Intro BlackBerry 10 for enterprise


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BlackBerry 10 - was ist neu?

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Intro BlackBerry 10 for enterprise

  1. 1. Introducing the re-designed, re-engineered, re-invented BlackBerry.Every feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed with busypeople (your employees) in mind, built for combined business andpersonal use.
  2. 2. •  The leader in enterprise mobile computing: 90% of theFortune 500, largest global MDM footprint and most completeenterprise portfolio•  Delivering the ultimate end user experience and supportingthe needs of IT•  Committed to remaining the gold standard for mobile devicesecurity, manageability and control•  Dedicated to helping customers manage user demands,BYOD and consumerization•  Investing in building industry leading cross-platformEnterprise Mobility Management and security solutions•  Providing the best development tools, support andecosystem for business appsBlackBerry– Built to Keep Business Moving*All UI and imagery is placeholder and is subject toRIM Confidential – Internal Only
  3. 3. •  KEINE BlackBerry option mehr von Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise•  Aktuell das Full-Touch Smartphone Z10 / Hybrid Q10 voraussichtlich Ende Mai 2013•  ActiveSync® für Exchange Zugriff auf Exchange Server oder Lotus-Notes•  Revolutionäre Funktion “ BlackBerry BALANCE” – Work & Privat•  BB10 - Neues und fortschrittlichstes Mobiles Betriebsystem auf dem Markt•  BES 10 als MDM Mobile Device Management auch für BlackBerry, iOS & Android•  > 100’000 Apps im BlackBerry World•  Trade von BES 5 >> BES 10 Lizenzen und BES10 Server Lizenz ist Kostenlos.BlackBerry 10 – was ist neu*All UI and imagery is placeholder and is subject toRIM Confidential – Internal Only
  4. 4. Introduction of the new BES10 EMM solution based on 4 service areasThis new Enterprise Mobile Management Solution will generate deeper business benefits than BES5 byenabling the perfect balance between end-user and corporate needsMobile Device ManagementBlackBerry enables enterprises to manage their entire fleetwhatever the device, ownership models, business applicationsand operating environmentsSecurity (the gold standard for secure end-to-end mobility)BlackBerry is the most secure end-to-end mobileenvironment on the marketUnified CommunicationsBlackBerry provides the only truly integrated voice, messaging,PIM, apps and social experience built for business usersBusiness ApplicationsBlackBerry has great mobile applications that empowerbusiness peopleCloudServicesSoftware& ServicesSmartphones& tabletsProduct Portfolio
  5. 5. 5April 25, 2013RIM confidential – share under NDA•  Secures corporate data without restricting a user’spersonal experience•  Automatically identifies Enterprise data based on itssource (i.e. corporate email server)•  Isolates and prevents work data from leaking intopersonal use channels (i.e. cut and paste, file copy)•  Ensures privacy of personal data for user*All UI and imagery is placeholder and is subject toBlackBerry Balance – the ultimate user experience,secure and integrated, built for businessSee BlackBerry BizBlog for more details:Click here
  6. 6. 6April 25, 2013RIM confidential – share under NDABlackBerry Balance – managing and securingcorporate applications*All UI and imagery is placeholder and is subject toPersonal Space•  Users maintain freedom to install and useapplications that meet their personal needs•  Personal data privacy is preservedWork Space•  IT Admins can deploy, manage and securemandatory and recommended apps toemployees through BlackBerry World forWork app storefront
  7. 7. 7April 25, 2013RIM confidential – share under NDA7BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 addresses the entire spectrum of needs forenterprises whatever the device and whatever the ownershipTieredServices CONSUMER/SOHO PROFESSIONAL ENTERPRISE SECURE CORPORATEMDM & SecurityOptionsUse CaseSpectrumConsumer BYOD & Open Corporate Controlled SecureBES 10EnterpriseMobilityManagementBlackBerryBalance+BlackBerry AppWorld for WorkBES 10Advanced EnterpriseMobility ManagementTypically corporate-owned highlysecure & regulated environmentsActive SyncLock & WipePassword ControlMedia Device Encryption…Internet EmailSecurecontainerSecureconnectivityDevicemanagement
  8. 8. BlackBerry 10 isenterprise-ready at launch.BlackBerry Enterprise MobilityManagement capabilities nowdeliver comprehensive cross-platform device management,application management andsecurity.BES 10 – Studio ConsoleCentralized and unifiedmanagement on premiseBlackBerry Enterprise Service 10Personal Owned/BYOD and Corporate DeployedBlackBerry® Technical Support ServicesBlackBerrySecureInfrastructureBlackBerry® OSSmartphonesiOS® & Android™DevicesBlackBerry® 10SmartphonesRIM Confidential – Internal OnlyBlackBerryEnterpriseServer5.0.xBlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1
  9. 9. *All UI and imagery is placeholder and is subject toRIM Confidential – Internal Only