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Belzebuub Introduction


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An introduction to Belzebuub and his work.

Published in: Spiritual
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Belzebuub Introduction

  1. 1. The Origins of Belzebuub's Courses Belzebuub created his first website in 2001 in order to spread the message of Gnosticism throughout the world. Utilizing the internet was unprecedented as a method of reaching people who might be interested in the Gnostic work, as neither of Belzebuub's predecessors Samael Aun Weor or Rabolu had created websites. Belzebuub initially registered the URL on which to host this site. The name was later changed to however, a name which would appeal more broadly to people who were interested in spirituality in general. Read more: About Spiritual Author Belzebuub — An Introduction to His Work Belzebuub is the spiritual pen name of the author Mark Pritchard who has written multiple free courses and seven books on topics such as out-of-body experiences, self-discovery, dreams, the development of consciousness, and the path to enlightenment. He says the name Belzebuub is the eternal name of his consciousness, and that everyone has an inner spiritual name which they can discover. Belzebuub has always taught freely. His free courses were taken by more than 90,000 people in over 100 countries. His books were also released online as free eBooks, and were downloaded over 140,000 times before they had to be taken offline due to extreme plagiarism. Over 900 separate instances of plagiarism of Belzebuub’s work have been found. Belzebuub’s book on astral travel was a bestseller in its genre on and his title Gazing into the Eternal was a finalist in the 2009 USA News Best Book Awards. He has appeared on over 70 radio and television programs internationally, including 19 interviews with the BBC. Read more: Related videos: Belzebuub ATAD book review: Belzebuub Gnostic Movement practices – Geraldine’s experience: My Experiences with Belzebuub's Teachings: v=aEZUxbI34No
  2. 2. Official pages: Audio / podcast sites: dreams/id1292212940?mt=2 lbc-radio-on-astral-projection-and-near-death-experiences YouTube: Author pages: Book pages: s Other sites with more information: