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Roald Dahl Workshop: Creating Characters


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Week 1 of the Roald Dahl workshops. This week we are looking at how to create characters using a character factfile template.

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Roald Dahl Workshop: Creating Characters

  1. 1. Roald Dahl WorkshopCREATING CHARACTERS!
  2. 2. THE ROALD DAHL WORKSHOP! We’re going to spend this first half term creating a short story that would make Roald Dahl proud! We’re going to design imaginative characters and write about their adventures that take place in our own made-up settings. We’re going to do all of this in less than 250 words!
  3. 3. DESIGNING YOUR MAIN CHARACTER: Before Roald Dahl began writing his stories, he had to come up with imaginative characters like Matilda, James, Charlie and all of the others. Complete your factfile worksheet with lots of detailed information about your made up character.
  4. 4. MATILDA’S FACTFILE: This is how Matilda’s factfile would look: Name Matilda Wormwood Age 4-6 Appearance A very young small girl. More to her than meets the eye! Brown eyes and brown hair tied with a red ribbon. Personality Exceptionally intelligent, brilliant at sums. Loves reading. Brave and mischievous. Family Two silly parents who pay no attention to her. They adore her brother, Michael. Mr Wormwood is a crook mechanic and Mrs Wormwood plays bingo. They love watching TV and hate reading. Special Supernatural Powers! Characteristics
  5. 5. TASK 2 Now write a detailed paragraph, telling us everything there is to know about your made up character.
  6. 6. VOLUNTEERS? Would anybody like to share their character description?