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Point Of Sale CWF

  1. 1. 01: Investigation and Clarification of ProblemsComprehensive, organised range of sources of information including relevantpractical investigations, taking into account current trends, availabletechnologies and the needs of the client. Perceptive analysis of information.Comprehensive specification, well reasoned and based on research andinvestigation. Point of sale initial investigation. LINKS FM/ Identification of Problems Situation & Brief Task Analysis Initial Specification Research Plan Gantt Chart
  2. 2. POINTS OF SALEWHEN ROAMING HIGH STREETS AND TOWNS, I CAMEACROSS MANY POINTS OF SALES IN SHOPS. ALL OFWHICH WERE UNIQUE IN THEIR OWN WAY TOREPRESENT THE PRODUCTS BEING SOLD… HERE AREIMAGES OF WHAT I SAW AND EXPLANATIONS TOWHAT THE POINTS OF SALE SHOW.Above shows a shop window showingwhat products are available inside thisshop to purchase.The window displays a large amount ofproducts for various ages and marketgroups so this arrangement of a point ofsale will attract a wide amount ofcustomers.Here is a picture of a point of sale outside astationary store. Images and tittles are in boldand there are eye catching colours/themes toattract customer awareness and to drawcustomers to enter shop and see products.The advertisement displaying a Printer will bemainly aimed at those who just need a printerand do not nessacarlily have any experience inprinting. This is because the printer is advertisedin a way where the customer will just go in andbuy one thinking this would be a good price topay for a printer.Below can be seen an image of aNewspaper Rack outside an off-licenceshop. This point of sale allows customerto see headlines in news and makescustomer want to buy paper onceinteresting or highlighted stories hascaught customers attention.This point of sale is good for security aswell since the casing around the papersstops people from stealing the paperseasily.
  3. 3. POINTS OFSALEAbove is an example of a poorpoint of sale I came across in thehigh-street. It is a not very clearpoint of sale on furniture; pricesare confusing and not attractive.This will not attract customers tothis shop.To the left are three examples ofaverage points of sale. They eachdisplay there products in avertical way but each of thesepoints of sales show manyproducts shoved together as ifthere all average products andnone of the products on displaystand out among the others.
  4. 4. POINTS OF SALEThis is a point of sale in a technology shop. The pointif sale is displaying phones. This point of sale is goodbecause the products are at eye view and easily seen.This point of sale is in a shop window. The point ofsale includes shoes and displays he shoes in avertical manor.Drinks here are placed inbrands and are easilyaccessible to customers.This point of sale also cools the drink so it benefitsthe product being sold and becomes a moreinteractive point of sale.This point of sale is a lot like the furnitureone on the previous slide. This point ofsale doesn’t clearly tell the customer whatthe product is, how much it is or why itshould be bought.Simple yet effective point of sale. It displays theproduct so customer can see as well as telling thecustomer there are more of these including differentcolours.
  5. 5. Logical…• To give customers access to product and being able to try out product on sale.• Footfall (product is placed where most people will see it).• Product will be available to purchase by customers – Many of the product formultiple customers.• Point of sale will stand out when placed next to other points of sale.Illogical…• Lack of information for customer to understand product and what is trying to be sold.• Product and point of sale are positioned in a place which is not clearly visible or does notstand out to customers walking past.• Lack of direct access to product by customer will not allow customer to test and evaluateproduct meaning they may not be as interested in the product now as they may have beenonce you showed them a picture of it etc…Needs…• To be eye catching on sale and in the point of sale itself.• Include relative information about the product e.g, brand name, features of product, price.• USP, Needs to be a Unique Selling Point when compared with other selling points in shops.• In the point of sale, only reveal a taster of the product and not so much of the product that thecustomer spends time using it than buying it (Apple store, Film Trailers).• To be secure and safe; out of reach of possible theft or damage to product.Keep…• Make sure there’s a large amount of product shown in point of sale for a possiblelarge amount of customers.• Large Availability of products in stock for maximum customer purchases.• Point of sale briefing product and most important details of product e.g. tittle andprice.• Point of sale is in view of customer.• Point of sale represents a common theme in product on sale.• Parts of point of sale which communicate to customer.• Customer friendly supervision of product on sale.Scrap…• Parts of point of sale which don’t represent or co-operate with product onsale.• Aspects of point of sale which aren’t interactive to customer.• Aspects of point of sale which put off customer from product.• Point of sale which is out of customer’s sight.• Points of sale which have nothing to do with product being advertised.• Points of sale which do not communicate to the customer.• Point of sale which is not attractive.• Poor point of sale management from representatives of product. (peopleshowing off product badly or in a not attractive way).Form…• Does the point of sale make the product look good?The point of sale must make the product stand out and look fresh among otherpoints of sales.• Does the product satisfy customers in its aesthetics?The looks of the point of sale must be satisfactory to the customers view.• Does the product/point of sale stand out among other products/points of sale?Is the point of sale an individual point of sale… Does it stand out and is not likeany other points of sales for all the right reasons?• Does the point of sale attract customers to purchase the product?Point of sale must encourage customer to buy product and not just be entertainedby point of sale.Function…• Does the point of sale work well with the product?Product must work well together with point of sale to attract more customers.• Does point of sale present product in as successful manor?Point of sale must present product in such a way that it is more likely to bepurchased.• Does the point of sale possibly interest customer in the product even if they maynot buy product there and then?Point of sale may make customer aware of the positive qualities and aspects ofthe product and make the customer want to purchase the product another time…Or even give an interest to the customer of the product for the first time!• Does the point of sale represent everything which the product will be able to doand achieve?Point of sale can over exaggerate goodness of product but NOT in a way whichmakes customer think product does more than what the point of sale says.X Factor…• Does my point of sale ultimately win over more customers than other points of sales in the shop?My point of sale must attract more customers than other points of sales in the shop.• Does my point of sale prove the product being advertised is far better a reason to be purchased over anotherbrands product?My point of sale must prove to the customer that the product on sale is better than the other products and reallygain the customers favour of the product.• Does my point of sale make other points of sale’s look not as interesting when compared with mine?My point of sale must be something new and never seen before in a shop… For example it could be more thanone just a shelf/unit and could be a dispenser unit, pile or large shape made of the product.• Does my point of sale reach out to the customer telling them that they need the product?My point of sale must encourage the customer that they will not have a complete basket until they leave thestore unless they buy the product… Have a psychological effect that the customer knows they need the productafter the point of sale tells them.• Does my point of sale prove to the customer that the product is the one to buy?My point of sale must state reasons why the product is better than others and give factors or aspiring informationabout the product to make the product even more attractive.
  6. 6. THE COMPANY I AM GOING TO BE WORKING AROUND IS LYNX. AFTER RESEARCHING THE COMPANYPRODUCTS, DISPLAYS AND POINTS OF SALES, IT OCCURS TO ME THAT THEIR MAIN POINT OF SALE IS THROUGHT.V COMMERCIALS, BILLBOARDS AND SOCIAL NETWORKING ADVERTISEMENTS.THIS ALONE CAN ONLY ATTRACT AND INTEREST A LIMITED NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS, AND ALONG WITH THE FACTTHAT THEIR PRODUCTS ARE CARELESSLY PLACED NEXT TO OTHER LOWER LEVELLED OR LOWER RANGEDPRODUCTS, THIS DOES NOT FULFIL THE MAIN PURPOSE WHICH IS SET OUT FOR THE PRODUCT THROUGH THEPOINT OF SALE ON T.V. TO SOLVE THIS, THE POINT OF SALE MUST BE VISIBLE THROUGHOUT THE SHOP ANDNEEDS TO BE INTERACTIVE TO THE CUSTOMER.Situation & BriefDesign a new point of sale display unit for a male grooming company. The unitmust display at least one product from their range and must clearly identify thebrand.My point of sale must be attractive to the customer. It must represent thebrand clearly and present the product in an attractive way. My point of salemust also be interactive to the customer so the customer is then drawn furtherto the product.
  7. 7. Task Analysis (Brainstorm)
  8. 8. Initial SpecificationMY INITIAL SPECIFICATION IS MY PERSONAL BRIEF AND ARE THE FOUNDATIONS ON WHICH IWILL BASE MY POINT OF SALE AS I CREATE IT. WHEN I START TO CREATE MY POINT OF SALE I WILLREFER BACK TO MY INITIAL SPECIFICATION TO SEE IF MY POINT OF SALE RELATES TO WHAT I HAVESAID I INITIALLY WANT MY POINT OF SALE TO BE LIKE. I HAVE USED A.C.C.E.S.S F.M IN MY INITIALSPECIFICATION TO COVER ALL ASPECTS OF MY POINT OF SALE AND WHAT I WANT IT TO BE LIKE.AestheticsMy point of sale needs to look like the brand LYNX so customers know the point of sale is advertising LYNX. The style of the point of sale should represent my chosen brand and all figures, finishesand colours must relate to the brand as well as the product on sale. My point of sale must also be attractive through its aesthetics and catch the attention of customers who walk past.CostThe cost of my point of sale will be determined by the materials used, the manufacture process and the quality of the product. My point of sale must also be sustainable in its environment and lastlong. My point of sale will have a price tag at about £50 to £150, this is an estimate though so the price may be higher or lower depending on what materials I will use and the other aspects of themanufacturing process. My point of sale must also portray the price of the product on the point of sale in an effective and easily seen way like in opposite colours to the main colours of the point ofsale.CustomerMy point of sale will be aimed at male customers in the age range of 12 to 18 years old. LYNX products are aimed at male teens so my point of sale must relate directly to this target audience. Imust also take into account the fact that when I try to make my point of sale interactive (Ergonomics and Anthropometrics of the point of sale) It must be comfortable to use and work well with thecustomer.EnvironmentMy point of sale must suit the environment it is placed in but more importantly it must stand out amongst other points of sales and products. My point of sale must also have good stability in itsenvironment and will last long once placed in its environment. Finally, my point of sale must not be an obstacle to people walking past or trying to purchase the product.SizeMy point of sale must be of an acceptable size depending on where it is placed in shops. The point of sale must have a footfall and be large enough to hold a number of the products beingadvertised for example… 15 to 30 units. My point of sale must also be at eye level and be visible to all ages of customers which will be included in my target market. In the size of my point of sale Imust also take into account the fact that the size of my point of sale will also judge the cost of it. The more units it holds, the more expensive it will be as well so I must make sure it isn’t going tocost too much to make especially if its going to be potentially larger than other points of sales.SafetyTo ensure my point of sale is safe to all users and customers it must include some essential things. My point of sale must not have any sharp edges other wise people might damage themselveson the point of sale. The point of sale must tightly secure the products being advertised so they do not fall off the point of sale and be damaged. The point of sale must also secure the product sothat there is no chance of theft.FunctionMy point of sale’s main function Is obvious… to sell and advertise the product and my chosen brand. My point of sale must also be attractive to pull customers to the product being advertised andthe point of sale itself. In the production of my point of sale I will also try to include some sought of interactive aspect to my point of sale as well so then the point of sale will be more interesting andstand out among other points of sales… Especially if my point of sale can do this by engaging in the customers interests.MaterialsMy point of sale will use low cost materials because this way the point of sale will be cheaper and will eventually suit my chosen brand better. The joining methods I use in my point of sale will alsobe low cost methods to reduce the overall price of the point of sale. The manufacturing process my point of sale will be made on will be of low cost as well because there will be many in all rangesof shops so having an expensive point of sale will only lower the amount of points of sales which will be produced. Finally, my point of sale must be made of suitable materials and joints but alsomaterials and joints which are acceptable in terms of the price my point of sale will cost me. The materials and joining methods can’t be expensive if the point of sale will be mass produced andused in many shops.
  9. 9. MARKET RESEARCHOld SpiceThe male grooming company ‘Old Spice’sell products which are aimed at young tomiddle-age men.There advertisements all involve amuscular man advertising the product andtelling the customer you can be like him ifyou purchase the product.MARKET RESEARCH IS ESSENTIAL FOR ME TO KNOWHOW TO MAKE A HIGH QUALITY POINT OF SALE ANDKNOW WHAT OTHER COMPANIES ARE CURRENTLYOUT THERE AND HOW THEIR POINTS OF SALE WORK.WITH MY RESEARCH I CAN LEARN HOW TO CREATEMY OWN POINT OF SALE WHICH WILL EFFECTIVELYRIVAL AMONG THESE.Fish (Soho London) is agrooming company whichmake products for both menand woman. Their productsare specifically made for thehair industry but they makeany hair products under thatgenre e.g., hair gel, hair wax,hair spray. Fish (like Old Spice) usecertain famous people orcelebrities to advertise theirproduct as a point of sale. Fishuse Robert Pattison to showoff their hair products to tryand attract more customers toaspire their hair to be like his.
  10. 10. MARKET RESEARCHL’Oreal Men Expert are a malegrooming company which tailor theirproducts to customers which aremiddle aged and starting to feel theannoyance of aging. Their points ofsale include famous celebrities likePierce Brosan. The target audience ofthis company are men aged 40 to late50’s.L’Oreal Men ExpertWhen L’Oreal Men Expert points of saleare seen, they include pictures of how thecustomer would apply and use theproduct. The points of sale help thecustomer understand the product in moredetail and understand how to use theproduct as well.Mr NattyLike L’Oreal Men Expert, Mr Nattyproducts are also aimed at middleaged men and above.Their iconic old western look appealsto men and the fact that most of theproducts are related to facial hair,really appeals to the facially proudgentleman.All of Mr Natty’s products areencased in a similar silver pot and allhave bold writing on with iconiccolours and memorable fonts. Thismakes sure customers know whatthey see when they see a Mr Nattyproduct.HackettThe clothing company Hackett ismainly aimed at young gentlemanand sell clothing products in a veryhigh class range.Their products are always verysmart and tidy and worn forcertain occasions. This companiesproducts will be purchased mainlyby young wealthy men. The targetaudience for Hackett clothing willalso be people who see itappropriate and normal to bewearing smart/ smart casualclothes on a daily basis.
  11. 11. MARKET RESEARCHTHE LAST BRAND I DID MARKET RESARCH ON IS ALSO THEBRAND I AM BASING MY POINT OF SALE ON. LYNX ARE AMALE GROOMING COMPANY WHICH SELL A WIDE AMOUNTOF PRODUCTS TO APPLY TO ANY OF THE MALE GROOMINGNEEDS. LYNX ARE ICONIC IN THEIR ADVERTISEMENTS ANDATTRACT MANY CUSTOMERS… I WILL MAKE A POINT OF SALETO FOLLOW UP ON THIS EXPECTATION.In LYNX advertising, it always follows the same theme… a young malewho (with aid of LYNX products) attracts a large female audience witheffortless application of products such as LYNX deodorant.LYNX try to make the audience feel as if they could be like the young malein the advert who attracts many woman if they only try a LYNX product.The main problem LYNX have with their points of sale is thatthey do not relate to the T.V commercials or social networkingadvertisements at all.When I make my point of sale I will make sure that I introduceand relate the concepts of the advertisements into my point ofsale to bring the point of the LYNX advertising forward andattract a large amount of customers.
  12. 12. Gannt Chart/Research PrepWeek 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18Investigation and Clarificationof ProblemsDevelopment of DesignProposalMaking/ModelingEvaluation and TestingCommunication andPresentationPrimary Research PreparationQuestionnaire…For this piece of research I will gather information and data of the public’s opinions of points ofsales, there positive features and the points of sales which do not attract the public or do notexpress the product in an attractive way. After this I will be able to make a conclusion on whatmakes point of sales attractive to customers and I will be able to apply what I learn to my own pointof saleEnvironmental Snapshot…I will take a picture of a LYNX point of sale in its environment for this piece of research and I willthen analyse the photo on aspects of how good or bad the point of sale is in terms of placing,attractiveness, visibility, does the point of sale fit in with the environment and other aspects. I willthen be able to use the information I learn from this piece of research to decide how I will make mypoint of sale work well in its environment.Keep & Scrap…This piece of research will be about taking a look at current points of sales on the market,preferably ones on male grooming products and thinking about how these point of sales could beimproved and what should be scrapped from the point and what should be kept to the point tomake the point of sale better and more suiting to its environment or attractive among its targetaudience. By looking at other points of sales I can look towards how I should go along with makingmy point of sale better than the ones I have researched as well as maybe thinking about thingswhich I should not include in my point of sale for negative reasons.Market Research…For this research I will take a deeper look into my chosen brand and learn about their currentpoints of sales, their products, their designs, their ways of marketing the products etc… To createa successful point of sale which is attractive to its target audience and sells products effectively, Iwill need to know all the above so my market research is definitely crucial in the initiation andplacing of my point of sale as well as the manufacturing process.Competitive Products…In this research I will find out what makes current points of sales competitive and try to applythose aspects to my point of sale. I want to make a point of sale which is competitive towardsother products of sale and will stand out among other points of sale. My point of sale must alsosell more than other points of sale so I will make sure my point of sale is very competitive.Secondary Research PreparationACCESS FM of Secondary ProductsIn this research I will look at secondary products and analyse them using ACCESS FM. Iwill then be able to understand what is good in present secondary products and why andapply my new found knowledge to my own point of sale.Mood BoardMy mood board will be a representation of what my ending point of sale will look like,include and represent. This mood board will be a collection of images and graphics I thinkshow clearly what I want to include in my point of sale in terms of materials, colours andfinishes as well as other things in relation to my point of sale including functionality andhow it will address the products as well as what products it will advertise. By looking backand studying my mood board I will be able to make a judgement as to how my point ofsale fulfils what I set it out to do and does my point of sale show and represent what isshown in my mood board in relation to my chosen brand.Customer ProfilingLike my mood board, I will examine things my target market are interested in includingpictures and graphics and come to a conclusion of what my target market will be lookingfor in my point of sale. My customer profiling will also identify what customers will beexpecting of my point of sale and how my point of sale must be a certain way to attract thetarget customers.
  13. 13. QuestionnaireFOR THIS RESEARCH I WILL GO OUT AND ASK MY TARGETMARKET AND POSSIBLE CUSTOMERS WHO WILL PURCHASEFROM MY POINT OF SALE WHAT THEY FIND GOOD AND BADABOUT CURRENT POINTS OF SALES AND I WILL ASK THEPUBLIC A FEW QUESTIONS SO I CAN UNDERSTANDEVENTUALLY WHAT MY TARGET MARKET WILL BE LOOKINGFOR IN MY POINT OF SALE AND HOW I CAN MAKE MYPOINT OF SALE ATTRACT MY TARGET MARKET.I will ask the public and people I know in the age range of12 to 18 years old the questions in my questionnaire. Thepeople I ask the questions to must be male since that iswho my target market are. I hope to gain a varied amountof answers from this research and then be able to see whatanswers were most popular in the questionnaire… I will ask30 people the questions in my questionnaire in my chosentarget audience and target age range.
  14. 14. Questionnaire AnalysisWhat do you think is the most eyecatching feature in a point of sale?Colours Used (7)Style (2)InteractionCapabilities (8)Representationof Product (12)HERE ARE THE RESULTS OF MY QUESTIONNAIRE WHICH I ASKED TO THE PUBLICAND PEOPLE I KNEW IN MY TARGET MARKET. IN EACH QUESTION I HAVE A LARGEAMOUNT OF RESULTS BUT OVERALL EACH QUESTIONS ANSWERS SHOW OBVIOUSCORRELATION AS TO WHICH ANSWER WAS MOST FAVOURABLE AMONG THEANSWERS GIVEN IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE. I HAVE DISPLAYED THE RESULTS OF MYQUESTIONNAIRE IN GRAPHS SO THE RESULTS ARE EASIER TO SEE AND INTERPRET. IHAVE ALSO ANNOTATED EACH GRAPH AND TALKED ABOUT WHY SOME ANSWERSWERE PICKED MORE THAN OTHERS, AND HOW THE RESULTS FROM MYQUESTIONNAIRE WILL GUIDE ME IN THE DECISION MAKING OF MY OWN POINT OFSALE.This was the first question in my questionnaire. I asked my targetaudience this so that I can understand what it is about current points ofsales which attract them to it. The most common answer from thisquestion in the results was ‘Representation Of Product’. Since my targetmarket find this is the most eye catching feature in current points ofsales out there, I will have to make sure my point of sale displays itsproduct effectively to the audience. I will also have to make sure mypoint of sale includes good interactive qualities since that answer wasthe second most favourable.What do you think is the ideal size of a point of sale?Chest Height (11)Eye Level (12)Head Height (6)Above Head Height(0)The second question I asked was about size. The results of thisquestion were obviously quite close with both ‘Chest Height’and ‘Eye Level’ with similar votes. I will make sure my point ofsale is between chest height and eye level because that is weremy target market think the ideal size of a point of sale aimed atthem should be. I have taken out the ‘Pie Slice’ of votes for‘Above Head Height’ on the graph because it had no votes.Obviously my target market will not be interested in points ofsales of this particular size.Is it important that the point of sale isinteractive?Yes (16)No (0)Sometimes (13)The third question I asked was probably the most importantquestion I asked my target audience. I wanted to find out ifmaking my point of sale interactive would make it morepopular and attractive and ultimately more people wouldpurchase products from it. When I asked people this questionthe majority said yes and closely to follow, the second mostpopular result was ’Sometimes’. I now know that if I want to bemaking a point of sale which will attract the majority ofcustomers among its other competitors in the market, my pointof sale MUST be Interactive!Will a point of sale normally make you want topurchase the advertised product on the firstsighting?Yes (1)No (19)Sometimes (9)The fourth question I asked was about the effect of points of sales on the actualpurchasing of the product being advertised. When I asked this question most peopleresponded with ‘No’ and ‘Sometimes’… When asked people why they picked thatas an answer, most responded saying that they would have to go home first andthink about buying the product and research it a bit more. Asking this question topeople made me realise how much some points of sales display a product way toomuch and put on display to much detail about the product when the majority ofpeople I asked sad that it would not interest them or they would have to think aboutit privately and then come to a decision… When I make my point of sale I will haveto make sure my point of sale does not put to much on display and is simple andeffective so instead of scaring away customers to make a decision in their own timeabout my product, it will be made there and then… to purchase the advertisedproduct in my point of sale!
  16. 16. Environmental SnapshotHERE I HAVE TAKEN A PICTURE OF A LYNX POINT OF SALE IN A SHOP AND THE ENVIRONMENT OF WHICH IT STANDS IN. I HAVEANNOTATED THE PICTURE AND ASSESSED WHAT IS GOOD AND BAD ABOUT THE POINT OF SALE AND THE ENVIRONMENT ITSTANDS IN. IN THIS PIECE OF RESEARCH I HAVE ANALYSED A CURRENT POINT OF SALE ON THE BRAND I AM MAKING MY POINTOF SALE ON… THEN I WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE THE JUDGEMENT TO DECIDE WHAT I WILL HAVE TO INCLUDE IN MY POINT OF SALEAND WHAT I WILL HAVE TO REMOVE TO MAKE MY POINT OF SALE LIKE CURRENT LYNX POINTS OF SALES BUT EVEN BETTER ANDMORE COMPETITIVE.The panorama picture below shows an aisle ofmale grooming products in the shop Tesco. Ashighlighted is the LYNX section. All male groomingproducts have been equally distributed among theshelves in groupings of brands. The malegrooming products from each brand cover thesame areas… Hair, body, facial hair, deodorantand fragrance.The problem with this LYNX point of sale is that theproducts are carelessly displayed among any othermediocre brand. Despite good arrangement andproduct organization, a customer cannot exactly makeout which products are which since they are all placedtogether as one. This makes the point of sale lessattractive and shows me that the environment for thispoint of sale is not important since people will just walkpast the aisles and pick anything randomly.A positive thing about this point of salesenvironment is that the walking space next to thepoint is broad so many customers can look atthe points at one time. When I was there takingthe pictures I noticed that there would be severalpeople interested in different products all on theaisles at once and because of the open space, itmade getting to the points much easier. Also, thepoint of sales are not in the customers way andare all parallel to the walking space, also makingbrowsing and looking easier as customers walkon by.The point of sale is also quite difficult to find in itsenvironment and since there are many aisles in thispart of the shop all identical to each other, the LYNXsection especially will be not easy to find. The LYNXsection of this point of sale is actually the largestbrand covering these aisles in terms of product spacebut that doesn’t always mean it will attract morecustomers… for example, the Oral health products tothe right of the picture cover a very small amount ofspace but since they are at the end of the aisle ascustomers walk past, they are easier to see and moreattractive than a whole load of LYNX products onone aisle so this point of sale makes better use of theenvironment than the LYNX and other male groomingproduct ones.Things to take forth to my point of sale in terms ofenvironment…• Keep point of sale easily reached inenvironment.• Make sure point of sale is easily seen inenvironment.• Make sure the environment works wellaround my point, and my point in theenvironment.Things to not include in my point of sale interms of environment…• Point of sale placed aside other brandedproducts.• Point of sale not easily recognised inenvironment.• Point of sale cannot be an obstacle toeither potential customers or just passersby.
  17. 17. Keep & ScrapFOR MY KEEP & SCRAP PIECE OF RESEARCH I LOOKED AT OTHER POINTS OF SALES CURRENTLY ON THE MARKET WHICH AREAIMED AT MY TARGET AUDIENCE AS WELL AS OTHER POINTS OF SALES WHICH ADVERTISE MALE GROOMING PRODUCTS. IHAVE LOOKED AT TWO INDIVIDUAL POINTS OF SALES WHICH ARE OF CURRENT MALE GROOMING PRODUCTS AND I HAVEANALYSED THEM AS TO WHAT I WOULD KEEP OR SCRAP ABOUT THE POINTS OF SALES IF I WERE TO IMPROVE THEM ORMAKE A POINT OF SALE IN THIS ENVIRONMENT AND OF THESE BRANDS . THIS WILL HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND WHAT MYPOINT MUST ESSENTIALLY INCLUDE AND EXCLUDE TO BE A UNIQUE POINT OF SALE.Initial thoughts of Point of Sale…This point of sale clearly represents male grooming productsfrom the deodorant aspect. The products are placed in smallcardboard cases in brands and are displayed in groups ofsimilar colours among the products within the brands.The point of sale clearly shows assorted range of brandedproducts on sale. The point of sale also shows prices clearlyand what deals are on offer in a different colour (yellow). Thepoint of sale does not show any of the products to be betterthan any others (equality of all products) and the point of saleis at chest level so customers must draw themselves to seethe products and the products are not nesacarily in the face ofthe customer.Things I would Keep…• Matching colours of units and cardboard trays.• Easy to read price labels.• Easy to pick up products.• Large amount of products available at all times(extended stock behind in-front stock)Things I would Scrap…• Too many products on point seem to overwhelmcustomer.• Organization of products (could be in alphabeticalorder).• Gaps in point of sale not being replaced by morestock.Initial thoughts of Point of Sale…Once again, point displays many products atonce and displays wide range of products andbrands. There are many of one product at thetop of the point of sale representing an offerwithin the point. Hanging hooks on left of pictureto hold products are eye catching and easy touse as well as attracting customers to them.Point of sale does show empty boxes were unitshave not been replaced and point also showsproducts which are not among this specificcategory. Point of sale has good footfall and aswell as previous point of sale, it displays theproducts in brands and mens shaving productsonly.Things I would Keep…• Hanging decorations of products on side of shelves.• Clear recognition of what products are on offeramong the products.• Easy to read price labels.• Many products maintained by point so will not go outof stock of products easily.Things I would Scrap…• Products are facing all directions and not displayedwell.• Empty boxes representing sold out units.• Many price tags placed closely together may confusethe customer.• Random placement of products on point of sale.• Products are squashed in-between shelves so willnot be seen easily( (shelves have plastic cases whichhang over products sometimes covering up brandsdisplayed so looking from head height downwards,products are all layered and nothing nessacarilysticks out to the customers eyes.
  18. 18. Market ResearchLYNX have always used basic colours and themes in theirproducts. They are all Black with any other side colour. Thishas always been the LYNX theme for all LYNX products andpoints of sales. For my point of sale to be known to bedisplaying LYNX products to the customers, it must includethese basic elements which make LYNX products to be sowidely known. I will have to apply the simple yet effectivecolour combinations and shapes of the LYNX products to mypoint of sale so any passer by will be able to say… That’s aLYNX point of sale!LYNX have always been known for there wild and wacky advertisements andtheir contagious aromas to do with their placement in the anti-persparent anddeodorant industry, but now over time to the present day LYNX have expandedtheir products into almost all forms of male grooming! In in a way this is abenefit to me since it gives me more possibilities as to what my point of salecould potentially be based upon in the LYNX marketing industry and gives memore options for the design and placement for my point of sale… But there isone thing I should really remember. If I make my point of sale around LYNXdeodorant, these products are already very popular so it would be easy toappeal to my audience… And on the other hand, there are currently no points ofsales for new products recently introduced by LYNX so could that be anopportunity for me to introduce a point of sale to this section of the market?Besides some LYNX iconic slogans e.g, ‘Spray more, get more’ and ‘The LYNXeffect’ we can see that LYNX are always out to set you in the mind frame thatusing LYNX products will seriously turn your world upside down. After taking acloser look at the back of some products by the brand and reading through thewording, LYNX actually just use symbols and pictures to illustrate the commonLYNX themes. Also, all LYNX products on the market involve these two images…One of a man applying the product, and one of a man attracting endless femaleattention through the product. To make my point of sale simple yet effective, Icould just make my point of sale revolving around one of these themes of thebrand. That way, customers will remember the catchy parts of my point and thebrand and also customers will not be overwhelmed by my point of sale.Not only are LYNX completely unique in their advertising, but also theirpackaging ideas and casings of products. The most popular and commonlyknown is the ‘Twist top cap’ on all deodorant canisters sold by the brand. Thismethod of accessing the internal contents of the product is ideal, suitable andmakes unwanted leaking of the contents almost impossible! Since this packagingdesign is so unique from the brand, I thought that I could apply this to my pointof sale possibly. If I could create a point of sale which advertised the productthrough one of the products being advertised (e.g, advertising cans through alarger can) by applying what the LYNX products already include in terms offunctionality, I would then be creating an interactive point of sale directlyinvolved with the product on sale.In LYNX products, the common theme tends to be women and the magnitude of the attraction process if the customer usesLYNX products. Although, this part of the advertising of LYNX products is only shown through the T.V and Internet and whenI went out and took these pictures, there was no relation between what I had seen advertised before, and what I had seenphysically in the shops. If I want to make my point of sale something which is new to everyone and never seen before, Icould take both sides of LYNX advertising and combine them to make a point of sale which interactively displays ‘The LYNXEffect’. This has not been done yet so If I decide to do this in my point of sale it will be something bran new and willdefinitely appeal to my target audience since the reason LYNX customers by LYNX products in the first place… Is becausethey believe they LYNX effect could happen to them one day.FOR THIS FOLDER I HAVE ALREADY DONE A LITTLE PRIVATE RESEARCH ON MY BRAND AND THE ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES USED BYLYNX, BUT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH RESEARCH ON MY BRAND TO FULLY ALLOW ME TO CREATE AN EFFECTIVE POINT OF SALE ON LYNX. INTHIS RESEARCH I HAVE TAKEN A CLOSER LOOK AT LYNX REPRESENTAION TECHNIQUES IN SHOPS, HOW LYNX DISPLAY THEIR PRODUCTSIN SHOPS, ANY COMMON THEMES USED BY LYNX AND I HAVE ALSO TRIED TO TAKE A STEP BACK FROM JUST CONCENTRATTING ONLYNX POINTS OF SALES AND HAVE LOOKED INTO ACTUAL LYNX PRODUCTS AND WHAT MAKES THEM WHAT THEY ARE… THIS WILL GIVEME SOMETHING TO BASE MY POINT OF SALE AROUND TO MAKE IT REPRESENT LYNX FULLY. THIS RESEARCH WILL BE MY KEYSTONE TOHELP ME UNDERSTAND HOW TO MAKE MY POINT OF SALE REPRESENT LYNX BRANDING.
  19. 19. Competitive ProductsOne of the male grooming brands I could have picked initially to do mypoint of sale on was Old Spice. Like LYNX they are a very iconic brand withbasic colours and themes which always catches the customers eye. OldSpice will be one of the competitive products in my market because theyare quite similar to LYNX despite being aimed at an older target audience.Nivea for Men are another male grooming company currently in themarket and sell a wide range of products like LYNX do currently. BothLYNX and Nivea for Men sell products available to all of the malegrooming needs and uses. This company also use a common two colourtheme as LYNX do, they use silver and blue or white and blue.With companies always wanting to make their products known and purchased inthe male grooming industry, some ideas are normally copied or either used andchanged if the idea being used will boost the sales potential of the product. WithLYNX and their iconic twist cap design on their deodorant cans, other brands arestarting to develop other ideas or methods of using their products to rival LYNX’ssuccessful and popular idea.Points of Sales which are used in advertising among the male grooming brandsare always displayed by the T.V and there are no major points of sales in shopsadvertising their products. If I want to make my point of sale competitive I needto use the weaknesses of other male grooming products and look at gaps in themarket so once I place my point of sale in shops, it will be the most modern,eye catching and competitive point of sales seen by customers. The otherbrand shown in this picture is of SURE MEN . This brand aim their products atfar more older males than my LYNX point of sale will be targeting, this is finesince are target audiences will then not clash. The only thing which is a problemis that with both LYNX and SURE MEN always developing new versions andnew aspects of their products… This company could develop a product toosimilar to one of LYNX. This increases the competition among these brands onthe development of their products,.Another competitive brand out their in both products and advertising to LYNX is FishSOHO London. Fish concentrate mainly on hair styling products but with the sametarget audience as me (young males) as well as making products for young women, Fishare a strong competitor. They mainly use few colours in their designs and always havetheir products represented by people using them. My point of sale must show off aLYNX product in a way that makes LYNX products look better on the customer thanbrands like Fish who have the same target audience.For Competitive Products, I have looked at other brandedproducts in the male grooming department and lookedat how these products force strong competition oncurrent LYNX products. I have stepped aside of lookingat points of sales for this and concentrated on looking atthe products them selves. I need to know exactly whatother male grooming products look like in them selvesand how they compete with LYNX products so I can learnhow to apply this competition of the products into mypoint of sale and also make my point of sale relate to theLYNX industry. For my coursework I will not be creatinga LYNX product, only a Point of Sale for LYNX products…I can only do this correctly if I know my brands productsinside out and what frets other brands products pose toLYNX products so I can make my point of salecompetitive in its environment and around itssurrounding competitors.Through looking at competitive products and brands which I haveshown here, I now know what it is that makes their productscompetitive and what I need to do to make my point of salecompetitive in its environment around these brands. Key things toremember when I create my point of sale which I have learnt fromthis research are…• For my point of sale to be unique and competitive it should bebased on an already present idea from LYNX but should bemore in the customers face/eye level to keep customers andnot lose them to competitive brands.• My point of sale must combine LYNX advertising and whatmakes LYNX products what they are so that it can becompetitive and relate all aspects of LYNX branding together.
  20. 20. ACCESS FM of Secondary ProductsFOR ACCESS FM OF SECONDARY PRODUCTS I HAVE TURNED MY ATTENTION AWAY FROM JUST MALE GROOMING PRODUCTS ANDBRANDS AND I HAVE LOOKED AT POINTS OF SALES WHICH ARE AIMED AT MY TARGET AUDIENCE WHICH IS 12-18 YEAR OLD YOUNGMEN. I HAVE LOOKED AT WHAT MAKES THESE PRODUCTS COMPETITIVE AND ATTRACTIVE AND WHAT MAKES THEM A GOOD POINTOF SALE AS WELL AS HOW THEY ATTRACT MY TARGET AUDIENCE. BOTH THESE POINTS OF SALES ARE VERY SUCCESSFUL IN THEIRENVIRONMENT AND ARE GOOD EXAMPLES OF WHAT A GOOD POINT OF SALE SHOULD LOOK LIKE AND BE IF AIMED AT THISINDIVIDUAL TARGET AUDIENCE. I WILL USE WHAT I LEARN FROM THIS AND APPLY TO IT TO MY OWN POINT OF SALE TO MAKE IT ATARGETABLE POINT TO THE CUSTOMER AND MAKE IT A SUCCESSFUL POINT OF SALE IN ITS ENVIRONMENT.The above picture is of a laptop and computer point of sale. The point of sale isvery interactive and allows the customers to try the product before they but it.This is an example of a good point of sale aimed at my target audience.Aesthetics: Basic colours used (blue and white), screens on laptops are open andattractive and the point of sale is in the customers eyes at eye level. Point of sale iseasy to see and is attractive to the customer.Cost: The cost of this point of sale will be in the middle range at about £200 to £400.This is because the point of sale is displaying more expensive products than justthings like chocolate bars and the point of sale is taking a wide space up so thecompanies will pay this shop more to have more shelf size to advertise their products.Customer: The customer of this point of sale will be anyone wanting to purchase anew laptop, printer or hardware for their laptop. I think this point of sale is aimed atbusiness men and women because of the in depth breakdown of what the laptopdoes and how it will benefit these people but I have put the picture on here becausemany young guys buy computers and laptops frequently these days for things likework, university, college, gamin and social networking.Environment: This point of sale is in the shop Tesco and right near the cashier ascustomers walk by. This point of sale is placed well in its environment because peoplewill see the lap tops as they purchase products at the cashier but also people canwalk past and have a go on the products as they browse the shop.Size: The size of this point of sale is very wide covering 3 sets ofshelves, 4 vertical shelves showing products and the point of sale is ateyelevel. This means the point of sale is always seen by the customer.This size is good for the point of sale because there are many productsbeing advertised and shown at once so space is needed.Safety: This point of sale is away and at the side of the shop so is nota hazard as customers walk past. There are no sharp edges on thispoint and all products are placed on the point so that they do not fall offthreaten the safety of the products on display.Function: This point of sale is used so that customers can try out thelaptops and products. This gives the point of sale good functionality.The point of sale also represents clearly what each product does, whatit can be used for and how it can be used effectively. Although, thispoint of sale could possibly demonstrate the use of the cases on thebottom shelf and the printers since they are just boxed away and onthe lowest out of sight shelf.Materials: This point of sale uses steel shelves which have highresistance and good strength since there is a lot of weight being placedon the shelves. The point uses card and paper to represent prices anddeals. The point of sale also has holes in the back wall so that amountof shelves on the point can be altered at any given time.The picture below is of a point of sale by the companyNintendo. It is displaying the wide assortment of their gamesavailable for their console the Nintendo DS.Aesthetics: Point uses same colours as brand (White and Black)and is very tidy since all units are stacked in order and lookattractive.Cost: The cost of this point of sale will be far less than theprevious one since it is made up of 8 shelves made of budgetplastic materials and it takes up far less space than the other one.The price of this point of sale will be around £80 - £120.Customer: the customer of this product will be the lower band ofmy target audience and will be aimed at possibly 12-14 year olds.Environment: This point of sale is in the technology section of theshop Tesco’s and is placed along with other competitive brandedproducts in the gaming range such as PlayStation and Xbox.Size: The size of this point of sale is also far smaller than theother one. It only takes up about one 1.5 metres in width butthis point of sale is very tall. This is a benefit since this pointof sale has used its size to the advantage to spread out theproducts and have enough space to place them in categoriese.g, number 1 sold, most popular and chart.Safety: This point of sale is safe since it is at the side of thewalking space to the customers and the shelves are closelyplaced on the point that they will not scratch someone asthey walk past. The only problem with this point is that theproducts fall off easily and could possibly fall and either hit ayoung child who is looking at the products or fall and damagethe products. For this reason, the safety of this point of sale isnot that good.Function: This point of sale does not have much functionbesides showing an organised arrangement of products. Thispoint of sale would have been more function able if say thegames on sale were advertised on a T.V screen above thepoint of sale.Materials: This point of sale is made up of high impactpolypropylene and PMMA (acrylic). It uses white card to labelprices and the brand the products are from as well.
  21. 21. Mood BoardStand Out?
  22. 22. Customer ProfilingMY TARGET AUDIENCE ARE 12-18 YEAR OLD MALES. IN MY CUSTOMER PROFILING PIECE OF RESEARCH I HAVE ANALYSEDMY TARGET AUDIENCE IN MORE DEPTH AND LEARNT MORE ABOUT WHAT EXACTLY MY TARGET AUDIENCE AREINTERESTED IN AND LOOKING FOR IN POINTS OF SALES. I HAVE CONSTRUCTED A MOOD BOARD INCLUDING IMAGESWHICH SHOW A GENERAL VIEW OF LIKES AND THINGS FAVOURABLE BY MY TARGET AUDIENCE AND I HAVE ALSODISPLAYED OTHER ASPECTS WHICH MY TARGET AUDIENCE WILL SHOW. OVERALL, THIS HAS GIVEN ME A PROFILE OF MYCUSTOMER SO I KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO MAKE MY POINT OF SALE ATTRACT MY TARGET AUDIENCE, HOW TO MAKE MYPOINT OF SALE AIMED AT MY TARGET AUDIENCE AND WHAT EXACTLY IS IT THAT I NEED TO DO TO MAKE MY POINT OFSALE FULFIL ITS PURPOSE OF MAKING 12-18 YEAR OLDS WANT TO BUY THE CHOSEN LYNX PRODUCT WHICH ISREPRESENTED BY MY POINT OF SALE.My customers will beinterested in modernforms of gaming fromthe likes of Xbox, PS3and computers.My young malecustomers will beinterested in women ifthey will be purchasingoff of my point of sale,especially since my pointof sale is based on LYNXand there mainadvertising theme isabout men attractingwomen.My customers will beusing social networksregularly so I will try toadd a feature to my pointof sale whichMy customer will enjoysocialising and keepingup to date with life andwhats new. They willuse forms oftelecommunicationssuch as phones,BlackBerrys and email.My customer will beinterested in cars andvehicles, especiallysince the top band ofmy target age groupwill be starting to drive.My customer will beinterested in fast foodand snacks. They won’tnesacarily be able tocook yet so will beliving off thesemethods of quick foodwhen out and about.My customer will listento music regularly and beinterested in music.My customer will be inpart time education ateither school, 6th form,or college as well aspossibly owning a smalljob on the side e.g.Saturday job minimumwageMy customer will beinterested in drinkssuch as energy drinksand will be alwayshaving a buzz on at life.My customer will enjoypartying with friendsand living life loudgenerally.My customer will beinterested in differenttypes of activitiesincluding sport, music,art and drama. Outside education and parttime work they maytake part in enrichmentprogrammes likefootball, dancing ormusic lessons.My customer willalways like being outwith friends and tryingto make time to relaxand enjoy life awayfrom coursework andother forms of lifesstresses.As this chart shows, my customer will be interested inmany things and will be drawn to many possibilitieswhich my point of sale could potentially show. The idealcustomer wanting to purchase from my point of sale willbe someone around my own age and interested I thingswhich I am interested in. This is a advantage for me inthe customer profiling and its relation with how I will goacross making my point of sale directed at my targetaudience because basically, I am the same age and arepart of my target audience.Looking for bright colours amongthe dark themes of LYNX branding.Wanting to possibly test productby smell or appliance.CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS OF MY POINTShould be able to clearly differentiatebetween current points of sales andmy LYNX point of sale.Be able to clearly see advertisedproduct.My point of sale should beinteractive to the customer.
  24. 24. Further SpecificationMY FURTHER SPECIFICATION, A LIKE MY RESEARCH SUMMARY IS AN ANALYSIS OF WHAT I HAVE FOUND OUT THROUGHMY PRIMARY AND SECONDARY RESEARCH AND HOW IT WILL INFLUENCE MY POINT OF SALE. HERE I HAVE ANALYSEDWHAT MUST BE INCLUDED IN MY POINT OF SALE BECAUSE MY TARGET AUDIENCE HAVE SAID IT IS ESSENTIAL ANDNECESSARY TO BE INCLUDED IN A LYNX POINT OF SALE. MY FURTHER SPECIFICATION ALSO REPRESENTS AN OUTLINE OFWHAT MY POINT OF SALE WILL LOOK LIKE AND BE LIKE WHEN I EVENTUALLY FINNISH CREATING IT.My point of sale will be black in colour – Through my marketresearch I learnt that LYNX make all their products and points of salesblackMy point of sale will be able to hold at least 10 units on sale – In myKeep & Scrap I learnt that some points of sales do not display enoughunits so they are sold quickly and not re-stocked for other customers.My point of sale will be interactive to the customer – In the thirdquestion in my questionnaire which I asked to my target audience, themost common response was that my target audience think it isimportant that my point of sale is interactive.My point of sale will use its display of the product on sale and itsinteraction capabilities to be eye catching and attractive – In thefirst question I asked in my questionnaire, the most popular answers tothis question were Interaction capabilities and representation of theproduct.My point of sale will not overly display the product and give tomuch away about the product – In the fourth question I asked in myquestionnaire, my target audience never buy products advertised onpoints of sales on the first sight so there will be no point in using mypoint of sale to over display the product… It must be kept simple.My point of sale will be at chest height to the customer – In thesecond question I asked in my questionnaire, I learnt that the majorityof my target audience think LYNX points of sales should be at chestheight.My point of sale must be easily reached in its environment – In myEnvironmental Snapshot piece of research I looked at a malegrooming point of sale in its environment and the height of the productis what stands out to the customers walking past.My point of sale must be clearly visible in its environment – Inmy Environmental Snapshot research, I learnt that the points of salesrepresenting male grooming products were clearly visible to thecustomers.My point of sale will be made of cheapmaterials such as Cardboard and PMMA– I learnt in my research that points of salesare normally made of low cost materialsbecause so many of them are made.My point of sale will represent common themes representedby LYNX as well as slogans – LYNX advertise their products byusing certain phrases and images to attract customers. I will usethese themes in my own point of sale.My point of sale will be cheap in cost at about £50-£150– My research showed me that points of sales in thisindustry do not cost the shops much to buy.My point of sale will be aimed at 12-18 year old males –This group of people are my target audience so my point ofsale must be aimed at and for these people only.My point of sale will be sturdy, will not fall over and willbe safe in its environment and not a walking hazard – Inmy ACCESS FM of Secondary Products research I learnt thatthe best points of sales are safe and not a nuisance topassers by.My point of sale will allow the customer to test the groomingproduct on display – Through my customer profiling piece ofresearch I learnt that the younger sector of my target audiencewill be wanting to test the products before purchasing.My point of sale should relate to social networks eitherthrough QR codes or website links – In my CustomerProfiling research I learnt that my customers will be usingsocial networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter so mypoint of sale should work with the whole networkingexperience.My point of sale will be sustainable in its environmentand we be easily recycled – My point of sale will be cheapand will have to be a sustainable point of sale to work well inits environment as well as for the environment.My point of sale will be constructed of simple joining methods such asnuts and bolts or Super Glue – My point of sale must be made of cheapmaterials as well as be easily set up by shop owners who are using it so usingsimple joining methods will benefit the user.
  25. 25. 02: Development of Design ProposalComprehensive, Imaginative and feasible ideas. Excellent development of asophisticated/elegant solution achieved by exploring and experimenting with differentproportions, material combinations and the functions of materials , methods of production,construction and modelling. Full explanation of all decisions made. Comprehensive anddetailed plan of making, including relevant quality control checks, in order to achieve a highquality outcome in the stated time. 50 design ideas 3 developments of ideas (incorporating sketching, 3d rendering,sketch models, material swatches, mass manufacturingtechniques, construction techniques, construction and safety). Final design & decisions Cutting list Working drawing Flow chart with qc and qa
  26. 26. 50 Design Ideas
  27. 27. 20 Improvements of Design Ideas
  28. 28. 20 Improvements of Design Ideas
  29. 29. 20 Improvements of Design Ideas
  30. 30. 3 Design Concepts
  31. 31. 3 Design Concepts
  32. 32. 3 Design Concepts
  33. 33. 3 Design Concepts
  34. 34. 3 Design Concepts
  35. 35. 3 Design Concepts
  36. 36. 3 Design Concepts
  37. 37. 3 Design Concepts
  38. 38. 3 Design Concepts
  39. 39. Chosen Concept Development ProcessAttributes to be Developed Materials Construction Manufacture Usability Aesthetics Components
  40. 40. Chosen Concept DevelopmentHere is the design I have chosen to develop and eventually create for my point ofsale in the style of LYNX. I will develop it concentrating on one section at a time toensure I cover all aspects of my design. First of which, the top/lid.Firstly, I looked at White Oak as a possible material for the lid of mydesign and how easy it is to work with in the workshop if I were to use it inmy design. I found that the Oak does not hold layers of paint very as wellas the fact that paint hides the attractive grain on the oak so painting it isnot ideal.Besides that I found that it can be worked with to a good level (whensanding, chiselling and drilling) but I am not to sure whether this materialwould be suitable for my design when looking at sustainability andmodern looking designs since wood is very retro and old fashioned.…Using a small section of Oak wood, Ilook into manufacturing this material,first of which applying paint…I painted a section of the wood black incolour since the lid of my point will beblack. The paint aesthetic did not look togood since the wood grain could still beseen even after more paint layers areadded and the paint was easily rubbedoff by just working with the material.I rounded off the edges ofthe sample wood with asand belt machine. Thiswas to test how easy it isto work with. It waseasily sanded and gave anice smooth finish.I then tried applying thelettering of the ‘TWIST’wording on to it using ahammer and chisel. Itwas easy to carve in theletter ‘T’ and it gave anattractive finish.I also tried drillingthrough it and again, itworks well with theseways of manufacturing.I then painted the‘T’ with a greenpaint and brushedthe edges andsurface with a clothto remove anyexcess paint applied.
  41. 41. Chosen Concept DevelopmentBoth of these joints are good ways ofjoining woods so if I use an oak topand poles they will be effective in theconstruction process. I did find thatfrom a model perspective the doweljoint would work better since thehead of the screw does not go flushon the butt joint and gives a pooraesthetic.After looking at White Oak as amaterial and how it would be jointtogether if I were to use it in my design,it came to my attention that thismaterial was becoming far less likely tobe used in my design… I wouldn’t beable to paint it black, it would not lookmodern and the customer would have togo to a lot of effort to set up the point ofsale using these joints.Will White Oak wood be a goodmaterial to use as the top of mydesign?After this process of trying out White Oak throughmanufacture I have decided that I have tested it, butit is not the right material I should use in my design. Ineed to look at more modern materials so now afterlooking at my concept I am going back to thedrawing board and going to try out acrylic plastic.White Oak Wood is a great material and proved itself when I testedit but there were more down falls than positives with this material. Itcosts a lot especially since I will need a large sheet of it if I used itfor the lid, it is quite heavy and my design needs to be quite lightand modern and the wood makes my design look like somethingfrom the middle ages which is NOT the style I am looking for!
  42. 42. Chosen Concept DevelopmentAcrylic Plastic Sheet seems to be themost ideal material for my designs lid.Here I have looked into it as amaterial and how it copes with workand manufacture and how I will solveproblems with the material If I comeacross any… Acrylic has poor scratchand shatter resistance so I havelooked at how to solve these issues aswell.
  43. 43. Chosen Concept DevelopmentI am definitely using acrylic sheet plastic for the lidnow, so here I begin to look again at the lid of mydesign in my original concept and start developing it.My original design here from myconcept would be made of acrylicand with possible vinyl lettering…Here I have kept the same design butmade the design to include not one butthree layers of acrylic since I am nowaware of the easy fracturing of Acrylic, thiswill hopefully add stability to the lid.Clear AcrylicBlack Acrylic (With cut out lettering)Green AcrylicI then decided to add drill holes through eachlayer of the acrylic at the same width to allowthe poles to be slotted through later.Using aluminium squares or acrylic squares I will place in-betweeneach layer to make the design more modern and give a smoothaesthetic.After all these steps the lid of my design willhopefully look like this. I wanted to developthe lid to make it more sustainable andmore modern looking… here I have fulfilledthat.
  44. 44. Chosen Concept DevelopmentManufacturing the Lid…To cut out the plastic sheets, all three of them (Black,Green and Transparent acrylic) they need to all be thesame size. They could be cut out using hand tools or alaser cutter…I’ve already experiencedpreviously with my Acrylicresearch that it snaps easily whenbeing worked with manually sothis may not be the best way towork with it.58cm30cmTechSoft 2D Design TemplateHere I have created atemplate I would use foreach cutting of acrylic sheetin the process using CAM.I will then use wet and dry paper to scrapeon the edges of the acrylic firstly with nowater, then with water to rid of any lines onthe edges and to make the acrylic look andfeel nice to the user.
  45. 45. Chosen Concept DevelopmentFor the separators of the layers of acrylic I have looked into the material aluminium. Thismaterial has average strength to weight capacitys but it looks amazing once polished.I’ve decided I will need 8 aluminium separators. 4between one layer and another 4 between thenext layer. This will space out the layers and alsoreinforce the acrylic stopping it from snapping aseasy.I will cut the separators out of aluminium sheet at about5mm thick with a jigsaw. I will coat the jigsaw with tapeunderneath to prevent scratching to the surface of thealuminium from the bottom of the saw. Each cut squarewill be 3cm by 3cm.Once the separators have been cut, I willdrill an equal sized hole through eachpiece to allow the poles to join everythingtogether. The holes will be made with adrill bit which has a diamond coated tip sothat it can pierce the metal easily.1.8cmEach hole will be made 1.8cm wide sothat a wide enough and strong enoughpole can fit through the lid to support itand its weight.I will then finish off the separators bypolishing them with a mop drillattachment or metal polish and a cloth.This will give the aluminium a smoothattractive aesthetic.When it comes to joining the aluminiumsquares to the acrylic sheets of my lid, Icould use two adhesives… Epoxy Resinssuch as JB Weld or Hot glue.Hot glue is good but the change intemperature of aluminium will not keep goodcontact with this adhesive, so I have decidedI will use an epoxy resin. This will also give aclear and almost invisible joint.After I have attached it all with the resin, I will hold itall in place using G clamps at each corner for acouple of hours until the resin has set completely.
  46. 46. Chosen Concept DevelopmentNow I have looked at the lid of mydesign, the manufacture process,materials and construction featuresneeded, I now look towards how I willapply the text to the top of the lid.I originally decided that the text will be cut out of theblack acrylic layer using the laser cutter. I have keptthis idea but now looked at the font of the writing, thecolour and adding another layer of text to what I willalready cut out.Three possible font ideas which replicate theoriginal ‘TWIST’ text on the LYNX ‘TWIST’ rangewhich I could use. ‘Raavi’, ‘Arial’ and ‘EstrangeloEdessa’. Each of which look very similar to theoriginal text, but out of the three I have pickedEstrangelo Edessa. It looks most like the originaltext.(Raavi)(Arial)(Estrangelo Edessa)I decided I would use the laser cutter to addthe text on to the green acrylic because Iwill already be using a laser cutter to cutthe acrylic into equal sizes so it wouldmake the manufacturing process muchshorter.Above is the plan of the black acrylic sheet with the lettering in redsince the programme will know to cut these sections out on thelaser cutter.Above is the plan of the green acrylic sheet which will have thelettering slightly smaller but will be engraved so it can be seenthrough the gaps in the sheet above. As can be seen, the writingis coloured Orange here so when I use the laser cutter, themachine will know to engrave this part and not cut it out.
  47. 47. Chosen Concept DevelopmentNow I have touched on the lid of my design andall components of it which I need to consider, Inow look to the poles of my concept which willsupport the lid.When I develop the poles of the lid of my design, Imay alter the lid since changes may be made sothat as a whole the components work bettertogether.
  48. 48. Here I look to the materials I couldpossibly use in my design as the poleswhich hold the lid. I look into Aluminiumand Stainless Steel.Both of these materials have a greataesthetic when polished andworked with.They are strong and durable materials.They both have good chemicalresistance, resistance toscratches, marks and oxidation.Aluminium has a far better strength toweight ratio than stainless steel.Aluminium Is cheaper and lighter.Aluminium can be recycledSteel is stronger and more dense.Stainless steel does not oxidise asfast as aluminium.Stainless steel cannot be joined toacrylic or aluminium as easily asaluminium can be.Chosen Concept DevelopmentSteel cannot be cut or workedwith as easily as aluminium canbe.Steel cannot be fused aseasily as aluminium can beto other materials.Steel can be used toreinforce materials forextra strength andrigidity.Here I have created a board of pro’s andcon’s between the two materials if I were touse them In my design. After carefullyconsidering the features of the materialswhich will affect my design, I have come tothe conclusion that the most ideal materialthe poles should be made out of aluminium.This material is cheap, easy to work with,durable and once finished, will lookaesthetically pleasing in my modern point ofsale design.
  49. 49. Chosen Concept DevelopmentThe poles must be at least 1.8cm wide at a maximum. Obviously itcan be smaller by a few millimetres since it can be a tight fit butthere must be room for the adhesive/joining method.Now I have chosen to use aluminiumpoles in my design, I look into how I willjoin them to the lid of my design.I have also decided that not onlymust the aluminium poles be atleast 1.8cm thick, but they mustalso have an inner ring depth of atleast a further 4mm so the joinwill be strong enough to hold thelid and the poles will be strongenough to withstand the weight ofthe lid.I’ve also decided that the polesneed to be at least 50cm longbecause they will be goingthrough all layers of the lid andthe base for extra stability.I have looked into MIG Welding and joining the aluminiumpoles to the aluminium separators I mentioned earlier. Thismethod would fuse both parts of aluminium and wouldcreate an incredibly strong bond.This would also be a good way of joining thepoles to the lid since the acrylic sheets will bestuck with an adhesive to the separators soall in all, the lid would securely sit in thealuminium poles.50cm
  50. 50. Chosen Concept DevelopmentErgonomics &Anthropometrics≤50cmHere I have looked at the lid of my design and thecorresponding poles and how it relates to the customerwhen they would use it and see it in its environment.As can be seen here, I have put the lid and poles on topof a box just to show how it would sit in a shop and in itsenvironment. When I make the base of the design it willsit on top of a desk or box anyway for increased height.As can be seen, the point will be at waist level so the customer can see theunique writing on top of the lid. Also, this is so that the customer canaccess the products with their hands and interact with the point of saleunder the lid once I have developed this part of my design.Ergonomics of my design are important for making thedesign work well with my target audience. I need toconsider how the customer will work with and interact withmy point of sale as well as how easy my point of sale is tounderstand, use and interact with.
  51. 51. Lid/Poles after 1st Stage DevelopmentClear AcrylicBlack AcrylicGreen AcrylicAluminium PolesSmooth edgesand sidesAluminium hoops on topof final layer of acrylicBottom hoops welded to poles(via MIG fused joint)Acrylic joined to separatorsurface with JB weldLaser cut letters on Blackacrylic layer and Engravedletters on Green acrylic layer.≤50cmThis is an up to date render ofwhat my design would look likenow I have developed it. It willlook a lot more aestheticallypleasing once I create it since Icannot display all the intricatefeatures of its design using thisform of CAM.
  52. 52. 1st Specification CheckpointAestheticsMy point of sale needs to look like the brand LYNX so customers know the point of sale is advertising LYNX. The styleof the point of sale should represent my chosen brand and all figures, finishes and colours must relate to the brand aswell as the product on sale. My point of sale must also be attractive through its aesthetics and catch the attention ofcustomers who walk past.CostThe cost of my point of sale will be determined by the materials used, the manufacture process and the quality of theproduct. My point of sale must also be sustainable in its environment and last long. My point of sale will have a pricetag at about £50 to £150, this is an estimate though so the price may be higher or lower depending on what materials Iwill use and the other aspects of the manufacturing process. My point of sale must also portray the price of the producton the point of sale in an effective and easily seen way like in opposite colours to the main colours of the point of sale.CustomerMy point of sale will be aimed at male customers in the age range of 12 to 18 years old. LYNX products are aimed atmale teens so my point of sale must relate directly to this target audience. I must also take into account the fact thatwhen I try to make my point of sale interactive (Ergonomics and Anthropometrics of the point of sale) It must becomfortable to use and work well with the customer.EnvironmentMy point of sale must suit the environment it is placed in but more importantly it must stand out amongst other points ofsales and products. My point of sale must also have good stability in its environment and will last long once placed inits environment. Finally, my point of sale must not be an obstacle to people walking past or trying to purchase theproduct.SizeMy point of sale must be of an acceptable size depending on where it is placed in shops. The point of sale must have afootfall and be large enough to hold a number of the products being advertised for example… 15 to 30 units. My pointof sale must also be at eye level and be visible to all ages of customers which will be included in my target market. Inthe size of my point of sale I must also take into account the fact that the size of my point of sale will also judge the costof it. The more units it holds, the more expensive it will be as well so I must make sure it isn’t going to cost too much tomake especially if its going to be potentially larger than other points of sales.SafetyTo ensure my point of sale is safe to all users and customers it must include some essential things. My point of salemust not have any sharp edges other wise people might damage themselves on the point of sale. The point of salemust tightly secure the products being advertised so they do not fall off the point of sale and be damaged. The point ofsale must also secure the product so that there is no chance of theft.FunctionMy point of sale’s main function Is obvious… to sell and advertise the product and my chosen brand. My point of salemust also be attractive to pull customers to the product being advertised and the point of sale itself. In the production ofmy point of sale I will also try to include some sought of interactive aspect to my point of sale as well so then the pointof sale will be more interesting and stand out among other points of sales… Especially if my point of sale can do this byengaging in the customers interests.MaterialsMy point of sale will use low cost materials because this way the point of sale will be cheaper and will eventually suitmy chosen brand better. The joining methods I use in my point of sale will also be low cost methods to reduce theoverall price of the point of sale. The manufacturing process my point of sale will be made on will be of low cost as wellbecause there will be many in all ranges of shops so having an expensive point of sale will only lower the amount ofpoints of sales which will be produced. Finally, my point of sale must be made of suitable materials and joints but alsomaterials and joints which are acceptable in terms of the price my point of sale will cost me. The materials and joiningmethods can’t be expensive if the point of sale will be mass produced and used in many shops.Initial SpecificationOn my developed design so far, I have made it representLYNX ‘Twist’ range and it is obviously displaying LYNXproducts. Through aesthetics I just need to make sure I lookat finishes and colours through my further development tocontinue to make it look like LYNX.I have looked already at costs of materials and how this affectsthe point of sales manufacture process. I need to now look atthe pricing of my point of sale in total AFTER manufacture anddevelopment and look into how I will display the price of theproduct on the point.I have looked at Ergonomics and Anthropometrics of my design sofar (The Lid and Poles) so I could continue doing this but for otheraspects of my design when I move onto developing other aspectsof the design. Importantly, I do need to remember who my point ofsale is aimed at since I need to make my point of sale unique to mytarget audience.I have already looked at what materials will be best suitedfor the point of sale in the environment and how its sizeand interesting layering of the lid will make it stand out. Ijust need to make sure my point of sale isn’t so big that it isan obstacle in its environment.I have looked at measurements of the different parts of my point ofsale so I now have an idea of how big my point of sale will be. I havedecided I will not give my point of sale a foot fall and I want to makemy point of sale large enough to hold other products. This willincrease the practicality of the point as well as the function throughits size.I have looked at safety already on the lid of my design, I havemade sure it has no sharp edges and that the lid is connectedsecurely to the poles of my design. When I continue developingmy design in terms of safety in particularly, I will now look at howmy point of sale will hold the products securely it will sell.The function part of my design is the part I will concentrateon next. I haven’t touched on much function so far so thiswill be what I will focus on in the next development stage.Functions will include holding the product, advertising theproduct and interacting to the customer.Ive considered all aspects of the materials section for my firstdevelopment stage. I have also looked at costs of materials, joiningmethods of materials and the cost of materials in relation to themanufacture process of my point of sale. All I can do now is continuedoing my development process with this careful consideration towardsthe materials I look into and use.
  53. 53. Now I am going to start my secondstage of development. For this part I amgoing to look at the functionality of mypoint of sale in its design and the middlepart of it. This is the part I have madewhich will interact with the customer,hold the products and generally makethe point of sale interesting to look atand use.Here I have made a draw up of what the middle sectionlooks like so far just at a bare minimum of components. Iwill look at each part of this and develop it all one part at atime.
  54. 54. My original idea for the interactive part of my design was based around thefamily games when pieces of plastic would be moved to allow small balls to fallthrough holes. Also inspiration was taken from classic pinball machines andoriginal wood and metallic ball games. I am going to develop this part of mydesign to be like these family and interactive games.Initial ThoughtsI first look into acrylic (PMMA) tubes. I have foundout that I need a tube of about 40cm in length andpossibly with a 10cm diameter so that it can fit onthe base and just sit underneath the lid of my designwhilst centred in the middle of the base.40cm10cmThe inner tube will beabout 0.5cm so I can placethe components inside it.After I have got the tube of PMMA I will manufactureit to the size I need using a ban saw. Using a ruler Iwill measure the correct amount of tubing I need andstart to smooth the edges using wet and dry paper.I have decided to pick acrylic because it is theeasiest material to cut in my design and its alsovery cheap to order in. When it comes to stabilityit also holds other weights well and will be idealfor the function part of my design.
  55. 55. Now I have decided on what material I will use as the tube, I went acrossmaking a model of this part of my design as well as how It would work. Iused my initial idea of moving panels which allow balls to fall through holesto be collected by customers to test the fragrance/product. The model is notto scale but the principles of how it works and what components it uses arethe same as they will be in my final design.Cutting components out offoam encapsulated card.Putting thepiecestogether.Finished design…Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  56. 56. As shown in the video above, the paddles work quite well, the onlything which lets it down is that they do not move as freely in thismodel when compared with how they will when I make the realones out of acrylic plastic. The customer simply moves the paddlesfrom left to right to lower the balls through the levels (I am onlyplacing them through the top and not through the lip currently as ademonstration of how the paddles work in there entirety).Interaction Video
  57. 57. My design looked and worked just how I imaginedit would, the only thing was, I had to now look intosome problems I had encountered as well as someimprovements I would make to the initial design.When I looked at how I would install thepaddles on my design I came across twodifferent ways of putting them on. The firstwas inserting the circle plate then attachingthe handle on and the second idea wasinserting a paddle with a pre-joint handle on.After testing both ideas I found that it wasmuch easier to insert a paddle with a pre-joint handle on into the tube than try andjoin my own one on whilst keeping thecircle from falling to the bottom of the tube.I decided my second idea was best whentrying the paddles in my design and Iwill benefit when I make my final designdoing it this way since it would be easierto make and increase its ease of use tothe customer testing it.Something else I came across whenmaking the design was the fact thatwhen I put in the paddles, theywouldn’t keep straight and wouldnot be aligned…I tried to look outside the box to solvethis problem since in my original ideathe circles had no paddle handles andwould be part of the tube and inside itat the same time.I then came up with the idea ofusing a pole the same diameteras the hole in the paddles to fitthrough them all which wouldalign them and keep them place.I decided that, like the poles supporting the lid of mydesign, this pole would be made up of aluminium andshall be polished to finish it. It will be wide enough tokeep the pieces in place, and not so small that thepieces cannot be turned.Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  58. 58. In my model of this part of my design I hadmade it for small balls to be placed in it and laterI will be talking of the balls themselves and howI will make them, but I did realise here that Ineeded a method of getting them inside thetubes cavity sections…I came up with making a ‘lip’ for the centre front of the top of thecylinder which would have a hole behind it allowing the balls tobe able to be gravity fed through.To make this part on my final design I would laser cut out theshape shown in the picture above and then strip heat it at boththe shown lines so it becomes three dimensional. Then afterfiling and maintenance I would just need to apply it whereneeded using an adhesive such as tensol cement.As for the slots in the tube where the paddles willbe placed, I found the most efficient and easiestway of cutting these out was by a saw, inparticular the bansaw again.I will mark each slotout using a pen orpencil as guidelines forthe cutting process.Like work with acrylic I havealready done, before placing inthe paddles I will smooth theslots with a file and wet & drypaper.Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  59. 59. After looking back over my original concept, my model and my sketchesof what I think it will look like, I have come to the decision that theamount of paddles and equally amount of slots in the tube will be 4. Thisleaves enough equal room between the levels to allow the balls to movearound on as well as give enough space for me to make a hoppermechanism at the top to store the balls and an exit method at the bottomto receive the balls.I have also decided that withinthe four paddles they will havedifferent designs on to make theactivity part more interestingwhen allowing the balls to fallthrough…In terms of the designs of the paddles,they may change once I try out again all ofthis developing. If I do change the paddlesit will only be changed for developmentprocess’s only and the purpose of trying tomake my design work better.Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  60. 60. Here is an up to date drawing of what the tube part ofmy design will look like now after these developmentstages. I now look into making a hopper to hold the ballsfor the top chamber of the tube on the next slide.I have made a few minor changeslike adding three holes in thebottom of the tube to allow the ballsto be collected by the customer.Now I have looked at all thesethings in this development stage, Ilook to the last thing I must considerin the function of my point of sale…How the balls will be thread throughto the tube from the top of the tube.I now look into certain deviceslike gravity fed hoppers onpaintball guns and the injectionmoulder as inspiration as to howI will go across making my own.Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  61. 61. When making the hopper and possibly the hardest part ofmy design to make and build, I had to look into how hopperswork, how gravity effects them and how I can create myown designed one and have it working in my point of sale.For this, I started to sketch and brainstorm some ideas…This is the hopper mechanism Icame up with and is the one Iwill use in my design. I nowlook to how I will make it as wellas how I will make it work…Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  62. 62. I first create the three parts in my design outof cardboard to test this idea. One paddlewith a handle and holes in it and one paddlewith a slot in it as well as the piece from thegap in the circle as the button.In the final design these will also be made upof acrylic plastic like the rest of the tube andthe dimensions will be the same as the otherpaddles. The holes will still be about 2.5cm’sin diameter but the model I have built is notto scale so will look slightly smaller.After looking at how the parts will fit together and workI realised that like the other paddles, the handle willonly rotate 90° clockwise and anti-clockwise so if ballswere sitting in the other 3 holes, they would not beable to be retrieved. I then decided it will only have 5holes positioned like the above on the paddle.As for the second paddle underneath this one, it will have a button which slots into it alsomade of acrylic and I will use a small spring to add tension so when someone presss thebutton on the side lining the holes up on both paddles to release the balls held in the holes,the button will be spring readied to be put back. I will try to attach a small acrylic block orscrew on the bottom of the button to stop it from being removed or falling out of the tube.As can be seen hereon the left is a quickbuild of what it shouldlook like and how itshould work. The onlything that is missing isthe spring for theswitch/button and theaddition of somethingwhich will attach tothe switch to stop itfrom falling outsidethe tube.Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  63. 63. Step 1: Insert balls into lip of tube at fronton edge.Step 2: Move top paddle left and right at 90°to get balls to sit in inlays in paddle.Step 3: Once moving paddles to align ballsto hole in button, push button to allow ballsto fall through then let go of the switch.Step 4: Now continue to try and get the ballsto the bottom of the tube using theremaining 3 paddles.Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  64. 64. Here I have created a model using CAM of thehopper in the tube like the original cardmodel I made, although this one is moredetailed and easier to understand.As can be shown as I have already talked about, this slot in theacrylic tube will be slightly larger than the other slots since itcontains more sheets of acrylic, possibly 6 sheets. 5 stuck togetherto make the bottom platform and button, and one for the top paddle.The top paddle has thesame diameter as the tubescavity, but the larger one Iwill make underneath hasthe same diameter as thefull width of the tube since itsits on the edge of the cutbut then once in has thesame diameter as the pieceabove it. The bottom piecewill be fixed and I will join itto the cut in the tube withtensol cement.All of the pieces shown (ingreen, yellow and red) are tobe cut by the laser cuttersince the cuts will be moreaccurate this way. Also, itcannot be seen here butwere the red switch is, therewill be a spring behind itconnected to the cut of thesame disc of acrylic addingtension to the push of thebutton by the customer. I willalso try to make the switchremain inside the tubes cavityby attaching a piece of acrylicto the bottom of the button orby inserting a screw into it.Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  65. 65. Now the tube part of my design is complete, I look to the finalpart of the function side of my development. The game I havemade which will enable the customer to test the products onsale as well as interact with the point of sale uses gravity andmoving paddles to allow balls to fall through the paddles toallow the customer to retrieve the balls. Here I look at how I willmake the balls and how they will also be interactive to thecustomer.I will make 25 balls to be held in the hopper ofthe tube. Each ball with give the customer amessage or ‘fortune’ a lot like a fortune cookiecorresponding to a certain event which mighthappen to them that night.This completes the whole idea of the ‘LYNXEffect’ into my very own point of sale.Each ball must have a 2.5cm diameter so it can fallthrough the gaps in the paddles. I came across 2materials which I considered making the balls outof… Cedar and White Oak, both of these woodshold moisture well so would hold the smell of theproduct I’m doing effectively to allow the customerto test it.Using wood is a great idea for my point ofsale, the problem is that this material is tooexpensive and would be more likely to be ina Hackett point of sale, not a LYNX onesince they are a more budget company. Forthese reasons I look towards other methodsof making the balls…My point of sale so far uses very cheap, easy to work with and reliable materials, to keep thistrend I shouldn’t use woods and should keep to materials such as acrylic sheet. I had anotheridea to make the balls by vacuum forming semi-circles out of two different sheets of acrylicthen joining them together with a slip of paper inside which will tell the customer somethingwhich could happen to them and the slip of paper will smell like LYNX Twist.I will make the mould out of MDF and useit for both halves of the balls but with twodifferent coloured sheets of acrylic. Blackand green.I will make the two ball halves click together likeballs containing toys from vending machinesand gum ball machines. This way the content issecured once the ball is being dropped down thelayers in the tube ready to be available to thecustomer.Inside the balls there will be messages aswell as the address to the LYNX website sothe customer can be led there. The messagewill also smell of the Twist fragrance so thecustomer can test the fragrance.Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  66. 66. Inside the balls, there will be messagestrying to incorporate the idea of the ‘LYNXEffect’ to the customer. They will say someridiculous things but this adds an aspect offun and enabling something to determineyour dating life as a gimmick.I will use this design for the slips of paper inthe balls and I will print the messages on theback of this paper.www.Lynxeffect.comScary movie tonight, don’t hidebehind her!Without this fragrance, your notgoing to get with her…Her Dad’s coming for dinner tonight,be prepared to act smart casual!Be sure to grab some deodorant on theway out… No girl is going to want toput their hand round that!The above are four examples of messageswhich will be included in the balls for mydesign. Each message will not only saysomething telling the customer about apossible experience, but will also smell ofLYNX Twist. To do this I will spray the piecesof paper with LYNX Twist deodorant.As for my point of sale to hold the products in theLYNX ‘Twist’ range, I initially was going to make ithold the deodorant spray, but now I have decided thatI will make it hold the deodorant and the shower gelfrom the same product line. So here I look at how mypoint of sale will hold the products it is displaying onsale.My initial method of holding the cans was ontwo steps made of possibly acrylic sheetstacked and reinforced with aluminium poles asshown in this 3D rendering of my originalconcept.I changed it to two vacuumformed moulds of the same shapeI will cut out of MDF. I will vacuumform both of these shapes out ofAcrylic sheet and there will be acavity in both moulds to allow theproducts to sit firmly inside thegaps.As for the new shape of the productholders, they are now much thinnerand closer to the base as well asrounded and closed around the tubepart. This gives it a more modernand slick feel and aesthetic which iswhat I wanted to get in my point ofsale.I made this decision because I have already been using stackedacrylic for the lid and the whole tube function is made of acrylic... Iwanted to make a part of the design which stands out to advertise theproduct as well as display it in a way which makes the customer try itand test the game part in the tube.Now I have developed the function side of mydesign including the tube, balls and productholders, I carry out another specification check andup to date design of what it looks like after thedevelopment stages.Chosen Concept Development (Stage 2)
  67. 67. Function parts after development stage 2( Tube, Hopper and Product Holders)10cm40cm8cm8cm8cm8cm20cm20cm8cmThis is the next up to date 3D render ofmy development stage 2. It shows thetube, hopper and product holders as theywill look like in the final design. I havetried to keep the measurements accurateand similar to my developed lid and myoriginal concept of this idea so when Icome to my final design after all mydevelopment, it will all fit together andmake sense.Vacuum formed productholders out of greenacrylic.Hopper inside tube. Tubeis also cut in half herelength ways to showinterior of paddles andmechanism.10cm