Bellstrike - Nonprofit Online Giving and Tech Primer


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These are the slides for a presentation that I gave to a group of nonprofits at a local foundation meeting. The purpose of the talk was just to give a quick overview of the online giving landscape, some quick pointers on optimizing their websites, and some cheap/free technology resources.

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Bellstrike - Nonprofit Online Giving and Tech Primer

  1. 1. NONPROFITS• Over 1 million 501(c)3’s• 75% have under $25,000 in revenue• 90% have under $250,000 in revenue
  2. 2. PHILANTHROPY• $300+ billion in annual giving to nonprofits• $225 billion was given by individuals• $113 billion was given by households with less than $100,000 in income
  3. 3. ONLINE GIVING• $15 billion was given online last year• That’s 6.67% of all giving by individuals• Online giving is growing 40% a year• At 40% annual growth, online giving will be 36% of all giving by individuals in 2015
  4. 4. STUDIES SHOW...• Small nonprofits are experiencing fastest online giving growth• Online giving is like a gateway drug• Online giving leads to larger and more frequent gifts - both online and off• Online gifts do not replace offline gifts - they augment them
  5. 5. YOUR NONPROFIT WEBSITE SHOULD• Make online donations obvious and easy• Make it immediately obvious what you do• Have authentic content• Have scannable content• Tell stories
  6. 6. YOUR NONPROFIT WEBSITE SHOULD• Use great imagery - not stock photos• Include: FB Like button, Tweet button, FB Page link, Twitter Profile link• Regular updates - sites with 1 update a week get 300% more traffic
  7. 7. FUTURE OF ONLINE FUNDRAISING• MicroDonations - the long-tail of giving• Online Advocacy - donors raise money for you• Donor Connection - donors feel connected to their gift• Social Proof - social media as an accelerating tool
  9. 9. KICKBUTT THINGS YOU SHOULD USE• - File storing, sharing, and syncing in the cloud. Free.• Gmail - Free. Awesomer than whatever email you’re using• - Manage all your Facebook and Twitter Account in one place
  10. 10. KICKBUTT THINGS YOU SHOULD USE• along with - Keep everyone on the same page with group chat• - Come on. It’s free voice and chat and it’s awesome.• - Free. Never print, sign, scan, email anything again. Never fax again.
  11. 11. KICKBUTT THINGS YOU SHOULD USE• - Easy A/B testing for your website• - Quick user testing of a page of your site• - You get a video with someone talking as they’re completing tasks on your site
  12. 12. KICKBUTT THINGS YOU SHOULD USE• - Because you gots to have some good music to get through the day• - Because it’s more fun when you can share that music with your friends
  13. 13. OTHER RESOURCES• Why is business writing so awful?• Don’t Make Me Think - book by Steve Krug• Made to Stick - Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die - book by Chip and Dan Heath••
  14. 14. HOW BELLSTRIKE HELPS• We take care of the design stuff• We take care of the donation stuff• We make Facebook/Twitter stuff work• We make the future-y stuff work• We make it easy to update your website• We have win-win pricing
  15. 15. by DODD CALDWELL @doddcaldwell