Magazine screen grabs


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Magazine screen grabs

  1. 1. Emma RiddioughDIARY SCREEN GRABS
  2. 2. Monday 26th November, 2012• Set up the appropriate measurements for my magazine• I chose a background for my cover instead of leaving it transparent• Chose the appropriate image for my magazine from the ones that Itook and started to insert it
  3. 3. Tuesday 27th November, 2012• I successfully imported my chosen photograph for my magazine front cover• I enlargened the image by pressing ‘Ctrl T’ and kept a hold down on ‘Shift’and dragging on the image• Successfully changed the background and added glow around the borderof my front cover image• I typed in and changed the text of my magazine title from Arial toBookman Old Style
  4. 4. Thursday 29th November, 2012• I stretched the title by pressing ‘Ctrl T’ and keep hold of the ‘Shift’ button• I manipulated the colour of my music magazine front cover title to fit themy colour scheme• I was also able to type in my positioning statement, and alsomanipulate the colour of the changed font as well
  5. 5. Friday 30th November, 2012• I have managed to place both my issue date, issue number andprice, and all are on the same consistent line• I have also managed to successfully start typing up the cover lines formy magazine front cover
  6. 6. • Finished putting on all of my cover lines onto my magazine front cover• Completed my main headline to go with my chosen front cover• Manipulated the texts colour• Inserted a strap line and started to manipulate its colour
  7. 7. Monday 3rd December, 2012• Successfully manipulated the strap lines colour• Inserted a text box for my strap lines text• Managed to complete my strap line• Imported my barcode• Completed my music magazine front cover
  8. 8. Tuesday 4th December, 2012• I set up my contents page and double page spread pages• I inserted a text box and started to manipulate it so that itcorresponds with my chosen colour scheme
  9. 9. Thursday 6th December, 2012• Typed in ‘CONTENTS’, resized it, and changed its font• Changed the colour of the text to brown• Wrote in the date of my magazine along with its web address• Changed the colour from white to brown
  10. 10. Friday 7th December, 2012• I switched the text from Arial to Century• Successfully entered the page numbers for my feature and regular articles• Started and successfully completed writing up and all of my regular andfeature articles• Changed the font style from Century to Century Gothic for both numbersand cover lines
  11. 11. Monday 10th December, 2012• Inserted all 5 image boxes for the 5 separate images that I took relating tomy chosen music genre which is rock• I started to insert the numbers into the bottom right corner in order tolink the images to 5 different articles
  12. 12. Tuesday 11th December, 2012• Successfully created all of my numbers to link to the necessary articles•Started to import my photographs onto my contents page•Finally completed my contents page
  13. 13. Thursday 13th December, 2012• Started to work on my double page spread•Imported my interview photograph• Started working on the title for my article
  14. 14. Monday 17th December, 2012•Completed the title for my article• Manipulated the colour of my title• Started work on my Stand First• Completed my Stand First
  15. 15. Tuesday 18th December, 2012• Imported my interview• Put it into 3 columns• Completed my double page spread
  16. 16. Monday 14th January, 2013• Changed ‘Feature Articles’ to ‘Features’• Capitalised ‘Features’ so that it makes that particular section stand out
  17. 17. Tuesday 15th January, 2013 • Changed the positioning of my barcode • Added more information onto my strap line • Added a stroke to the title of my magazine Monday 21st January, 2013 • Changed the positioning of my images • Resized my regular and feature articles • Changed the colour of my page numbers • Repositioned the page numbers on my five contents images
  18. 18. Tuesday 22nd January, 2013• Redid my interview image and manipulated it• Rewrote my stand first and interview• Manipulated the colour of the writing throughout my article• Changed the image size and background of my article• Placed a page number at the bottom of the article•Put my interview over the shoulder so as to link the pages together Thursday 24th & Friday 25th January, 2013 I worked on my evaluation
  19. 19. Tuesday 29th January, 2013 • Resized my issue date, number and price to a size of 11pt • Switched ‘GRACE SLICK: Interview On Tour’ and ‘Bob Dylan: History Revealed’ so that ‘GRACE SLICK: Interview On Tour’ wouldn’t get caught in the glow o the image • Redid my Strapline so it didn’t contain artists already contained on the front cover • Made sure that my cover lines were all lined up correctly in the same column• Repositioned my contents title, thewebsite and issue date on the page• Redid the page numbers containedon the five pictures• Made the image of Liverpoolbigger so it took up the space at thebottom of the page
  20. 20. • Resized the title for my magazine article• Made ‘THE CEE-JAYS’ and my Standfirst bold• Sorted out my actual article; e.g. Made sure it was the right font sizefor my magazine and made sure that it fitted the whole of my page.•Repositioned all of my text so it was within the guidelines• Rewrote my page number so it contained the name of mymagazine, and the issue date• Changed the font of the name , issue date and page number toBookman Old Style as well Thursday 31st & Friday 1st February, 2013 I worked on my evaluation