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Unconventional experiments with hiring


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A talk given by our co-founder Rishabh Kaul at the BHIVE/Citruspay #Upstart event on Hiring for Startups

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Unconventional experiments with hiring

  1. 1. Unconventional Experiments during Hiring @rishabhkaul
  2. 2. Based on true stories
  3. 3. ● Friends didn’t want to join early on. ● Executive Search firms either didn’t work for us, or didn’t want to work with us ● Job boards mostly sent in irrelevant candidates and a lot of time was spent in filtering this noise. We were pushed to the corner and had to try different things to be able to attract good guys As a startup, the odds are against you
  4. 4. #1 Didn’t hire a HR/TA early on... When Exotel wanted to build the early team they hired a smart BITS grad who was active on Twitter and Hackernews as an intern to help lead hiring and engage candidates. Today he’s our Co-founder @ Belong
  5. 5. #2 Didn’t have a job description... Job descriptions haven’t changed since 1947 Have personas instead. - Personality traits - Places that this person might come from (colleges, companies) - Career growth with multiple options
  6. 6. #3 Embraced Extreme Referencing http://www.forentrepreneurs. com/extreme-referencing/ - Often, an interview is not enough to give confidence about a great hire - 3-5 Reference Checks for junior hires. - 7-12 References for senior/executive hires
  7. 7. Every congregation of people (online + offline) is a potential source to identify great folks. Not limited to professional social networks. #4 Always be sourcing
  8. 8. We’re all humans at the end of the day. - Post interview feedbacks - We kept an alumni page to remember those who helped us come this far - Personalization in every interaction with anyone (no copy paste templates) - Keeping in touch with folks who we wanted to hire #5 #HBnotHR If there’s a doubt, then there’s no doubt