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  1. 1. Some allow you to change the Some allow you to manipulate background of an image the sizes of various images
  2. 2. The technologies can be used .... as well as the colour of text to change the background and titles colour....
  3. 3. The technologies can help When put together, the make the images look more technologies can producedetailed; e.g. glow / stroke, etc. professional products.
  4. 4. Quark Xpress TechnologiesContents Page and Double Page Spread
  5. 5. Some technologies vary from the amount of pages that the they allow Contents Page Double Page Spread
  6. 6. Quark Xpress technologies allow you to import photographs as well Photoshop Contents Page Double Page Spread
  7. 7. They can also manipulate the text size and style with the technologies given Contents Page Double Page Spread
  8. 8. They can also change the way things are laid out and set up as well Contents Page Double Page Spread