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Y11-personal-project-work in progress presentation-16benbenm

  1. 1. BUILDING A DESKTOP Y11 Personal Project COMPUTER BenBen (Napass) Masathienvong
  2. 2. Defining the goal Topic/Goal “To build a desktop computer that will match with my gaming needs” Area of interaction (AOI) The AOI that I am going to use to focus on my personal project investigation mostly leans towards the “Human Ingenuity” Concept.
  3. 3. Defining the goal Product Outcome? “A working desktop computer built by myself” Specifications Product Outcome, User Audience, Form, Function, cost, limitations Link to specifications on blog: http://blogs.nist.ac.th/16benbenm/2013/06/10/personalproject-process-journal-entry-3-draft-specificationstimeline/#respond
  4. 4. Investigation        My research was split into 3 main phases Main Research Phase 1Components of a desktop computer? Main Research Phase 2How to build an actual desktop computer? Main Research Phase 3Performance testing on the computer?
  5. 5. Investigation          Source Evaluation I used CARRDSS as a helper to evaluate my used sources for my main research Credibility, Accuracy, Reliability, Relevance, Date, Sources, S cope Internet Resources -Official Product websites, Forums, Videos, Images Magazines & Journals -Online magazines (e-book)/ Books Significant People -Outside learning (K-Computer)
  6. 6. Investigation          Important Information? The Main function/ working purposes for each component. Experience to building an actual desktop computer Making decisions? -Choosing what components would I use for my computer? Solve problems -How do I actually would build a computer with the components? Developing your understanding in connection with your goal? -How will they function together and would the end result be a working/functioning desktop computer that is used for my gaming needs?
  7. 7. Action  Because I have planned to extend my main research further due to how my actual product create would finish in less than a week, My create stage has not been started. (Using time more effectively)  How to create my product? -Buying the actual components -Building/ Assembly the computer together at my home.      Why would I create it this way? -The professional way to create/build it? -Specific components to be most effective to gaming?
  8. 8. Action        Evaluate the success/effectiveness of my product? -Using the specifications I have created -Actual gameplay testing on the product Benchmarking (From main research phase 3) -Frames per second (FPS) -Video Options (Graphics settings) -CPU clock speeds (Over clocking)
  9. 9. Reflection          What is still need to be done? -Final Researching -Designing/ Choosing components for my create -Actual create stage -Performance testing (Benchmark, Specification test) Improvements to the project? -Source selection (Wide range?) -Timeline planning? (Organization) -Blog posting (Posting all ideas and thinking)
  10. 10. Reflection  What have you learnt about your AOI? (Human Ingenuity)  “Why and how do we create?”        -Creating is very fun and exiting but comes with a great responsibility for researching the correct and appropriate way to create it. -We create things so that it meets our own needs/wants. What have I learnt about my topic so far? -What are the needed components to build a desktop computer -What each component does and what is the purpose of it -Building an actual desktop computer from scratch -Ways I could test my computer such as Benchmarking.