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Everything i got involved in this year


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Studying Public relations management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology this year has been a great experience for me. I got involved in so many things, completed a lot of projects successfully, and most importantly interacted with people of diverse backgrounds. I have learned how to deal with and manage diversity and thus can be a great asset in any organisation. This presentations shows everything i got involved in this year.Hope it is useful to you the viewer.Enjoy

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Everything i got involved in this year

  1. 1. Seasons music boutique Fundraiser party
  2. 2. My girls supporting me at the funraiser party organised by PR first year students group B
  3. 3. CPUT Open day 2009-Photography stall
  4. 4. CPUT market day 2009-France food
  5. 5. Public Relations 1st Year Gala Award E
  6. 6. Cybar Fundraising party
  7. 7. PR speech competition 2009
  8. 8. Doing my Friday show at Uni-Fm
  9. 9. Business presentation-managing diversity in the workplace