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YouthSpeak Final Programme


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Published in: Education, Technology
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YouthSpeak Final Programme

  1. 1. Programme Rotary Club of Durham/Durham Union Society Youth Speak Final 6.30pm, Thursday, 15th March, 2012 Durham Union Society Debating Chamber, Palace Green, DurhamGeneral Welcome David Jackson 1 min (Hand over toRotary President)Introduction/welcome Rotary President 5 mins(Introduce judges & teams; brief history of competition & its resurrection in partnership with DUS, and deliversteams with their motions. Teams go off to begin 20 minute preparation time)Explanation of Format Annalie Grogan 5 mins(Then invite 1st team to begin)Introduction/welcome DUS President 5 mins(Welcome to DUS & importance of public speaking)Talk from debate coach on development and progress of students 5 minutes1st Debate: Belmont vs. Durham Johnston 15 minsBrief Address 5 mins(Judges leave to make decision during this, judge 1 - Brief cv and usefulness of public speaking, judges)2nd Debate: DHSFG vs. Durham School 15 minsBrief Address 3 mins(Judges leave to make decision during this, judge 2 - Brief cv and usefulness of public speaking )Winner of debates announced. Motion given for final, finalists leave to prepare 20minutesBrief Address 5 minutes(Judge 3 - Brief cv and usefulness of public speaking)Brief Address 5 mins(Judge 3 - Brief cv and usefulness of public speaking)Open floor to questions to all judges in the remaining ten minutes3rd Debate: Winner 1st vs. Winner 2nd 15 minsFeedback offered for first two debates, and final. 10 mins
  2. 2. Judges Decision & Prize Giving 10 minsParticipants’ Certificates – Rotary PresidentFinalists Certificates – DUS PresidentBest Speaker in Final – DUS President3 minsWinner’s Trophy – Rotary PresidentClose and Thanks David Jackson 2 mins