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Belong Executive Briefing Delhi: August 1, 2017


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In the third round of our Belong Executive Briefing, we traveled to Delhi to meet with top Talent Leaders from some off the most innovative companies including Airtel, Reliance Jio, Sapient and OYO Rooms.

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Belong Executive Briefing Delhi: August 1, 2017

  1. 1. BELONG EXECUTIVE BRIEFING - DELHI EDITION 01.08.2017, Westin Gurgaon
  2. 2. On the 1st of August, Team Belong flew out to Delhi for the third edition of the Belong Executive Briefing.  The event brought together Talent Leaders from some of the most talent-focused companies to share their learnings and discuss current challenges. 
  3. 3. The event kicked off with a decadent breakfast at Westin Gurgaon, after which we moved into the boardroom for the main event.
  4. 4. Belong Co-Founder & Head of Demand Marketing Rishabh Kaul and Outbound Hiring Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala presented Talent Leaders critical insights about some of the most in-demand roles today such as Data Science, Machine Learning and IoT.
  5. 5. We then moved the conversation over to our attendees, where the conversation broadly covered three main themes:  1. Alignment of HR and Business as Strategic Partners 2. Re-thinking the TA Organization and its capabilities 3. Going beyond mainstream hiring solutions
  6. 6. 1. Alignment of HR and Business as Strategic Partners
  7. 7. "If you look at the way the landscape is changing, we have moved to a position where people choose us, we are attracting talent now, now so if firms don't end up changing their organizational outward goals it becomes very difficult to get that kind of traction, so I think it is inevitable to build for the future." SUCHARITH MENON Recruiting Leader, Hike Messenger
  8. 8. "Will something like Talent Supply Index help us with hiring of very niche roles? Like we are hiring for facility management but we have little clue where to find them, what pockets do we look at? We need to know which companies or industries have experimented with such kind of roles" DINESH R CHRO, OYO Rooms
  9. 9. 2. Re-thinking the TA Organization and its capabilities
  10. 10. "Talent intelligence, talent landscape, marketing, everybody is contributing to our investment in hiring drive through Social Media. We are really counting on it." SUNIL DUGGAL Director TA, Optum (UHG)
  11. 11. "We as an industry have not coached our Talent Acquisition teams to hire for roles like Data Scientist and Data Engineer and this is where a potential gap in recruiting and businesses comes." LAVITA NATHANI Senior Director HR, Endurance
  12. 12. "We are trying to get people in our Talent Acquisition Teams who understand technology and speak the same language as the people they are trying to hire." DIVYAMAN RAMAWAT Manager TA, Pitney Bowes
  13. 13. "One of the metrics we all track but we particularly go back to focus on is the rejection ratio. That was one problem which we all have faced, Appster as an org, has grown tremendously by tracking this metric." DEEPAK MENDIRATTA Head HR, Appster
  14. 14. "It is a candidate-driven market right now, we are thinking about scaling personalized interview process as to how can we enable the candidate to choose their preferred interview process." DIMPLE JHA Director Hiring, Sapient
  15. 15. 3. Going beyond mainstream hiring solutions
  16. 16. "Open yourself to reinvest in a partnership which is what we have done with Belong, we have been open with them as partners on what is not working out, when we need to ideate, iterate, co-create what can we do differently that will help us get to where we want and we have been fairly successful in that." SATYADEEP MISHRA Head HR, Digital Services, Reliance JIO
  17. 17. "We are using a bunch of AI tools to execute and measure the hiring efficiency. We use psychometric tests and gamification around personality tests." GAYATRI TARAGI Head TA, Airtel
  18. 18. Want to find out more about the Belong Executive Briefing?  Reach out to us at