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Belong Executive Briefing Delhi: August 15, 2017


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For the fourth installment of the Belong Executive Briefing, we organized our Round Table discussion as part of the SHRM Annual Conference, held in Delhi last month.

One of the best things about these closed-door events is that even though we discuss the same general themes - how TA teams need to look beyond traditional hiring solutions, how to align with business, and the new capabilities that recruiters need to master to be future-ready - there is still so much to learn every time.

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Belong Executive Briefing Delhi: August 15, 2017

  1. 1. BELONG EXECUTIVE BRIEFING SHRMIAC EDITION 05.09.2017, Taj Diplomatic Enclave, Delhi
  2. 2. For our most recent Belong Executive Briefing, we set up our Round Table discussion at the annual SHRM Annual Conference in Delhi. 
  3. 3. The invite-only event included some of the country's most forward- thinking Talent Leaders to discuss the state of the Talent Market in India today, and how to prepare for the future. 
  4. 4. How should Talent Acquisition teams go beyond mainstream solutions?
  5. 5. "Talent Acquisition teams need to build Talent pools, both internal and external, to meet not just present but future requirements as well. That ensures that they will not get overwhelmed by sudden or urgent requirements" Gaurav Soni India - HR Head, Protiviti
  6. 6. "We now use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assess candidates. While one challenge is the number of candidates that are available, what’s more important is the quality and relevance of the candidate. We need to be able to assess if they have the right experience and maturity to fit into our team."  Ajit Singh Country HR Leader and VP, Encore Capital Group
  7. 7. "What I see is an evolution is innovation in the entire hiring process. If we record video interviews and virtually conduct the tech rounds to screen the candidates, then the Hiring Managers can evaluate candidates in their own time." Abhishek Shrivastava Head - Recruitment and Professional Services, 3i Infotech
  8. 8. "The challenges are not new – transformation means that new skills will always be in high demand. We need to hire experienced talent, not to work, but to create, to lead and manage more people. TA needs to be able to source complementary talent and then scale to meet requirements." Kamal Preet Singh Chawla India - Vice President - HR - EXL Services
  9. 9. How to enable alignment of HR and Business as strategic partners?
  10. 10. "Understanding business is key. Keeping abreast on industry trends and then offering key insights about talent reality and co-creating strategy is the best way to align and partner with business." Zenobia Madon Director - HR Business Partner, Philips
  11. 11. "Whilebusinessisfocusedonannualplanning,TAneedsto bereadyforthenextthreeyears,andmapdemandand supplyoftalentbasedonthat." Gaurav Soni Head - HR, Protiviti
  12. 12. "We work with Business right from the speculation stage itself to understand the roles. At BCG, HR is a co-owner of the P&L with business. When TA has this accountability is when we can evolve into a strategic partner." Vineeta Kukreti Global Services Operations and Human Resource Lead for India, Boston Consulting Group
  13. 13. "Involve HR from the Workforce Planning Stage itself, and then we can map the requirements based on the plan." Debyani Sinha Global Head Human Resources (Vice President), Nucleus Software
  14. 14. What capabilities should TA be investing in today, to be future-ready?
  15. 15. "The ability to foresee requirements for the next 2/3 years is absolutely critical to be future-ready Talent mapping is critical, especially in niche hiring, as it will help me identify and nurture key talent, and keep my pipeline healthy." Pallavi Tyagi Asia Pacific Talent Acquisition & Org Vibrancy Leader, DuPont India
  16. 16. "We need to be aware of how talent-culture influences how candidates will be interested in a job. We need to be prepared to solve for different challenges and change our value proposition to different kinds of talent."  India - Vice President - HR - EXL Kamal Preet Singh Chawla
  17. 17. "TA needs to include succession planning, nurturing and developing talent." Lead - Talent Acquisition & HR Interlock, NCR Corporation MONIKA MARWAH
  18. 18. The Belong Team at SHRMiAC 2017!
  19. 19. To find out more about Belong, Outbound Hiring and our events, mail us at: