How to motivate yourself at work


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How to motivate yourself at work

  2. 2. Motivation is a very powerful ability to endure challenges and problems that you faced. Did you know that most successful man nowadays will not be there in their place without their motivation? Personal Development and Motivation will help you to reach something or achieve something it’s like a volcano magma bursting in your spirit to endure and reach your goal no matter what happens to you while working. We all know that problems and other negative stuffs will knock us down especially when we are working into a certain company, but as long as you are motivated you can pass this test and continue the journey. Lots of people are easy to be discouraged whatever circumstances they face the reason why they are like that is probably they don’t have motivation or they lose courage to step forward and face the problems. As a working person being motivated is always a key to be a fighter with maximum armor to stand against the challenge and fight. Personal development - 2
  3. 3. Being motivated person nowadays is important especially if you play a big role from the company and to your family. A person with motivation can face and manage himself to surpass such challenge because he/she have the reason to avoid giving up from the challenge maybe he has a great responsibility from their family or some other reason. Staying motivated is a good factor for you and your career because you have the reason to continue and you have the reason to achieve your goal. Most of us have different goals in our life, being a motivated person is a good start before you start something you want to be, be motivated. Personal development - 3
  4. 4. Here are the guides on how you will motivate yourself at work HAVE REASON If you wanted to be a motivated person, you must have different reasons why you need to do this and that. Why you work? To earn money right, then you must have reason why you do these things in your life. You must be specific from this you must be accurate about the reason. If you don’t have the reason to continue your journey and be success you will be left behind. All of us have different reasons why we work the common thing is to earn money and be successful in life that is why you must have your own. Working with no reason is like unwrapping a box with no something inside it. You must have reason why you do this. Personal development - 4
  5. 5. GIVE YOURSELF REWARDS Another thing to motivate yourself is giving yourself rewards, after a long tiring hard working job, if you think you deserve something then go for it. You must be able bring happiness from just a simple things. Or if you want a car, work hard for it after a long time of hard work you will be able to have that car as simple as that. That keeps the spirit of being motivated if work hard for something and then at the end of the day you will receive something. This makes you happy and encourages doing more so that you will be able to give yourself lots of rewards at a time. Rewards doesn’t mean that you will push to buy something even though you don’t have enough cash, just simply be happy or you can go an eat your favorite food, that solves the day. Personal development - 5
  6. 6. TALK TO YOUR SELF It is significant that you talk to you yourself, you must ask and tell yourself why you are there are what are the things you must do to keep on stepping forwards before you achieve your success. It is important that you tell yourself what are your problems, some people who see people like this think that you are crazy talking to yourself, don’t mind them, you must express what is inside and chat with yourself up. It will help you to release inner emotions and it will make your mind to pursue what you want in your life. Personal development - 6
  7. 7. SET A GOAL FOR YOURSELF Goals, everyone of use wants this, each and every one of us wants to achieve this. If you want to be motivated start first by thinking for your goals, setting different goals will help you to stay motivated, even though you are bruised by challenges, still if you wanted to reach that goal you will stand and fight all the time. Goals is our ultimate achievement that is why lots of us work hard to achieve that, if you wanted to be one of the successful persons nowadays you must be able to build your goals and stand for it. Personal development - 7
  8. 8. DON’T GET SO HARD TO YOURSELF If you faced a gravest challenges, don’t think that this is hard, don’t think that you will not able to pass the challenges, if you do that, the situation will just be tough as you think, you need to focus on what are the solutions you will do, never think that this problem will not be solved it will destroy your morale to continue the fight and lose. You must think that you will able to pass this that you will have a good solution to solve this. You must not let discouragement eat your morale and fighting spirit because if a problem strikes you, you can have a solution. EAT HEALTHY A balanced diet is also recommended for you to be motivated, how can you thing of the ideas and the things if your stomach is empty? Eat healthy and don’t let yourself eat too much it will not solved your stress at that time. You must eat healthy foods so that you can think many things or a solution for your problems. Personal development - 8
  9. 9. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH MOTIVATIVE PERSON If you can’t motivate yourself by the steps before, try this one, surround yourself or friends who are motivate persons. If you can’t motivate yourself maybe someone can do. Telling your friends with your problems will always be a good practice because at the end of the day, you will be motivated from they and from what they say to you. They can tell you what to do and what are the things you must avoid you must be open to them and accept all things that they say to you. BELIEVE Believe to yourself no matter what because you are a unique individual, believe you can! Personal development - 9
  10. 10. Self motivation and personal development is a great weapon to use in working or any other activities in your life, in order to achieve our goals we must start for ourselves by motivating ourselves with the dreams we want and the things we wanted to have. You must be specific on what you want in your life and you must have a little career development before you reach the top, every time you experience a challenge that think the reason why you are there so that you can continue no matter what. Personal development - 10