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Question 2


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Question 2

  1. 1. Emma Riddiough Q2. EvaluationI believe that I have represented my particular social groups (35 years plus), throughmy front cover image; the actual person and article that Ive interviewed for mydouble page spread; and my completed contents page. The attitude of my front cover image that I chose, helps me to reflect theattitude of the audience, as people who express themselves as being laid-back.However, the body language and actual clothing the front cover artist as well, alsoconveys the laid-back attitude as well. The gender of my chosen front cover artist,helps to identify the type of gender who would be most willingly interested, inbuying an easy-listening magazine genre as well; e.g. male. The background of mymagazine front cover also helps to express the age group of my target audience; thecircles getting smaller and smaller gives the view of going back in time, as does thechosen colour of purple. As for my magazine contents page, I have represented various social groupsthroughout the whole of my creation, in both my images and my regular/featurearticles. I have used images in which consist of the Liverpool Front Scene, and peopleof a young generation, as well as images such as records and other musical items,found in the earlier generation as well. As for the articles, I have used artists thatboth the younger and older generations have either known, or heard of, making itavailable and appealing towards both social groups. However, the colours that I usedfor my contents page may appeal more towards older social groups, especially whenthe colours are black, brown, or white. My double page spread article background also helps to convey my magazinegenre. This is because my background gives me, as well as the readers, the idea thatfor this particular article is laid back, as is the person I interviewed. Also, theparticular types of questions that I did ask John were quite formal and personaltowards him, which resulted in my article being in question form, instead of being anactual article. The photograph that I used for double paged article, helped torepresent my target group as well as others, by showing just how far the article that Iwrote went back, and if I were to expand on my other cover lines, how far theyd goback as well. The font style that I also used also expressed what social group I intended todo my magazine for; e.g. Century/Century Gothic, Times New Roman, etc.