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Question 1

  1. 1. The font style that I have used is The title of my The title consists of unique and appears nowhere magazine is the biggest only a one lettered else inside of the magazine; e.g. text on my front cover word ‘Bookman Old Style’ A positioning statement is being used that links itself I have included the with my chosen genre Issue Date / Number (rock/easy-listening) and the Price of the magazine I have set the cover lines to the side of the main coverimage in order for customers to see the image clearly My magazine front cover lines are set in columns in order to Image and Main Headline make my magazine identify the main article in look neater and my music magazine for this more professional particular issue I have placed the barcode on the front cover of my magazine as I have used a there is an advertisement colour scheme of on the back that a purple, red and company has paid for white By using ‘PLUS’ on the front cover, I’m identifying what other articles are inside of my magazine
  2. 2. A website address isVarious headlines are used used and the issue date to separate the various of the magazine is articles of the magazine contained in the top right hand corner of the page Page numbers are going down the side of the contents page It has a maximum number of 5 Shows that text is images going down in columns Page numbers are placed in the bottom right hand corners of the 5 separate images, linking them each to an individual article Includes a maximum of three columns, the same amount used in a professional magazine
  3. 3. Headline gives us an Headline is the biggest insight into what the text on the double page articles about spread Is the secondMy interview biggest text on thephotograph article and alsotakes up half works alongside theof my double headline as wellpage spread Gives credit to the interviewer, and gives the reader an insight to what the interviewers likeImage shows Style and font size the genre of change throughout my music the magazine magazine My interview consists of 940 words (usually about 1000 in a professional written article) The image bleeds onto the I’ve placed numbers on the other page of my article bottom of my article stating clearly what page it’s on