Grand theft auto 5 and fifa14 report unit14 pr2


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Grand theft auto 5 and fifa14 report unit14 pr2

  1. 1. and A report on two games I have enjoyed playing By Ben Comley-Excell
  2. 2. Visual Style • • The game is set in Los Santos which is based on places in southern California in the USA. The terrain includes desert areas, water (including underwater), the sky (during flying sequences), mountainous areas, forested areas and urban areas which are very detailed. Some buildings are able to be entered and this is also shown in great detail. • Architecture includes skyscrapers, houses, shops, banks, “gentlemen's clubs” and roads over bridges etc. These vary between the poorer areas of the map to the richer areas of the map. • Objects include a variety of vehicles, weapons, lamp-posts, signs, money, newspapers boxes , drinks, food and clothing. As a player you have a lot of choice about what objects you can use. Characters Michael is a highly successful bank robber who retired and went into FIB witness protection with a sweet deal. Franklin works for Simeon Yetarian, an Armenian luxury car dealer, and does repossession when customers can't pay. and Trevor This ex-military pilot in his early forties lives in a trailer in the desert. Trevor is a crazy drug-abuser who is the main character for flying planes or helicopters. Non-playing characters. There is a lot of non-playable characters through the storymode which have their own influence on the gameplay. NPC feedback. The NPC’s react to the way you play the game for example if you attack a pedestrian in gameplay you will have the police to deal with. • • •
  3. 3. Interface • This is a 3D game where the character you play is in the third person. • context-sensitive; the weather changes, the surroundings change depending on where you are in the map i.e. desert or city. • cut- scenes before each mission and at the end of the mission are full motion video.
  4. 4. Gameplay • • • • • • • • • • The goals are different in each mission. You play by your own rules really, you can drive properly by stopping at the lights and on the right side of the road or you can just drive like a maniac and crash into things and not follow any road signs and stuff. If you are a beginner at the game you might struggle driving or shooting but if you are used to playing the game it is quite easy. In the online missions you get to choose the difficulty but in the main story it is set at one difficulty. It depends on what you do in the mission as to what you find difficult. There is more gameplay than full motion video in the game; the balance between them is about 80% gameplay and 20% full motion video. The full motion videos are there to keep you aware of what is happening but if you skip them you might not know what is going on; it gives you a better idea of what to do. When you complete missions you get money and the further you get into the game the more weapons and shops are unlocked. The story follows three main characters with lots of missions and things to do within the story. The sounds are relevant to what the game is; cars sound like cars and changes when you go through a tunnel or go faster, gunfire sounds like real gunfire. Each radio sounds different with different styles of music. At the end of the levels there is a display of what percentage you completed and a medal (bronze, silver or gold) and each level normally a few challenges like getting 10 headshots completed in a certain time. It also shows how much money you earned. The control is responsive ;when you push up to walk it walks, when you press to fire it fires. The online version can lag sometimes.
  5. 5. Audience • This is a violent game aimed at young adults to early thirties. The game is rated 18 because of the content. Younger gamers can still get access to the game because their parents may buy it for them. • More males than females may play this game but females can play it if they want to. On the online one you can have a female character if you want. • This game appeals to both hard-core and casual players. • Males will want to play more first person shooters, Grand Theft Auto or FIFA. Female users might prefer strategy games, fitness games or dance games. • There is a big gaming community called Rock Star Social Club. You and your friends can form gangs and see news about new things coming to the game like add-ons.
  6. 6. Game Genre • Third person, open world with a mixture of shooting and driving. • Action, adventure, simulation, role-play and a small amount of sports.
  7. 7. Visual Style • Based on a football pitch, the architecture is the football stadium and the objects are the ball, the players and the nets. • There are over a hundred football teams and their squads of players. Most of the well known players look like the real thing. • The referees, linesmen and fourth official are non playing characters. If you foul someone the referee will blow his whistle and point. The linesman will point his flag for throw-in or off-side. The fourth official will hold up a board for subs or stoppage time.
  8. 8. Interface • The games interface is 2d • We play the game in third person using different players. The game sort of scrolls from left to right depending on what part of the pitch you are in. It is as if you are watching the game on T.V. It is sort of a birdseye view but angled differently as if from the view of cameras viewing the match. • A system of menus have to be gone through to setup your team, decide on rules (remove offside, handball, cards), duration (up to 20 minutes a half but normally played on 6 minutes), point-of-view of the cameras. Once this is done you can play the game.
  9. 9. Gameplay • • • • • • • • • • Goals- To score as many goals, defend your own goal and beat your opponent. Rules- We use the same rules as the real life game. Challenges- We are given online challenges to take part in. We also can challenge our friends with the skill challenges which also help our gameplay. Difficulty- The difficulty ranges from amateur, semi-pro, professional, world class and legendary. Balance- you can jump straight into gameplay with the ‘kick off’ option at the menu or if you wanted a variation you also have the option of playing career mode where you play the role of a manager as well as controlling matches. Rewards- The rewards that you receive in the game are experience points, coins and trophy's in the season mode. Story- There are two types of story modes which are player career and managerial career. Sounds- The sounds of the game are crowd noises which change alternate if you do something in the gameplay. The sounds of the ball being kicked and the referee blowing his whistle. Feedback- You get your feedback mainly off the commentators who follow the game till the end. Also after a match you are shown the stats which you can compare to the other opponent. game mechanics- If you’re a beginner you might find the controls a bit difficult but if your used to fifa the controls are quite easy. The controls are quite responsive but sometimes it doesn’t do what you want it to do.
  10. 10. Audience • This game is aimed for audiances who enjoy their football. • The age range is from 3+ to early thirties. • More males than females will play this game due to the fact that football is dominated by a male audience. • The game is for hard-core and casual gamers. • Males will want to play more first person shooters, Grand Theft Auto or FIFA. Female users might prefer strategy games, fitness games or dance games. • The gaming community for fifa is pro clubs which is where a group of your friends can play in one team.
  11. 11. Game Genre • The genre of this game is sport. It is based on the game of football.