Customer satisfaction for Fastrack watches


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Customer satisfaction for Fastrack watches- a mini project taken during the academic year 2012.

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Customer satisfaction for Fastrack watches

  1. 1. Researcher: Belli P K S2 MBA Under the guidance of: Asst Prof Dhanya J S Department of business administration
  2. 2.  Olden days watches were a need, but now it has become an icon for style.  From need it became a demand  So the customer satisfaction plays an important role in the watch industry also  Timex, citizen and Titan are the leading brands in India  Fastrack is a sub brand of Titan  Fastrack has become a fashion statement since its inception
  3. 3. Titan is a joint venture between the Tata Group, and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). Titan Watch division was started in 1987.  Its product portfolio includes watches, accessories and jewellery, in both contemporary and traditional designs.  Fastrack is the brand for the young generation which is part of the Titan brand.  Fastrack was launched in 1998  promoted with the slogan "Cool Watches from Titan”  Fastrack has an established brand image for quality, price and ranges of style it offers. 
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  5. 5.  To understand the existing product quality in Fastrack watches.  To investigate whether the product quality of Fastrack watches is capable of addressing all demands made by customer.  To identify the difference between Expectation & Perception of customers in product quality offered by Fastrack watches.  To understand about the customer satisfaction for Fastrack watches.
  6. 6.  The study aims at identifying the extend to which the product quality of a watch affects its competitiveness  The outcome of the study reveals the current perception about the watches rooted in the minds of the customers which could be useful in formulating the strategies in future operations of the company, for the attainment of its goals in this competitive scenario.
  7. 7.  adopted Non-probability sampling.  SAMPLE SIZE 50 respondents are chosen as a sample size for the study.  DATA COLLECTION Target Audience: Fastrack watches customers in CET campus, Sreekaryam, Trivandrum Area of Study: CET campus, Sreekaryam region.  Statistical tools applied: Chi square, percentage analysis
  8. 8. For evaluating the quality of customer satisfaction of Fastrack watches, a number of critical variables are selected for conducting an in depth analysis. The results of the analysis are presented in the following sections.
  9. 9. 56 60 PERCENTAGE OF THE RESPONDENT 50 40 30 22 20 20 10 2 0 Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
  10. 10. 46 50 PERCENTAGE OF THE RESPONDENT 45 40 35 30 30 20 25 20 15 10 4 5 0 Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
  11. 11. Fastrack watches are good than its competitors  Fastrack watches and other Titan brands only differ in price range  Fastrack watches are affordable.  Fastrack should better its customer care with more pleasing nature, willing to help them etc in order to attain the customer satisfaction.  Majority of customers are satisfied with product range of brand.  Fastrack watches website have excellent rating and it can be further improved again by including detailed information of various vouchers, offers & promotions related to their products 
  12. 12.  Website of Fastrack can be improved again  implement online ordering and selling.  service personnel should be given proper training  Fastrack should improve its customer service quality to retain and satisfy customers
  13. 13. On the growing influence of globalization on the Indian watch industry, a number of global manufacturers are coming into the Indian watch industry. In such a dynamic environment Fastrack need to be more quality conscious since the products offered are almost similar by all the watch manufacturers in the industry. Fastrack needs to take serious efforts to make itself competitive and stable in the dynamic market situation by focusing on the service quality aspects.
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