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Moba egg grader


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Moba egg grader models

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Moba egg grader

  1. 1. Mobanette/Moba 68/88/9B MOBA - HANDPACKERS MOBA - HANDPACKERS
  2. 2. 2 Mobanette/Moba 68/88/9B Moba 68 / Moba 88Mobanette 3 Mobanette 3 4 or 7 grades, 1600 eggs per hour.The Mobanette 3 needs hardly any maintenance, uses very little power and is easily operated by one person. Just plug it into a wall socket and it is ready to go to work for you.The tubular lamp gives you a good view of all eggs being candled while you handle infeed and packing. At a weight of just 20.6 kg (45 lbs) the Mobanette 3 can be regarded as the egg farmer’s most versatile power tool. Moba 68 4 or 7 grades, 3000 eggs per hour.The Moba 68 is tailor made for medium sized farms, because it allows you to switch from one-man operation to two-man operation in seconds. It is just a matter of positioning the candling mirror to the left or to the right of the infeed conveyor. Like all Moba machines, the 68 is simply and extremely solidly constructed in stainless steel, guaranteeing many years of service with a minimum of maintenance.The housing of industrial plastic ensures easy cleaning. Moba 88 4 or 7 grades, 4500 eggs per hour. High production with just two operators makes the Moba 88 a very sound investment indeed. For it retains all the virtues of simplicity and low maintenance requirement that characterize this entire lowvolume range.The compact dimensions and low weight make it easy to locate the machine in the most convenient spot. An extra tray table is part of the standard equipment. And this machine is also constructed in stainless steel. Candling and grading on the farm Moba’s low-volume Graders. A vital link in the world’s egg industry. A large part of the worldwide egg industry depends on Moba’s fully automatic, high-capacity grading/packing systems, which process up to 180,000 eggs per hour. However an even important part of the global egg business relies on smaller scale operations. Smaller scale but with similar demands for reliability easy main- tenance efficiency and profitability. In this field, too, Moba is the acknowledged leader.Tens of thou- sands of these hand graders are serving farmers around the globe – many for dozens of years.
  3. 3. 3 Mobanette/Moba 68/88/9B Moba 9B Moba thinks ahead When assembling the machine we can take into account whether the Candler is to be located on the inside or the outside of the machine. Weighing without any discrepancy Moba’s unique system enables the eggs to be weighed extremely accurately. Indeed, quality down to the last detail is Moba’s first priority.Your production is even counted on an electronic display. Reliability as guarantee The Moba 9B Handpacker is a perfect example of durability. The machine is fully guarded and meets all CE standards. Each component has been designed and produced to be able to function under the toughest conditions. Maintenance? Minimal. Standard features • Capacity 14,400 eggs/hour • Sorts in max. 7 weight categories • Equipped with stainless steel plating Options • Candling booth in order to inspect your eggs • Accumulator for direct infeed from the poultry houses • Single Tray Loader • Counting of trays A reliable partner... The Moba 9B is your solution if high capacity hand packing needs to be combined with perfect egg handling. With a capacity of 14,400 eggs/hour, the Moba 9B grades eggs into maximum seven weight categories and is suitable for a variety of egg feeder mechanisms.The 9B combines all these features in an even more reliable construction compared to its famous predecessor Moba 9A.
  4. 4. THE PARTNER FOR PROFIT Mobanette/Moba 68/88/9b Mobanette 3 Dimensions: 853mm (33.7") ↔ 965mm (37.8") ↕ Weight 20,6 kg (45 lbs) Capacity: 1600 eggs/hour Infeed conveyor: single row Candling: 2x25 Watt bulbs 1 Operator Grades: 4 or 7 Accuracy +/- 1 gram Power 230Volt 1-phase, 50Hz or 60Hz (in case of 110 Volt, additional transformer needed) Moba 68 Dimensions: 1755mm (69.2") ↔ 1540mm (60.7") ↕ 1100mm (43.7") height Weight 125 kg (270 lbs) Capacity: 3000 eggs/hour Infeed conveyor: double row Candling: 2x23 Watt PL lamp+mirror 1 or 2 operator(s) Grades: 4 or 7 Accuracy +/- 1 gram Power 230Volt 1-phase, 50Hz or 60Hz (in case of 110 Volt, additional transformer needed) Moba 88 Dimensions: 1755mm (69.2") ↔ 1540mm (60.7") ↕ (ex.accumulator) 1100mm (43.7") height Weight 150 kg (325 lbs) Capacity: 4500 eggs/hour Infeed conveyor:double row Candling: 2x18Watt TL lamp+mirror 2 operators Grades: 4 or 7 Accuracy +/- 1 gram Power 230Volt 1-phase, 50Hz or 60Hz (in case of 110 Volt, additional transformer needed) Moba 9B Dimensions: 4900 mm (193") ↔ (without loader) 3620 mm (142,5") ↕ (without loader) 1200 mm (47,3") height approx. Weight 1400 kg (3035 lbs) Capacity: 14,400 eggs per hour Infeed conveyor: 6 row wide Candling: optional 4/5 operators Grades: 7 Accuracy +/- 1 gram Power consumption: 1,5KVA maximum Voltage: 200-230V or 380-420V, 3ph, 50Hz or 60Hz. Moba continually endeavours to improve its products and reserves the right to change specifications without previous notice Moba B.V. (Headoffice) P.O. Box 7, 3770 AA Barneveld • Stationsweg 117,The Netherlands • T: +31 (0) 342 455 655 • F: +31 (0) 342 455 634 • E: For worldwide offices and agents’ network, please look at Creation08|2008Revision10|2008