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Peace Camp Presentation


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Published in: Education
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Peace Camp Presentation

  1. 1. • Write a poem about love• Upload poem to PeaceCamp website (once we gain permission)• The British Library will archive the website as a permanent snapshot of the nation in 2012.
  2. 2. • Line 1 Where does love live• Line 2 What can I see there? (sight)• Line 3 What can I hear there? (sound)• Line 4 What can I touch there? (touch)• Line 5 What can I smell there? (smell)• Line 6 What can I taste there? (taste)• Line 7 How do I feel there?
  3. 3. • Make 2 lists: – ‘Love is never...’ – ‘Love is...’• Join your two lists together by using connectives• Arrange your sentences according to ideas that go together or according to endings that rhyme.
  4. 4. • Line 1 Love remembers...• Line 2 Love feels...• Line 3 Love misses...• Line 4 Love hopes...• Line 5 Love teaches...• Line 6 Love helps...