Keynote and IBM Collaboration roadmap


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Keynote and IBM Collaboration roadmap

  1. 1. Hans Petter (HP) Dalen Wannabe & enthusiast Keynote & The IBM Collaboration Roadmap And other cool things
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  5. 5. Before we begin in earnest, I would like to share the shortest horror story ever written or told
  6. 6. “The Knock” By Fredric Brown The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.
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  29. 29. I hope you have enjoyed this part. I have. (Un)fortunately, the next part is probably much more typical
  30. 30. #essential #undaunted
  31. 31. IBM is leading the way by delivering the industry's leading social business capabilities in the cloud CLOUD FIRST MOBILE ALWAYS FLEXIBLE CHOICES
  32. 32. 2013: Fantastic year!  2013 saw the release of IBM Notes & Domino v 9.0 and 9.0.1 – Rave reviews from customers, partners and analysts – Very good uptake  Tremendous growth in SmartCloud  2500+ reinstatements in 2013 alone – 4500+ since 2011
  33. 33. Why so many re-instates? Great question. Thanks for asking!
  34. 34. You can put make-up on a pigYou can put make-up on a pig
  35. 35. But underneath the make-up It's still a pig
  36. 36. Customers are re-committing to Domino 1. Domino applications don't die 2. The Notes Browser Plug In 3. Xpages transforms your Domino applications 4. Mobile and web
  37. 37. But what about Notes? We had another great year for Notes – IBM Notes 9 released – Rave reviews from analysts, partners and customers – Competitive take-outs because of embedded experience – Tremendous growth for SmartCloud Notes “…Microsoft should glance over its shoulder and take a look at IBM as it releases Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition.”
  38. 38. Huh? What about this social thing?
  39. 39. Social Mail Mail and Collaboration © 2014 IBM Corporation Increased use of social collaboration paradigms …
  40. 40. 40 Explosion in social media …
  41. 41. ©2014 IBM Corporation Proliferation of enterprise social networks 41 79% 28% have more than one! Source: IDC Social Business Survey, February 2013
  42. 42. McKinsey Global Institute
  43. 43. Social Mail Mail and Collaboration © 2014 IBM Corporation
  44. 44. Social Mail Mail and Collaboration © 2014 IBM Corporation 28.2 hours 46.5 hours
  45. 45. “Very soon, you won't be able to see email and social networking separate. Email will not die, it will in fact have more flavour and will be more integrated." Neha Gupta, Senior Research Analyst, Gartner
  46. 46. Email is more relevant and less burdensome when it becomes the center of your social console and business processes Document sharing and editing Embedded Business Processes Calendars Communities Analytics Microsoft Office Audio and Video Presence and IM Public Social Media and other Activity Streams Intelligent Search
  47. 47. Abbreviated dates Social Theme: cleaner, more modern look, adopted across IBM product line for UI consistency Embedded Experiences Shortcuts “Group By” and “Show Beginning” Enhanced Search IBM Notes 9
  48. 48.  Under development for 18+ months  Overarching goals: – Modern ● Use of current theming styles ● Simplification and de-cluttering of interfaces ● Integrated web experience – Notes Browser Plug-in® ● Extensibility using the most current and stable web technology – Easy-to-use ● Productivity feature enhancements ● Easier discovery of capabilities ● Default settings changes – Socially-enabled ● Live social capabilities in email – “Embedded Experiences” ● Social extensibility with the OpenSocial® platform ● Expanded and updated IBM Connections® integration  Leveraging the strength, commitment and clarity of the IBM brand IBM Notes 9.0Social Edition
  49. 49.  Open mail database performance improved by 20% of first time open (>23% in 9.0.1!)  Open mail database subsequent opens improved by 5%  Subsequent Notes start-up time improved by 6%  Opening an email document is improved by 5%  Switching tabs improved by 3% IBM Notes 9Performance improvements
  50. 50. IBM iNotes 9.0Social Edition Consumability:  Abbreviated dates  Quick find  Vastly improved Calendar Create, Edit and Notice forms  Calendar view improvements  NEW dynamic Scheduler widget  Import existing contacts from Microsoft® Outlook®  Return Receipt generation control  Paste images from clipboard (Firefox only)  Drag 'n Drop attachments (HTML 5 APIs)  Extensibility via Notes Widgets and Live Text (OpenSocial gadgets)  Open widget content in new sidebar panels or tabs  Secure attachment viewing (now on Greenhouse; planned for SmartCloud and on-premises)  Relocate folders Social integration:  Embedded Experiences  Activity Stream with “Updates” widget  Connections Files integration  IBM Social theme  NEW! Notes links and web links, displayed together
  51. 51. Let me show you
  52. 52. My 9.0 favorites...  “Discover” page  Click on URLs in edit mode  “Quick Find”  Group by Date  “Sticky” auto-sort for Date columns  “Snippets” (Show Beginning of Message)  Single-click access to Mail, Calendar, Contacts...  “Rolling Calendar” view (additive weeks)  “Weekly Planner” view  Category colors  “Add Sender to Contacts”  “Reply to All” from Sent folder  “Paste as Plain Text”  Shortcut key (Ctrl-R / Ctrl-Shft-R)  Apple® Mac® Cocoa® support
  53. 53. IBM Notes 9.0 Browser Plug-in  Designed to easily extend applications previously available only to Notes users out to web browser users, as well  Provides a powerful compliment to existing XPages capabilities  Allows applications to run in a browser with no modification!  Lightweight install, similar to other plug-ins in size, deployment time and configuration requirements  Minimal limitations: – Windows only (for now, at least!) – Not designed to support mail template, rather, to work in conjunction with iNotes – Firefox and Internet Explorer along with Citrix, in first release  Licensing: Enterprise CAL, CEO Communications, Collaboration Express
  54. 54. Notes  Deploying OpenSocial® components easier than ever  Delete or modify existing online meeting links in calendar invitations  Improvements to type-ahead drop down box  Notes Browser Plug-in enhancement to enable access to shared mail (group mail-in and applications utilising mail design) databases iNotes  AutoSave messages to Drafts folder  Admins can now enforce a preference setting to allow or not allow attachments based on company policy  Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Preferences are now accessible (WCAG 2.0 AA and Section-508 compliant)  Improved deployability of the iNotes ActiveX control, which now supports deployment on standard desktops (locked down machines) IBM Notes and Domino 9.0.1Social Edition
  55. 55. Domino server installation and XPages  Domino server install and XPages, now fully accessible  IBM mail support for Microsoft® Outlook® 2013 (Limited Availability) Notes Traveler  Set Out-of-Office status while on-the-go from your Apple iOS® or Google® Android® mobile device  Enforce a “Prevent Copy of Messages” restriction on iOS and Android devices  Now add meeting details to calendar entries on all Traveler device types  Like iOS and Android, attachments and inline images are now supported on Windows Phone/RT platforms IBM Notes and Domino 9.0.1Social Edition
  56. 56. IBM Notes 9.0.1 Browser Plug-in  Integration of MUMA (Multi-User Migration Utility) – No longer need to uninstall prior version to install Notes Browser Plug-in – Seamless migration of data  Support – Microsoft Windows® XP, 7, 8, 8.1 – Internet Explorer® 11 on Windows 7, 8.1 – Firefox 24 ESR  Allow opening mail template-based applications – New checkbox to disallow opening, if desired (database properties) – Support all the workflow with mail-in databases  IBM SmartCloud support  Properly handling locked-down desktop environment (e.g., Internet Explorer security settings)  Fix @IsNotesBrowserPlugin to work in an Evaluate  Allow specifying a browser to use for Notes Browser Plug-in via notes.ini – NOTES_PLUGIN_DEFAULT_BROWSE=<FIREFOX or IEXPLORE> – Change to use Internet Explorer, if default browser is not supported for Notes Browser Plug-in (e.g., Google® Chrome® )
  57. 57. IBM Provides Choice for Client Experience
  58. 58.  Formerly know as “Project Hawthorn”  Allows Domino 9.0.x and Outlook 2013 to communicate via Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) – Outlook 2013 natively offers EAS account configuration – This is a capability vs. separate solution (i.e., IMAP, POP3, etc.)  A lightweight Outlook 2013 add-in exposes additional functionality beyond what Outlook 2013 natively offers for EAS configurations – Leverages Domino REST services  Capabilities – Mail, calendar, contacts, delegation, offline, search, Notes encryption, OOO, etc.  Limitations – Outlook 2013 only (Win 7+) ● No support for prior Outlook versions possible (only Outlook 2013 supports EAS v14) ● No Mac support (EAS not supported for Mac Outlook offerings) IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook 2013
  59. 59. What about ? “Candidates” ✔ Run rules on existing email messages ✔ “Invitee can forward a meeting invitation as an invitation” ✔ “IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook 2013” GA  Local archiving for SmartCloud Notes web  Notes on Apple® Mac® 64-bit OS X®  Delegate Calendar without delegating Contacts  Display Internet addresses instead of Notes addresses  Simplified archiving and mail clean-up  Simplified search user interface  Improved calendar interoperability with Microsoft Exchange®
  60. 60. What about ?“Under consideration” ✔ Delegate Calendar and To-Do without delegating Contacts ✔ Update / Remove on-line meeting info ✔ Offline and Local archiving improvements ✔ System Tray Notifier for new messages and alarms ✔ Chrome: Drag attachments from message to desktop ✔ Mini-business cards when hover over names ✔ “Objectised” names within addressing input fields ✔ Simplified search user interface  Run rules on existing email messages  Invitee can forward a meeting invitation as an invitation  Contacts area modernization  Type-ahead within Starts With, Group by date  More full mode areas made accessible  Touch-friendly enhancements  Improved extensibility and customization  Customer-critical Notes feature parity  Improve group calendar area  Increased portfolio integration, symmetry and content sharing, particularly with IBM Connections  Analytics to help you focus on critical mail
  61. 61. IBM Mail Next
  62. 62. Social Mail Mail and Collaboration © 2014 IBM Corporation If you had an extra hour a day, how would you use it?
  63. 63. Source: We waste a lot of time at work...
  64. 64.  “I'm overwhelmed by a flood of information!”  “I can't remember what I've sent or to whom...”  “I can't figure out what's important, now!”  “Notes is powerful, yet... Can I have the power along with ease-of-use...and on my mobile devices?”  “When I get out of a meeting, I have 80 new messages waiting for me in my inbox, and I can't tell what needs my attention, next...”
  65. 65. 3/31/14 Confidential shared under NDA 66 What is email? INFORMATION TO SHARE ACTIONS TO TAKE
  66. 66. Challenge Even the most popular email products...  Still yield a difficult to manage flood of information  Do nothing to assist the user in prioritising content  Make it difficult to find information  Have not adapted to seamlessly integrate with other collaboration tools Gmail Yahoo
  67. 67. IBM Mail Next → Two Mandates A system that works for me... ➔ Find things ➔ Prioritise things ➔ Do things A place we love working in for 10+ hours a day
  68. 68. IBM Mail Next Focus on work, not your inbox IBM Mail Next...  FAST search  TUNE-IN the important, TUNE-OUT the yammering  OPTIMISED for mobile, web  DELIVERED in the cloud “Can I have it now???” Empowered mail that helps you:  Focus on your top priorities  Find anything in your inbox or archive  Dominate your action items Charlene Li, Analyst Founder, Altimeter Group Important to me! My calendar “I owe others” “Others owe me” “Show me what's next” Planned for 2014*
  69. 69. 70 IBM Connect 2014 Summary Highlights IBM Mail Next trended on Twitter in Top 10 on January 27/28
  70. 70. Let's take a look...
  71. 71. Next Steps for IBM Mail Next  Innovation continues – exciting new capabilities and enhancements being added to existing SmartCloud Notes mail offerings  Sponsor users – sign up after this session...scan the code on the screen to receive participation notification (preference given to SmartCloud Notes customers)  Client playbacks – available as needed; ask your sales teams to have one of these scheduled  Design Partner Program – (to be renamed) updated and improved design partner program to include a broader user audience to provide input and feedback on designs and prototypes  Monthly updates on our design and innovation journey; sign up for regular communications through the Social Business User Group blog  2Q Webcast – join us 23-Apr for the next deep dive on IBM Mail Next  (Social Business User Group) Updates on availability through progressive disclosure
  72. 72. From Notes to IBM Mail Next Take advantage of your investment. Use iNotes today on your path to IBM Mail Next IBM iNotes • 9.0 and 9.0.1 improved and refined the user experience • a solid web-based experience and a path to IBM Mail Next  But what about my Notes apps?  XPages Modernise your applications Desktop browser & mobile web access  Notes Browser plugin Allows applications to run in a browser with no design modification! Icons for easy switching between iNotes & Notes Browser Plug-in
  73. 73. 74 ● SmartCloud Notes GA8 2H 2013 1H 2014 20152H 2014 ● Notes/Domino Social Edition Maintenance Release ● Notes Browser Plug-in (Archiving, Auto-update, Offline), including Mac/Safari ● [TBD] IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook 2013 (GA) ● Notes Traveler ● CCM Connector for Notes ● Notes/Domino Social Edition 9.0.1 Maintenance Release ● IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook (Limited Availability 4Q) ● Notes Traveler 9.0.1 ● SmartCloud Notes GAx ● “IBM Mail Next” BETA2 ● Notes Browser Plug-in (Archiving, Auto-update, Offline), plus support for Mac/Safari ● Archive Essentials 2.0 ● SmartCloud integration with ECM ● SmartCloud Notes Dedicated Cloud – SoftLayer ● IBM Connections Mail (for IBM Connections 5) ● “IBM Mail Next” GA ● [TBD] Domino PaaS on SoftLayer (PAYG) ● ND 9.0.1 Mar Fix Pack ● ND 9.0.1 Nov Fix Pack● ND 9.0.1 Jul Fix Pack ● “IBM Mail Next” IBM Messaging Roadmap *** SUBJECT TO CHANGE *** CLOUD ON-PREMISES ● “IBM Mail Next” GA ● [TBD] IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook 2013 ● [TBD] Domino PaaS on Softlayer (BYOL) ● SmartCloud Notes ● “IBM Mail Next” LA/BETA1 ● SmartCloud Notes web features ● Group calendar support ● Calendar details harvesting ● Upload local ID ● Selective mail file migration ● Windows Phone support UPDATED: 26-Jan-14