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MMF Special Offer


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MMF Special Offer

  1. 1. A new way to manage your digital distribution. Experience it now using our pay-to-distribute platform, Zimbalam, for free.
  2. 2. Believe Digital – The leading digital distributor of independent music in Europe Believe Digital is the leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists & labels in Europe. We provide bespoke digital solutions starting with distribution and incorporating promotion, marketing, strong analytics and sales data that allows labels to react to market intelligence and maximise sales. A 3% to 10% market share in key European territories (Believe achieved a 27% market share ahead of Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI in France in June 2009 with 10 albums and 3 singles in the top 50 digital albums and singles charts) 20 top 10 charted albums and singles across Europe in the past 18 months alone, including 8 number 1s. Over £18 million in royalties paid out since 2005 They trust us... Labels: Tigersushi, Analog Africa, Kill the DJ, Fargo, Buda Music, Cadenza, EPM, Active Entertainment, StudioCanal, Versatile, Milan, Scorpio, Unique Records, DJ Center, Comet Records, Makasound… Artists: Gotan Project, The Futureheads, Chew Lips, Lowkey, Gabby Young & Other Animals, Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti, Tony Allen, Lisa Hannigan, John Smith, Navin Kundra, Luciano, Gonzales, DJ Cam, MC Solaar, Soko, Bob Sinclar, Minitel Rose, The Brute Chorus, Ravi Shankar, Tinariwen, Cesaria Evora, Gloria Gaynor, Barbara Hendrick, Alela Diane,Laura Vane & The Vipertones, The Sweet Vandals, Travis Blaque, Diesler, VNV Nation, Mulatu Astatke, ChineseMan, Guru, Jazz Liberatorz, Birdy Nam Nam, Victor Démé…
  3. 3. So, what can we do for you? Dedicated product Strategic music Coordination of online managers specialising marketing to build up and offline marketing in all musical genres release strategy & promotion in the (timing, pricing, UK, Europe & globally promotion…) Music professionals Knowledge and Experience Passionate, knowledgeable and experienced music- • Digital marketing loving staff, because selling digital music is first and • Online and offline promotion foremost about selling music • Technology An in-depth understanding of local music markets One centralised contact to coordinate integrated to properly position your release release solutions across major territories
  4. 4. Market-leading technology – Take control of your music We provide you with the tools to take your music further. Automatic YouTube integration – Earn advertising revenues and automatically generate buy-now links anywhere your music is used. iTunes pre-order + booklet delivery – Available for every release through our easy-entry system. Believe Band – Free artist/label profiles with CRM capabilities and advanced analytics. Centralise your online presence. Daily sales reports – Exclusive access to daily iTunes sales data for everyone Update your catalogue – Want to run a special offer? Change the price of a release? Add more stores? Automated deliveries and time-sensitive pricing updates available through easy-entry. Analytics – Use the Believe player to understand your audience; where they are, what tracks they like, who’s buying your music etc. In real time. eCRM – Automatically collect email addresses and communicate with your fans. Understand who is opening your emails, where and who’s buying what!
  5. 5. Market-leading promotion widgets for each artist WIDGETS Automatically generated for each release (saving you time and self-promotion costs) SMART LINK SYSTEM An innovative geo-location system for ‘buy-now’ links (based on IP/music genre) to increase online sales in each country eCRM SOLUTION Complete with email capture, contact management and advanced email builder… to generate direct from fan sales Advanced Analytics Understand who is streaming your music and clicking your links, in real time, on a global basis
  6. 6. Believe Connect, an advanced eCRM solution to manage your relationship with your customers COLLECT NEW CONTACTS Collect email addresses from your fans with the Believe player and using your BelieveBand profile IMPORT EXISTING CONTACTS Import all your existing contacts and mailing lists via .csv and webmail address-books. TURN EMAIL ADDRESSES INTO CUSTOMERS Drive your fan base to purchase your music with automated free MP3s, regular competitions, news, exclusive updates and more. ADVANCED ANALYTICS A complete CRM tool providing detailed data for emails opened, click rates, Bounced emails, unsubscribers and more. Understand who your fans really are, where they are and what they are buying.
  7. 7. Your music on Advertising revenues Earn revenues from videos you use or automatically receive royalties from others who use your music to soundtrack their own videos. Sales revenues Buy-now links to your music on iTunes and eMusic are automatically generated on your own and others’ videos. Customisation A selection of new options available for your channel Know your audience Detailed demographical information for your YouTube users (age, sex, location)
  8. 8. BelieveBand – a centralised presence for your online activity Advanced Analytics See who is viewing your page, from where. CRM Capabilities Set up auto-delivery of free MP3s and easily collect addresses. Centralise your online presence All your music in one place with news, gig listings, Youtube and CRM integration. All coupled with detailed usage statistics.
  9. 9. We provide you with unparalleled analytics: Real Time Reporting View daily sales and streaming reports from iTunes, eMusic, 7Digital, Beatport, Deezer, Spotify and many others Localisation of sales Understand where your music is selling on a region-by-region basis
  10. 10. You control and monitor where, when & how your music is distributed as well as what it costs Select which stores and territories to sell your music in and monitor the status of distribution in real time.
  11. 11. Engage your fanbase, establish direct relationships and increase your sales Build your own fanbase We help you understand your fans You keep your fans engaged Easily import existing contacts from We organize contests to help you get Transform your fans’ interest into direct Excel, Gmail, Yahoo! accounts… more information about your fans relationships, generate digital music, (where they live, who they are, their merchandise and ticket sales… with our Use the free Believe Widgets to get interests…) advanced emailing tools more fans and collect data We centralise this information and make Analyse your returns with open rates, click it available to you with the tools to rates, purchase rates and more… contact your fanbase
  12. 12. A dedicated team of online marketing professionals... Advanced knowledge and experience in online marketing to coordinate global online purchases Our pan-European partnership with Google has allowed us to develop specific widget players compatible with their advertising network and targeted campaigns to drive impressions on the most relevant websites and digital sales through direct links. A web promotion department in each office • In contact with all major digital media: YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace, Facebook… and key music sites and bloggers; • Experts in maximising the use of social networks in conjunction with promotion as part of a global release strategy to maximise sales.
  13. 13. ...Combined with trade marketing expertise and marketing-driven technology We are the only distributor with the power to provide Daily sales reports. • Close working relationships between our local offices and local teams for the major digital music services. • A team dedicated to increasing HTML widgets with ‘smartlink’ sales • Sales from your back catalogue: driving, unrivalled analytics and powerful new compilations, special offers, eCRM capabilities to better understand promotions... and interact with your fans
  14. 14. See for yourself... For a limited time, you can get to know Believe for one year completely free and experience the platform as a ‘light’ user through our Zimbalam service, usually a pay-to-distribute platform. Reach a network of dozens of stores, pre-release your music, check your royalties in real time and more. Simply upload a release using the code: MMF2010 and receive 100% of your royalties and pay no fees whatsoever.
  15. 15. So, there you have it. 1 year. 100% royalties. No fees. What’s next? Once you’ve had a chance to get to know our basic system, you have three choices: 1/ Stick with Zimbalam! If your release doesn’t need trade marketing or promotion or if you have the ability to promote your music directly to the key digital stores yourself... We’ll deduct an annual fee from your sales each year moving forward (and only if it sells) and you’re free to add as many other releases as you like, for a low up-front fee using our Zimbalam service. 2/ Take your release down. Not impressed? Looking for a different option? No harm done! We put your release up for free, we’ll take it down for free too. Just drop us a line and it will be done. 3/ Or, if you want access to the many additional services and advanced tools available to you from Believe...
  16. 16. …Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. Label Manager Believe Digital UK +44 (0) 207 036 8723 Label Manager Believe Digital UK +44 (0) 207 036 8724 Trade Marketing & Product Manager Believe Digital UK +44 (0) 207 036 8722