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Us gap year why students need it


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Many universities now encourage it and some of the prestigious universities in countries like US even are followers of this concept. What is it?

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Us gap year why students need it

  1. 1. US Gap Year - Why Students Need It? Many universities now encourage it and some of the prestigious universities in countries like US even are followers of this concept. What is it? Why students need it? It is a "gap year" that is nothing but taking a gap for a year from studies before joining the university for some degree program. Students can obviously gain a lot with this type of facility as it helps them in understanding themselves. The idea is to put off studies for some time to do their favorite things voluntarily. Though this has been popular in countries like U.K and Australia from longtime it is slowly getting popular in other countries. United States gap year is significantly becoming popular in recent times. Why is this concept getting popular? Most of the high school students who are in their final year are balking at starting university studies right after high school without any gap. This is because they are burnt out and are not ready for high education. They require some time to explore their interests or decide what to opt for in their college studies. Hence, they are taking a gap instead of directly opting for a fresh year in some university program. They are volunteering, teaching, writing or interning in their favorite areas during this US gap year and figuring out what to do before stepping into college. Those who are not aware of this type of facility may not find it important. But before taking a big step of entering a campus directly after school, it is important to consider a gap year. Further knowing the facts about gap year is also essential. The foremost thing to learn is that a gap year doesn't makes a student degree-less. That is students who opt for it are not going to remain in same state forever. Though there are some cases of students dropping out completely from college studies, it doesn't mean that every student will end up studies after the gap year. Students interest and situation decides whether they will continue college studies or not after a gap year. However the benefits of opting for United States gap year are more. It encourages students to focus and prepare for a rigorous academic life. Due to this prestigious and competitive universities in US have started encouraging applicants to consider a gap year before joining a degree program. Some universities have even announced bridge program that allows college a fresher to perform public service overseas for a year. The reason for supporting US gap year before higher education by most of the universities is quite clear now. That is they look for high completion rates which is possible if the students prepare well or follow their dreams. Completion rate is important for success of any university program and most of the top universities look for it. Hence, a gap year is important for students to make decisions on what to do in their life before entering a college. Belly Johnson is an expert and works a lot on gap year. She has written a lot of Articles and published so that people can come to know more about gap year or Jewish Gap Year. She writes articles that inspire travel for young people, cultivating the idea of the Gap Year.