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How adding a further tool can be a good thing

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How adding a further tool can be a good thing

  1. 1. 2018 How adding a further tool can be a good thing Andreas Ponte
  2. 2. What I’ll talk about • Introduction • Some background information • What users/companies complain about the O365 offering • One of our customers use case 2
  3. 3. about me Andreas Ponte • ~20 years in the Lotus/ICS world • Worked for a Reinsurance company until 2007
 Amongst other things responsible for the global communication infrastructure • Joined Belsoft AG in 2007
 Focus on consulting in the IBM Domino and mobile solutions area
 • Since 2014 CEO of Belsoft Collaboration AG • Focus on IBM Domino, Enterprise Social Networks and Security
 • 2015 - 2018
 • Regularly speaking at own events and various user groups 3
  4. 4. 4 2 Implementation and Integration Strategic Consulting Development Support & Services 3 4 Architecture / Concepts / Engineering Setup and operation of infrastructure / POC’s / Hosting Project Management / Education / Support Custom Development / AI Integration
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 6 How adding a further tool can be a good thing
  7. 7. How adding a further tool can be a good thing • We are working in the so called “competitive market” and often hear complains about the “tools” in place • For many the mantra seems to be “this is what we got, now use it” • For us, it’s not about competing, it’s about integration and enabling the companies to use the right tools for their work 7
  8. 8. 8 ?
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  12. 12. it’s all about the loops 12
  13. 13. ME COMPANY AS NEEDED PRIMARY People involved Frequency My Work My content Tasks / deadlines Conversations Current projects Meetings My Teams Projects Communities Conversations Squads Guilds My Dept. HR info Related team members Manager My Company HR info Policies Career Money Benefits Bringing it all together: Tailored Experience Think 2018 / Community Day / © 2018 IBMCorporation 13
  14. 14. 14 Important first step
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  18. 18. Customer Story Background information: • Sharepoint in use, internal developer is building a solution to use internally but also with external volunteers. • Project work over a year, customer not happy with solution and features offered. 
 Access from outside the company lacking, mobile support missing/not good enough -> pain point, since volunteers do not have an internal account. • We were working with them on other projects and shared our information with them through an external Connections community (forums, files). • They asked us about our collaboration tool and if we could do a demo for them. 18
  19. 19. Customer Story • Question after the demo: 
 “How long will it take to develop such a site for us?”
 -> no development time, “only” set up of servers and integration with AD, you pick and choose the modules you want to offer your users. • OK, a little development time, as we integrated XPages applications to handle the change and reset of passwords for the volunteers/external accounts. 
 Internal users are authenticated via LDAP/AD. 19
  20. 20. Password handling for external users • Two XPages applications to reset or change the password • Available for external accounts/ users only • Internal user requests are handled via password reset or change in AD 20
  21. 21. Customer Story Feedback Feedback from the customer, about the reasons which convinced them to choose IBM Connections • You can start “out of the box” with a full set of tools, all within one app/tool • Community Owners can be enabled to set up their Community on their own. No IT or developer needed. • Easy yet central file sharing (one file, offered to different modules) • Mobile access, choice of App or Browser • No development needed • Most users are external (=no licensing costs) • IBM Docs: versioning and information about the file solved in a better way 
 and again, one file, central location, shared with different Communities/modules • Head of IT (full-fledged Microsoft user) our biggest IBM Connections Champion within the company 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. 23 IBM Connections Files (Cloud) UPDATES UPLOAD Upon initial upload, decide if the file is to be shared externally Connections Files SHARE TAKE IT WITH YOU 04 01 02 03 CHEATSHEET # IBM Collaboration Services 2 0 1 7 Max file size scanned for virus 2 GB Encryption protects content from search Pick private access for piece meal or wider selective access or align access with community membership Communities ALL RIGHTS: Owners Editors Readers When shared When updated Versioning = history + backup Comment Upload versions Co edit with DOCs Lock or unlock a version sync TAGS KEYWORDS FOLDERS & more ANYWHERE access Viewable from Connections app Connections Editor for on the fly edits Plug-ins for slicker integration Private People
  24. 24. Design/UI changes • We are working with IBM Connections Customizer to enhance and sometimes simplify the UI and look and feel of IBM Connections. • We are going to showcase part of our work at SocialConnections in Berlin on October 16/17, 2018 24 IBM Connections Customizer lets you change both the look and feel and the behaviour of IBM Connections. Changing the look and feel gives your users an interface that complies with corporate design standards or provides easier ways to access information. Stefano Pogliani, IBM
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  26. 26. 26 want to know more? get in touch with us Belsoft Collaboration AG @belsoft Tel: +41 44 388 13 41

  27. 27. Event Partner Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsors Bag Sponsor Thanks to the 
  28. 28. Slide 10: 
 «When To Use What In Office 365» by Richard Harbridge, Kanwal Khipple & Haniel Croitoru, 2toLead Slide 12: 
 «Microsoft 365 Teamwork infographic» from 
 «Where to start the conversation for teamwork» infographic from Slide 13:
 «What’s new in IBM Connections» by René Schimmer, IBM, Think 2018 Community Day Slide 23:
 «Connections Files - What you Need to Know (Cheat sheet)», IBM 28 Resources