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Master of Ceremony Script- Informal Style


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Yamistha 2012 Management fest- Cultural Night MC Script is written in informal style as the function was also informal. All the events are planned and rehearsed.

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Master of Ceremony Script- Informal Style

  1. 1. Yamistha 2012 Management Fest – Cultural Evening 1st June 2012 CET MBA MC Script – Informal Style Events DJ Groove Dance by Kiran and team Dance by CET SHOW STOPPERS Variety Solo Dance by Rehan Solo song by Isha Menon CET MBA EXPRESS Eccentric elocution by Rehan CET MBA commercial Give me a chance cover up Solo Violin Melody by Harilal Hungama Dance mix by Rehan & Team Launch of Yamistha T-shirt Faculty has got talent Alumni Speak Anandathandavaaaaaaa Belli: What a wonderful evening this is…. Ruben: Yeah after a long day full of games and activity, everyone seems to be so tired
  2. 2. Belli: I have been waiting for this moment…. Ruben: What moment Belli: The moment of songs, dance, and a lot of FUN Ruben: Then what are we waiting for? Let us start the programme Belli: Yeah No one came here to listen to our conversation Ruben (angry): You started this Belli (defensive): Me? Hello, I was just ice breaking <Mean while pre-planned commenter’s from audience starts giving comments> Start The Programme !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DJ Groove Dance Belli (energetic): Hey everybody…………….. Are you ready ? Audience: YES ! YES! YES Ruben (full voice): Are You ready to rock on ? Audience: YES! YES! Belli (full voice): Ready to dance and break the floor ? Audience: YES! YES! YES! Ruben (Full voice): Ready to sing and blast your throat ? Audience: YES ! YES! YES Belli (excited): Gear up Ruben (thrilled): Hustle up Belli (shout): Rock on ! ! ! Ruben: Lets set GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <Background DJ music - full volume. A dancing mob enters and MC’s dance away to backstage……> 5 minutes of energetic dance and music
  3. 3. DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end of dance) Audience applauds CET SHOW STOPPERS Belli: Wasn’t it an amazing beginning ? Audience: YES ! YES! Ruben: Want some more ? Audience: YES! YES! Ruben: Tighten your shoes Belli: Here comes the CET SHOW STOPPERS Ruben: the fame of CET Belli: The dancing bulls Ruben: If you never saw them dance Belli: You missed it all Ruben: CET SHOW STOPPERS Belli: CET SHOW Stoppers <Stage light goes off> Audience: CET SHOW STOPPERS ! CET SHOW STOPPERS ! CET SHOW STOPPERS ! CET SHOW STOPPERS ! <DJ music + Laser show + Light effects+ CET SHOW Stoppers pops out one by one> 8 minutes of vibrant dance DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end of dance) <Light goes off> Variety Dance
  4. 4. When light comes, an eccentric student Rehan is on stage, he is dancing in funny way and makes the crowd laugh. Note: This eccentric student must be popular in college MC’s come in a WHAT TO DO LOOK on face Belli: Whoaa I have never seen such a.. a… a… different kind off dance Ruben: Yeah…. Thank You Thank You Rehan Let’s take some rest! Rehan grabs the mike and shouts at audience: Do U wanna see more steps? Audience Mocks and encourage him. He dances little more and falls down. Pre-planned Red Cross team come and takes him stretcher. Audience laughs off. MC’s embarrassed. Rehan Shouts I will be back with more steps. Audience again Laughs MC’s look each other with WHERE DO THEY COME FROM look on face Solo Song Belli: Ha…. Such a show, such an amazing beginning Audience shouts and cheers Ruben Checks the programme list Ruben: We have dance, songs, entertainments etc etc on list Belli: why don’t we hear a beautiful song Ruben: yeah a Song by Isha Menon Audience cheers as they hear Isha’s name. Note: Isha is one of the popular singer in the college. Belli: a melodious song, her signature song Ruben: Guys just sit back now, because Isha will take you into a new world with her sweet voice. <Light dims, melodious music from the Tamil Movie- Kadal- Nenjukulle…..
  5. 5. When Isha starts singing lights fade in….. Slow light shows…. Song for 6 minutes MC’s come on stage. Isha is still standing. Audience applauds Ruben has I M IN LOVE look on face and looks at ISHA Audience laughs off with Rubens expression. DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end of song) CET MBA EXPRESS Ruben wakes up. Audience giggles Belli: Wow as usual Isha you are simply superb Ruben: and loving…. Audience giggles Ruben:…. Loving song…. Superb Belli: Everybody do love this song…. Audience: YES! YES Ruben: Do you love her….. VOICE Audience laughs and gives salute to the singer Isha bows down and say thank you. Isha leaves….. Belli: Now comes the most awaited show…. Belli waiting for Ruben to say his point Ruben still looking at Isha as she walks away to the backstage…. Audience giggles
  6. 6. Belli (shouts): Ruben…. Ruben looks at her Belli: it is time to move on…… Ruben looks at programme list again and hustle up… Ruben: Yes we are now moving on to CET MBA EXPRESS Audience shouts and get excited….. Note: CET MBA EXPRESS is a comedy skit played by students criticizing the college events, programmes, teachers, practices etc in CET in a sarcastic and hilarious way. CET MBA EXPRESS highlights the usual and unusual happening in CET. This is also used as a platform to express students view point as there is wider reach and appreciation from other students. Also it is an eye opener, sometimes problem creator. <Light dims…. CET MBA EXPRESS narrator takes over the charge. When he narrates the stage is set in lime light. CET MBA EXPRESS starts its journey……> 20 minutes comedy skit Audience laughs, giggles and is thrilled when some truth is criticized, events are portrayed A sarcastic ending to the skit DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end of skit) Eccentric Elocution Audience applauds When Light comes, the eccentric Rehan is on stage searching for mike and finding one. Rehan gives a 2 minutes speech on his experience in CET MBA. He highlights certain events mentioned in CET MBA EXPRESS in a funny way. It is his experience so a funny personal touch makes it even more funny. MC’s come from backstage in a READY TO KILL expression Audience laughs and Rehan realizes that MC’s are back and he has less time. He even criticize MC’s and escapes from the hand of MC’s. Audience burst out of laughter as Ruben runs behind Rehan to catch him.
  7. 7. Belli remains on stage and embarrassed. Belli: I think it is time for us to take a short break. Light goes off CET MBA Commercial CET MBA commercial music plays in background Note:- CET MBA Commercial is just like a TV commercial, projected on screen. This is specially created and directed by Marketing students. The actors are CET MBA students. Here famous and new TV ads PARODY is given. The Top 5 ads in YAMISTHA management fest along with CET MBA parody ads are 10 minute Parody Ads by CET MBA + Winner ads of Yamistha Management Fest (The ads sequence are in alternating way. (i.e, one CET MBA ad followed by 1 winner ad) Thought provoking and hilarious ad DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end of Ads) Audience applauds Light comes Give me a chance cover up The eccentric student Rehan is tied on to chair and Ruben is sweating. Belli comes in a WTF* look on face. (As the following dialogue happens, stage is set in the background for next programme) Belli: What on earth are you doing? Ruben: I m tired of this guy, he always steals my show. I do all pain in sequencing and arranging events and finally Rehan appears from nowhere and do whatever he wants on stage. Rehan: I just need a chance Belli: For what Rehan: I m a good dancer
  8. 8. Audience laughs Belli: We have seen your dance Ruben: It is not upto our mark Rehan: It is a different style Belli: We have other programmes and we don’t want a solo dance Rehan: I will bring my team MC’s are shocked Rehan: Give me one chance Ruben: So you just want to dance. Ok, let the audience decide. Belli; Hey all, Do you want Rehan and his team to dance here ? Audienc: YES! YES! Give him a chance MC’s are again shocked but hide their expression Ruben unties Rehan Audience cheers and encourage Ruben: Buddy, you have 10 minutes to gather your team and dance. Now you can go… Rehan flees Solo Violin Melody Belli: what an eventful night Ruben: Let us tune into the musical world again. Belli: Ladies and gentlemen Ruben: Friends and brothers Belli looks at Ruben. Audience giggles Belli: Let us tune into the musical magical world of Harilal Krishna Audience Wooo as they hear the name Note:- Harilal Krishna is popular for his instrument (Violin) music.
  9. 9. 10 minute Violin melody Audience applauds Ruben claps and comes to the stage Harilal plays violin in tune to Rubens clap Belli claps in a different way Harilal plays in that note So on musical battle goes and dancers also joins Harilal plays according to dancers tap It becomes intense battle Harilal defeats them by his signature end Audience enjoys the show Finally DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end of violin melody) Audience gives a standing ovation to Harilal for his performance All except MC’s leaves the stage. Hungama Dance Mix Belli: time has come…. Ruben: we still have shows pending Belli: I mean to say it is time for Rehan and his team’s dance Ruben: Oh I thought he was just kidding. <Dj music + Old Tamil song funny Remix > Mc’s stands apart. Rehan and his team give a funny dance Note: this dance is pre- planned, in the end of dance MC’s also joins and give their funny moves. It is a 10 minute dance with contemporary, modern, funny style blend
  10. 10. DING ( Sound of a special bell marking the end of dance) Dancers freeze in last position as they hear the bell Audience applauds and Rehan and his team leave the stage in robotic style Belli: I never thought this could be so amazing Ruben: Rehan… you are stole my show ! Audience applauds Launch of Yamistha T-shirts Belli: Yamistha- Managing at its best. This is our first management fest and it is all ready rocking. Isn’t it? Audienc: YES! YES! Ruben: Let us launch something in this historic event of CET MBA Belli: I invite director of CET MBA Dr Mohanchandran to launch the Yamistha T-shirts (As director comes to stage promo of Yamistha T-shirt film is projected on screen.) Director launches the T-shirt. MC’s wears the T-shirt and also persuade the director to wear it Audience applaud as director wears the same Also audience wears the T-shirt Note: This is pre planned and audience were given T-shirt earlier Fashion Parade < Background music of Parade!> Belli: Yes it is time for parade ! Ruben: What Parade Belli: Fashion Parade Background music becomes high and Fashion Parade begins
  11. 11. Note: Fashion parade is done by special team and has a unique theme. In between Rehan and Mc’s also joins the parade so as to entertain the audience. 15 minutes Parade goes on… DING (Sound of a special bell marking the end of Parade) Audience applauds Faculty has got talent Belli: So far we have seen the performance of CET MBA students Ruben: Students have got talents Belli: Faculty also have Talent Ruben: Oh really Belli: Ruben have not hear the songs by Nightingale of CET MBA faculty Audience Woos as they know the Singer in faculty Ruben: Simmy Mam ……. Audience cheers as they hear her name Note: This is also pre-planned. However MC’s are persuading and escorting Simmy Mam from audience to the stage. Audience encourages her Simmy Mam gives a small intro and then sings for 3 minutes DING (Sound of a special bell marking the end of song) Alumni Speak Audience applauds and cheers her Belli: That was a lovely song Mam Ruben: I Love your song Mam Belli: You rocks! Am I right? Audience applauds Ruben: Friend time is ticking and we are almost coming to the end of programme
  12. 12. Belli: Before that our privileged Alumni has to say something to us Ruben: Mr Abhilash Kumar, who has passed out from CET MBA in the year 2010 got placed in IBS as Management trainee. Now he is the Project Manager of the same company. He is here with us today. Belli: I invite our sophomore Mr Abhilash to speak a few words Abhilash gives an insightful speech for 5 minutes DING (Sound of a special bell marking the end of speech) Anandathandavaaaaaa Audience applauds Belli: Thank You Senior Ruben: I m inspired Belli: That was really good Ruben: thank You once again Belli: Now we move on to final destination Ruben: hostel? Belli: No I mean we move on to our final event of today’s cultural fest Belli & Ruben : Anandathandavu Belli: We have our all star DJ Savio to rock you all Ruben: Everybody tighten up your shoes, we will have our final DJ mix show. Exclusive for Belli: Dancing Ruben: shouting Belli: Singing Ruben: Howling Bellli: Anandaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ruben: Thandavaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. 13. (Heavy Background DJ music begins) DJ show goes on for 30 minutes. Audience shouts and howl…. Highlights of CET MBA Yamistha 2014- Management fest is projected on screen with fading music Ruben: Wasn’t it an awesome show Audience shouts & howls Belli: Don’t you love this show Audience shouts & howls Ruben: Yamistha Rocks…….. Audience shouts & howls Belli: Yamistha Rocks……. Audience shouts & howls Audience shouts & howls Ruben: Before going we have to thank many for organizing and helping this event Belli: we thank the management Ruben: We thank the College authorities Belli: We thank teaching and non teaching staff Ruben: We thank all performers Belli: we thank each and every one of you Ruben: Thank you everybody (Background music scores high) Audience disperses slowly
  14. 14. Note: All the events in the show are planned even though MC’s acts in certain events as if it was unplanned.