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Tempro - Innovative Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis

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Tempro - Innovative Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis

  1. 1. Innovative Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis CPPS/1015/hila/eng TECHNOLOGY FOR UROLOGY and more Dedicated to providing physicians worldwide with innovative high- technology devices. Direx marks nearly 30 years of high technology innovation during which we have offered advanced and unique therapeutic technologies in urology. Since the groundbreaking introduction in 1986, of the world’s first modular and compact SWL system, further innovations have been introduced to the market including: • Linear Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction • Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcer • Dual-head shockwave lithotripsy • Transurethral RF bipolar treatment for BPH and prostate disease • Stationary patient SWL with Integra, incorporating In-line and On-line fluoroscopy • Holmium lasers for lithotripsy with “Fibrex” optical fiber To date, thousands of such devices have been installed in over 70 countries worldwide. These units are supported by trained and experienced service professionals. *Tempro for prostatitis not yet CE marked Asia Japan - Direx Japan K.K. Tokyo Tel: +81 3 5807 3111 Fax: +81 3 5807 3112 E-Mail: China Service Center Tel: +86 1350 1253 413 E-mail: India Direx Systems Ltd. Chennai Tel: +91 44 426 12703/4 Fax: +91 44 426 12705 E-Mail: Korea - Direx Korea Co. Ltd. Seoul Tel: +82 2 565 4793 (4794, 4795) Fax: +82-2-565-4743 E-Mail: United States USA - Direx Systems Corp. Canton, MA Tel: +1 339 502 6013 Toll Free: 888 824 7837 Fax: +1 339 502 6018 E-Mail: Latin America Argentina - Direx Argentina Buenos Aires Tel: +54 11 5278 5964 Fax: +54 11 4032 0171 E-Mail: Brazil - Direx Do Brasil Ltda. Rua Alegre, 437 - B. Barcelona São Caetano do Sul - SP Tel: +55 11 4223-5070 E-Mail: Mexico - Direx De Mexico Mexico City Tel: +52 55 5519 7467 Fax: +52 55 5519 7102 E-Mail: Europe European Headquarters - Direx Systems GmbH Wiesbaden, Germany Tel: +49 180 215 2152 Fax: +49 180 215 1151 E-mail: Distribution Direx distributes its products in over 70 countries worldwide. Direct sales offices are listed below. For contact details of distributors in other countries, please contact:
  2. 2. Bipolar RF Technology for CPPS Treatment  Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, often resulting in swelling or pain. The term prostatitis is defined as microscopic inflammation of the tissue of the prostate gland, which spans a broad range of clinical conditions. Overtheyears,prostatitishasbeensubdividedintoanumber of categories, but today commonly accepted variations of the disease include nonbacterial, acute, and chronic. Prostatitis is a disease causing intense pain and discomfort to males between the ages of 25-55. Existing treatments in present market are insufficient in effectively relieving symptoms The latest approach to prostatitis treatment is "Thermotherapy" - a method of treating the prostate via heat which either eliminates or alleviates prostatitis symptoms. A safe and effective treatment is the Tempro thermal treatment, performed with the help of radio frequency waves, which create a controlled heat to the prostatic tissue. Tempro treatment presents an innovative approach of thermal RF treatment. Tempro treatment offers a unique bipolar RF technology which leads to a personalized treatment for each patient according to its Prostatic Urethra Length (PUL). Tempro treatment is safe and effective and does not require cooling systems or rectal temperature probes. Tempro thermal treatment showed improved quality of life for many patients. Tempro thermotherapy offers treatment with pain-sensitivity profiles for the individual patient. The treatment may be performed with high, medium or low heating profiles to maximize patient comfort during treatment. The treatment area is chosen according to the Prostate Urethra Length (PUL) for localized treatment, by applying energy to different electrodes. Tempro treatment incorporates a unique computer controlled RF generator which enables bipolar treatment. Tempro treatment procedure is short and simple.  Unique Features The unique features of Tempro include the 6-ring electrode, mounted on a silicone coated 16 FR latex foley catheter. Three simultaneous temperature controls measure the highest prostate treatment temperature during treatment. The temperature time graphs are constantly displayed on the screen, ensuring control over the treatment. Bipolar technology enables concentrated RF energy transmission to the prostate with minimal energy delivery to the surrounding tissue. RF energy used in Tempro allows predictable heat patterns without hot spots. Due to the small diameter of the treatment applicator, its insertion is smooth and painless. Tempro possesses a unique bipolar radio-frequency energy source. Tempro applicator can be adjusted to different prostate lengths by activating a variable number of rings according to prostate urethra length. Tempro applicator has 3 sensors which continuously monitor the prostates maximum temperature. The controlling computer will automatically shut down the system if an abnormality occurs. Treatment by Tempro does not need any anesthesia/sedation and is performed in a single session in a doctor's office with analgesia. Tempro device is mobile, easy to operate and is fully equipped with a computerized control and printer for printing of patients' summary forms and files; including post-treatment and statistical analysis of results. User friendly treatment software with continuous temperature monitoring  Distinctive Advantages • RF energy has safe and predictable heat distribution • Tempro applicator has 3 sensors which monitor the prostate max. temperature • Due to Bipolar RF delivery, heating is concentrated only around the prostate • In-office procedure, single session • Low rate of post treatment catheterization • 16FR latex foley catheter based applicator • No need for cooling or rectal monitoring • Anesthesia/sedation free treatment