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How to teach a kid to read with their own study skills


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Published in: Self Improvement, Education
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How to teach a kid to read with their own study skills

  2. 2. Reading is a essential skill in which everyone of us must have, reading is essential as a human because it is a skilled where in we understand and communicate to each words from every language we have in this world. We see lots of words, sentences and paragraphs everyday as we wake up from numbers to letter. That is how reading is important in our life, if we don’t have reading capabilities we are not able to communicate and know each and everything in our world. The reading skill is important that is why schools and teachers teach how to read in the preschool of a certain child. Teaching kids how to read with their Study Skills is very important in their young age because as they grow up reading will be part of them all the time it will be their skill to learn and to communicate from each and every thing in the planet earth. In their young age, teaching them read letters, numbers, and words will help them grow and learn from different aspects in our life. Personal development - 2
  3. 3. Teaching how to read takes a little effort because a child’s brain is focus from plying different things, playing will be there always in their mind that is why it takes time to make a kid learn how to read. In the early ages of a kid, it is normal that there are some possibilities that they are slow learners because not all kids are born to be genius, these kids requires a little focus to teach them. Seriously, teaching a kid is not a magic that you can cast it any time, it takes lots of efforts to make a child grow and learn different things aside reading. Personal development - 3
  4. 4. Although teaching a kid how to read makes you pissed, all your efforts will be worth it if the child that you teach is learned how to read, just imagine that your role to them is well played because at the end of the day you give them a gift that they can use until their last breathe, the reading skills you give to them will last through ages and they will be using it all the time that is why it is not about you get angry if they are slow learners, it is all about you have play a big role to them to make them learn and use this learning whatever purpose it is in their individual life. Here are the guides on how you will teach a kid to read Personal development - 4
  5. 5. READ TO THEM Before you start making them learn how to read, you must first show them how to read properly by reading to them always this method makes a child aware that what the proper reading is. showing them how to read by reading in front of them makes an excitement feeling to them that they are excited to read as same as you. If you use to read to them always the kids will noticed different things form reading every pause, punctuation, and pronunciation. This allows them to absorb the things in reading and feels different emotion from what you are reading to them. Personal development - 5
  6. 6. GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED BEFORE STUDYING Before you study, this is the primary you will do before sitting on your thrown and be a genius. Get everything you need, food, books, notes, calculators, pencil, pens, marker, bottle of water and other stuffs that you will be needing before you lockup yourself in your room. This helps you to avoid distraction while studying because if you forgot something then probably you will go down and find that thing that makes you distracted from getting concentrated. You can also have a list of the things you need. List down your stuffs and then when you collected these stuffs check them so that you will be able to bring what you need to study. Make sure that when you do a listing, all you need is there and there is no possibility to forget something you need. Personal development - 6
  7. 7. BE A GOOD EXAMPLE If you want the kids to be disciplined in reading you, yourself can be a good example or reading to them. As you read to them different books sight a good example by showing them different things in reading, the child’s reading behavior will be depending on how you will show them to read in properly. Whatever your students sees when you are reading they will use that behavior when they have the chance to read. Being a good example to them lets them being inspired from the things in reading that is why be careful on what you show them because they attitude will depending on how you show them different behaviors in reading. Personal development - 7
  8. 8. SIGHT WORDS Let them sees common words, common words that is used everywhere and every time. These sights words are the words that easy to remember that even a child can memorize the word in the single instance. It is essential that in the beginning of class, easy to remember words is the one that you are showing them. ASK INTERACTIVE QUESTIONS It is important that when they read, you ask different questions about the topic or the book that they have read from this method allows them to understand what they are reading from asking different questions from different books that they have read. We all wanted that each child will understand what they have read so that is why asking questions or the story of the books is great idea to make them understand what they have read. Personal development - 8
  9. 9. TEACH THEM RHYMES Aside from reading different rhymes is also important to make their reading skills grow. It s recommended that nursery rhymes is the one that you will read in front because this is the one of the easy rhymes to remember. The child will easily notice the pattern of the tone when they listen to different nursery rhymes. GIVE THEM REWARDS OR CANDIES Giving them rewards like candies, and other sweet stuff is also proven to be one of the effects tips to make a child learn. If they know that you will be giving them rewards if they do a great job, they will be motivated to do better always just because they want some sweets. Personal development - 9
  10. 10. MAKE BOOKS EASILY ACCESSIBLE In order to make a child learn how to read, you must set a place where in the books are easy to reach by the children. F the books are located in high place stances, they will have a hard time in reaching the books even though they want to read. Make the books easy to get and accessible so the child can read it anytime. Reading is essential for those kids in their early ages; you must let them know how to read because this skill will be part of them all the time. They can use this skill to communicate to other and to understand different things with their reading study skills. You must be their inspiration to try hard in learning how to read because reading can be their one of the greatest gifts in their life. Developing their study skills and personal development is also significant because this is their primary skill in the world to understand and learn different things and make them aware from the events from the whole world. Personal development - 10