How to Make Your Dreams come true - Career developme


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How to Make Your Dreams come true - Career developme

  1. 1. HOW TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE Career Development
  2. 2. How can I make my dreams come true? What am I supposed to do so that these dream come to reality? This is just few questions from most of the people who dream big in their life with their career development. This is just some of the regular questions that are being asked by each person to be successful and turn their dreams come to reality. Every human that is living this planet have their own dream, some wanted to be a rich person, some wanted to be popular, or most of them wanted to have a relationship with the women /men they wanted to. Lots of dreams have been describe some of these people succeed others fail, why these people achieve their dreams? This is the major question from these people who sees that their progress is slow or others they don’t even make their dreams come true. As a human, we have lots of capabilities that other people don’t have in short each of us has their own ability and talent this is a thing that makes them unique. Career Development 2
  3. 3. In order to make your dreams come true, there are lots of things to do in your personal development you must start first into yourself before making these things possible, in order to make your dreams come true, start improving first yourself and then anything will follow. If you fail to develop your personal being you will have a tough hard time to achieve something or make the big dream come true. Lots of people who dream big about their own life, the sad truth is they just give up on the fight, not just because they see no progress from it but they see that no matter how hard they try there nothing that happening, they are just discourage. You might not want to be one of them aren’t you? 3 Career Development
  4. 4. MAKE THINGS POSSIBLE! Here are the guides on how you will make your dreams come true. 4 Career Development
  5. 5. BE SPECIFIC ABOUT YOUR BIG DREAM You know to yourself that you have lots of dream, buying your own house, earn lots of money, having a sports car, or marrying you girlfriend or someone. Basically if you want to achieve this dream you need to be specific on what you want. You must prioritize what is the important dream you want to become true. You must have a specific dream so that you know what to focus and what are the things you need to know to make this real come true, if you want to earn lots of money, and then be specific on it. You need to make this dream come true you need to prioritize it work for it. It is normal that you have lots of dreams to make possible or you have lots of dreams to pursue in your life, but once and for all you need to decide what you want you need to be specific about what you wanted to be. 5 Career Development
  6. 6. TURN THIS INTO A BURNING DESIRE If you want to have this dream and make it true, you need to make a strong emotions and feelings about this dream. Make this your burning desire, a bursting feeling that comes from the bottom of your heart. When this feeling is a raging stampede like bulls your encouragement will be better and you will have the fighting spirit to make these things possible. If you convert this dream into a burning desire your mind will be set that this dream is not impossible and this dream can be achieve by you and your work. Once it has become a burning desire you are no longer to refer to it as a dream, because the very nature of a dream gives the impression that it is not real. You will have this raging burning spirit to achieve the goal. 6 Career Development
  7. 7. TURN THIS DESIRE INTO GOALS After you turning it into a burning desire in the bottom of your heart, it is now about time to make these things into your goal. Basically your dream is your goal when you convert it into a goal then there is not possibility that you will be discourage to achieve the goal from this specific dream. Discouragement and other things that might distract you will be set aside because the raging wild fire in your heart is getting big upon your fighting spirit. This kind of believing is based on your commitment that if it can be done then I can do it, and if I can do it then I will do it now. The thing about goals is they are time sensitive, so adding a time frame helps you to accept the fact that you are committed to doing it. 7 Career Development
  8. 8. MAKE A SPECIFIC PLAN After generating your goals, you need to have plans and backup plans so that if something fail, not all of your progress will breakdown because there is a backup plan. Plans are made to make things organize and it will keep you on the track of chasing these dreams to make real. Plans will make you more encourage to make this dreams become real. If you want to make plans be sure that this plans will help you to achieve your goal. You must be precise in making this structure so that your progress will be accurate in making these things real. MAKE ACTIONS NOW Why you need to wait for tomorrow if you can do it now? Career Development 8
  9. 9. MAKE SHORT-TERMS GOALS Particularly you have a major goal that you wanted to achieve. Make this goal to be divided from different short term goals because this will help you to achieve your goal faster by little by little process of achievements and other things that you will get from this dream. Set time periods of achieving them or deadlines from this specific individual short term goals because it will help you to make the move faster and make things easier. REVIEW THE PROGRESS You must review the progress of your journey of getting this dream come true. You must have check lists of progress in able to know exactly where you are. Don’t be discourage if you see your progress slow remember the thought of “slowly but surely” don’t rush anything about this journey all you have to do is to believe. 9 Career Development
  10. 10. BE CONFIDENT This is one of the things you need to have, you must be confident that you will be achieving this particular dream. Be confident where you are and what you do, it will boost your moral to achieve this dream and make it true. Having a big dream in your life is common for all of us, it is just normal to dream of being successful in life and having a good future with your career development. You must able to push through on what you want and what you wanted to be. You must have this feeling of getting there are you are done to do these things. You will not able to make it there if your personal development is not yet ready because you might fail upon your journey from chasing this big dream. Just be ready and don’t get too lazy because if someone can, why you don’t? There is no reason to fail. Career Development 10