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World Play - Students Work


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Student's work on the Word Play activity.

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World Play - Students Work

  1. 1. Word playRoald Dahl loved to play with words in imaginative ways,even making up some of his own!• Remember the vegetable from The BFG called the snozzcumber?• Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight!• The Wangdoodles and Hornswogglers the Oompa Loompas have escaped from?
  2. 2. Word playLook at your image card.1. Make up an unusual name for thing in the image.2. Tell us about it e.g. What does it do?
  3. 3. A Whirlastick Created by Bethany SteerThe whirlastick is used tohypnotise people. Thecircle spins at high speed,hypnotising anyone whosees it. The only personsafe is the one holding thestick. If they touch thecircle they are alsohypnotised.
  4. 4. Sniggering SnotscreamerCreated by Millie Nelson This “food” is used by goblins to create mischief and mayhem among the greedy. Lured by the ice- creamy deliciousness, they will soon fall victim to the goblins’ idea of fun as they discover that the “ice-cream” is in fact curdled milk and the “apple sauce” covering it is goblin mucas mixed with green chillies.
  5. 5. The NightmerktarCreated by Elizabeth Percy The Nightmerktar holds darkness. Blowing in different holes creates different kinds of darkness. This can be used as a weapon or for protection.
  6. 6. Elizzy Whizzy Potion Created by Thomas KnightA mix of youth elisiur and a dash of whizz potionThis mad potion makes you lose your promotion.It gives you your youth, tiny and small,Yet makes you want to dash down the hall.It makes you so young but makes you dash,Going so fast lets hope you don’t crash!
  7. 7. A “Tinyum Veta”Created by Josh Harm A “Tingum Veta” is a fisherman which brings terror to the island of Habeio in the world of Skyrim. The “Tingum Veta” eats the cattle of Farmer Bob. It has 105 pointy teeth and sharp claws. It is 8 feet long and can see in the dark.
  8. 8. Uncle Joey’s Uberdooperskiar Created by Jacob TaylorThe Uberdooperskiarhelps you ride throughsnow easily but also hasextra portions of AuntieLinda’s famous LemonMeringue Pie. But alsohas the yellow-belly froggunger in the back forfending off pigsquigglen.
  9. 9. A Silver Point ShootCreated by Rhianna Steer A Silver-Point-Shoot is a weapon! It is used to kill birds. It shoots bullets from it’s spikes at a pace of 100 bullets per minute. It comes in silver. For peace loving people it can be used to eat chips.