, Microsoft-based, secure and well-supported platform. However, if we’re talking about migrating to a comparative platform from feature and cost perspectives, open source solutions such as Wordpress, Magento, and Drupal are excellent alternatives. Wordpress is the most widely used CMS in the world and offers excellent integration with best-of-breed digital marketing tools.
  12. 12. Indietech™ © 2018 How do we choose a new Content Management System? We have done some of the work for you by mapping Adobe Business Catalyst features to the feature sets available in three CMS platforms we consider to be excellent alternatives: ● Wordpress ● Drupal ● Kentico ● Magento WARNING: We strongly recommend that businesses consult a digital marketing expert to assist in scoping your CMS migration requirements as this is not simply a matter of choosing a feature set that best aligns with your current requirements. Future needs, IT environments, and systems integrations should be considered.
  13. 13. ™ Indietech™ © 2018 CMS Comparison chart Adobe Business Catalyst feature set analysis
  14. 14. Before you get started... Please note that the following comparison chart only lists the features present in Adobe Business Catalyst (WebCommerce) and maps them to comparative features in our selected alternative CMS platforms. We make no attempt to rate the quality of each available feature across the platforms. Nor do we list the features available in the comparison platforms that are not present in Adobe Business Catalyst.
  15. 15. Module Feature Adobe Business Catalyst Wordpress Drupal Kentico Magento Dashboard Basic website analytics Yes 3rd party plugin 3rd party plugin No No Notifications feed Yes 3rd party plugin Yes Yes Yes Site Manager Live page edit Yes 3rd party plugin No Yes No WYSIWYG page editor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Web parts / shortcodes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Rollback page versions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Template management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Page optimisation (SEO) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Module customisation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Content holders (widgets) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Menu management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Click to download the full comparison table
  16. 16. ™ Indietech™ © 2018 Migration preparation Adobe Business Catalyst migration planning and preparation checklist
  17. 17. Preparing for migration In order to prepare for migration to a new website platform, it will be necessary for you to provide your web designer or digital agency with two important pieces of information: 1. Your marketing plan or business strategy (in many cases, this may be delivered as a part of the verbal brief) 2. Access to your Adobe Business Catalyst platform for auditing However, if you wish to take matters into your own hands, we have provided a migration checklist on the following slide.
  18. 18. Click to download the full migration checklist Adobe Business Catalyst Migration Checklist This checklist provides a guideline for Adobe Business Catalyst website admins to prepare for migration to a new CMS platform. The items listed below should be compiled into a document as a reference for web designer and development teams. Phase Task Status Estimated start date Estimated days Website audit Document admin user login credentials Not started 01/01/2019 2 Count and list all active web pages Not started Count and list all active web page templates Not started List active 301 page redirects Not started Document Analytics account details (ie Google) Not started Create sitemap and document sitemap.xml URL Not started
  19. 19. Migration caveats 1. Not all historical data can be exported from Adobe Business Catalyst 2. Web administration functionality will differ across CMS platforms and may impact business processes 3. Integrated native Business Catalyst modules may require development teams to create significantly customised software to match legacy functionality 4. Low cost migration solutions may require multiple open source or vendor platforms to replace your Adobe CMS 5. Significant DNS updates may be required causing some downtime during migration 6. If Adobe’s hosted email solution is in use, businesses will need to migrate to a new hosted email solution (such as Google Apps or Microsoft 365) 7. If Secure Zones have been deployed where website contacts have account credentials, a migration will require users to re-register with the new CMS platform.
  20. 20. ™ Indietech™ © 2018 Typical* migration project timeline *All websites are different and your digital partner will need to estimate the project timeline based on their assessment.
  22. 22. Final tips & comments ● Depending on the overall migration plan agreed upon with your digital agency or web developer, the project can be broken up into segments. For instance, you may decide to migrate email hosting and marketing automation components (including web forms and email campaigns) as a separate phase before the website migration phase. ● While choosing a new CMS is important, it shouldn’t be the primary driving factor on which digital partner you choose to manage your migration project. Instead, approach the project from a business-first perspective. ● Don’t leave the migration to the last moment. Your digital partner will need sufficient time to perform the migration. As this issue affects all Adobe Business Catalyst customers, your digital partner may need to schedule your project inline with other customer projects.
  23. 23. ™ Indietech™ © 2018 Next steps...
  24. 24. Our team at Indietech are ready and available to help you migrate from Adobe Business Catalyst to a new platform of your choice. Our boutique creative team is backed by 250+ developers within our fully-integrated parent company Newpath Web. Together, we are focused on delivering online solutions that works for your business. Talk to a team that is process driven, creative and has a decade of expertise in digital projects.
  27. 27. ™ Indietech™ © 2018 Nice one. Ben Dexter Creative Director INDIETECH +61 3 8676 0762 Indietech is a Newpath WEB Pty Ltd brand.