The uprooted enterprise. ICT for the any3-economy.


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Company brochure Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit, Corporate Market

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The uprooted enterprise. ICT for the any3-economy.

  1. 1. Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | Large enterprises The uprooted enterprise. Making the most of the any³-economy.
  2. 2. A tree can´t free itself from its roots Your company can. Thanks to ICT Let’s compare a hundred-year-old tree with a centenarian company. The tree will still have the same roots, branches and fruits after a century. But a successful business will have undergone some major changes during that same period. In those hundred years it will have adapted its old habits, systems and locations more than once. 2 | Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | ICT for the any3-economy
  3. 3. s. T. That’s why we call it the ‘uprooted enterprise’: An uprooted enterprise is a company which a business which detaches from its traditional has made a clean break with its historical roots and follows new paths. background. It evolves at the pace of the changing A tree doesn’t have that kind of flexibility, but economical context. a business does. It is eager to make use of the An uprooted enterprise uses ICT as an enabler and opportunities offered by the market. It sees driver for sustainable growth and profit. challenges and accepts them. 3
  4. 4. Your familiar business environment is changing. You opt for flexibility and mobility. We are living in the any3-economy: we work and communicate anywhere, anytime and anyhow. People and companies are working together closely, regardless of physical location, time or devices. 4 | Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | ICT for the any3-economy
  5. 5. “Eleven channels are available for customers to get in touch with the bank. Regardless of where they are or which device is available to them: their banking activities never stop.” Benoit Görtz, Head of IT Strategy & Development Architecture at Dexia This evolution is having a substantial impact on and the Gulf States are also rapidly expanding. all businesses. It affects every process and every We are also moving from a product to a relationship between staff, customers, suppliers service economy. and partners. Familiar conventions are coming under pressure. And, on top of this, the center of gravity of the We are doing business across all national borders on world economy is shifting to the East: China and the internet, at any time of day. In this respect ICT is India are becoming increasingly major players. an enabler and driver for new business models. The economies of countries such as Brazil, Russia 5
  6. 6. Change brings new responsibilities. Environment and security as a choice. 6 | Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | ICT for the any3-economy
  7. 7. “Green ICT is important to us. We use green energy and work with low-energy LCD monitors. Lights are automatically switched on and off. Green technology is part of our corporate culture.” Kalman Tiboldi, CIO bij TVH An uprooted enterprise goes for green ICT. It It also attaches great importance to security, guarantees products and services at the lowest because new technology also entails new risks. ecological cost. It works with green components in That is why securing the ICT environment to the order to deliver green products and services. maximum extent is considered a top priority. At the same time, an uprooted enterprise makes sure that its employees travel only when absolutely necessary, thus reducing its ecological footprint. 7
  8. 8. ICT: the basis of a new business model 8 | Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | ICT for the any3-economy
  9. 9. Internet companies are booming everywhere. They are using the latest technological developments and wrapping them up in an entirely new business model. Service companies are turning to internet technology en masse. Based on the technology, they succeed in developing profitable concepts. Mobility at “Staff have to be able to access the speed of light applications always, everywhere and by means of any device. The new An uprooted enterprise thrives on mobility. generation of employees thinks Everyone in it is mobile: staff, suppliers, that goes without saying.” customers and partners. An uprooted Luc Chauvin, ICT Manager enterprise also mobilizes its processes, in the Flemish government to make sure that they are available worldwide. The whole world is its field of action. Traditional businesses – where all ICT strengthens Teamwork contributes departments are housed in the same building – are definitely outdated. R&D, customer relations to success production, back office, service centers, ICT will help you improve the contact with ICT is indispensable for allowing staff to sales, marketing: un uprooted company your customers, for instance by relying work anywhere. At the same time, it is a selects the ideal location, wherever that more on automation. real challenge to keep field staff involved in may be, for each individual task. your enterprise. A customer orders a book? This order Today, mobility is the essence of everything will automatically trigger a process Another issue which can be supported by that goes on in an enterprise. Everything which controls the supply chain of all ICT: by making the same functionalities that exists in digital format is available at partners involved. available to those mobile employees as to the speed of light: orders, invoices, stock the office staff. data, text, multimedia … Technology Flexibility through brightens up staff The staff of an uprooted enterprise is also technology required to digest many changes. They Thanks to the latest technology, an are expected to be able to work always uprooted enterprise can adopt a flexible and everywhere with access to company attitude in the new market environment. applications and business data and by It allows its activities to evolve smoothly at means of any available device. A workplace the pace of the market changes. is no longer a fixed physical location. Customers want to be able to count on its Employees do their work at the office, but services immediately: ad hoc, user-friendly also at home, at customer sites, on the and at a fair price. They also want it at any train, in the airport or a parking area along location and with every possible device. the freeway. They have access to company applications wherever they go. An uprooted enterprise provides its services when customers ask for them. Moreover, these applications have to be In so doing, they also take the personal simple, transparent and consistent. There profile of these customers into account. should be no difference in using them at the office or “on the road” . 9
  10. 10. The uprooted enterprise connects business and ICT Business and ICT are inseparable for an uprooted enterprise. That’s why it is important to be able to count on a reliable ICT partner. A partner who is able to mobilize your people, processes and data. To implement the convergence between landline and mobile networks. To manage your networks, infrastructure, applications and security alike. And finally, to give advice about cost control and shifting to innovative and green ICT. Belgacom is, together with Proximus and Telindus, your ideal ICT partner. Belgacom Group Facts & figures Social responsibility • Belgian operator • Every employee attends an • Autonomous company average of 34 hours of training public enterprise a year • Convergent offer • 89% of employees attend at least one training a year • International range of action • 25% renewable energy • Listed on Euronext • Special program for • The Belgian state waste reduction owns 50% + 1 share • Special program for reduced • 17.500 employees power consumption • EUR 6 billion turnover • 84% of all purchase orders • Net income EUR 800 million are sent electronically 10 | Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | ICT for the any3-economy
  11. 11. Belgacom Group wants to close the digital gap between the promotion of electronic services and a wide • Staff & Support groups together all of the transversal functions which support the Belgacom is the leading operator in range of innovative applications. Group´s activities. Belgium and has a broad experience with different customer groups: private Enterprise individuals, professionals, companies Business Unit Strategy and mission and institutions. Belgacom’s continuous Belgacom wants to be a preferred partner, innovation has resulted in a comprehensive The operational structure of Belgacom is providing intuitive end-to-end solutions range of products and solutions for landline based on four pillars: which combine mobile telephony with IT and mobile networks. and media. By means of these solutions you • Private clients are served in the Belgacom Group offers complete can better organize and even enrich the Consumer Business Unit. quadruple-play solutions integrating combination of your professional tasks and • The Enterprise Business Unit of your private life. Belgacom also commits landline and mobile telephony, internet Belgacom Group fulfills the ICT needs of to simplifying your ICT environment by and television. The group is committed to professional clients. offering managed solutions, with a quality fulfilling the expectations of its professional and residential customers. • The networks and the IT services guarantee. Finally, Belgacom wants to be are housed in a central unit: Service the leading network-centric ICT service Belgacom innovates in order to anticipate Delivery Engine. provider in Belgium – and a reference future needs of customers by means of for Europe. the latest technology. Belgacom also Belgacom, together with Telindus, has invested heavily In combination with the high-quality Belgacom in developing expertise in terms of ICT and connectivity. International Carrier Services network and the Belgacom Belgacom is the leading ICT integrator in Belgium, Explore platform, Belgacom Group offers cross-border France and the Netherlands – also for cross-border managed services involving connectivity. ICT projects. 11
  12. 12. Anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Thanks to ICT. 12 | Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | ICT for the any3-economy
  13. 13. Uprooted enterprises have a way of increasing customer satisfaction. The involvement and satisfaction of their staff increase and their operational activities improve. Is that what you would like too? If so, just like other uprooted enterprises, you will have to be flexible about locations and communicate smoothly with staff, customers, suppliers and partners. You will also have to provide flexible processes with mobile employees and devices. Belgacom’s customized services and solutions are here to help you: ICT Propositions ICT Services Belgacom offers you end-to-end ICT solutions. ICT is extremely important for an uprooted Belgacom builds solutions on six pillars: enterprise. However, ICT does not necessarily belong to your company’s core activities. • Enterprise Network The network which carries all the If not, Belgacom has several formulas which electronic traffic. allow you to leave the actual ICT support to us • Enterprise Datacenters • Consult The location where applications run and Belgacom has a sound plan for the where data are stored. organization of your ICT environment. You can call on us for strategic and • Enterprise Security technical consultancy. The solution for conducting your • Integrate operations securely. Belgacom sets up the ICT environment you • Enterprise Collaboration need. We integrate all aspects of the ICT The way to let staff, customers, suppliers side of your enterprise: implementation, and partners work together efficiently validation, service provision at the time and productively. of installation, program and project management, etc. • Enterprise Applications The business processes are contained • Manage in applications. Belgacom is in charge of the operational support of your ICT environment. We • Enterprise Mobility assure continuous improvement of Everything is mobile in the any³-economy: your ICT tools and manage everything, people, machines and processes. including monitoring and maintenance. • Outsource Leave your ICT entirely to Belgacom. We take charge of the complete management of the outsourcing agreement. We balance flexibility and expenses by means of innovation, in a continual improvement process. 13
  14. 14. ICT Propositions An uprooted enterprise works almost fully electronically. All business processes are contained in applications. Staff, customers, suppliers and partners count on the availability of those applications. You have to be able to rely on a network and a datacenter which guarantees performance, mobility and security. Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Network Datacenters Security In the any³-economy The datacenter is the Everything is handled your applications have to driving force behind all your electronically: communication be accessible – everywhere. business processes. with customers, stock Therefore the network is management follow-up, orders, essential for your payments … business operations. In the any³-economy, more and more applications will be accommodated on your network. You have ICT needs You have a large amount of You want to provide your company in the area of housing, hosting and confidential information which is with an intelligent, flexible, easily- workplace – either onsite under your stored electronically. It concerns expandable network infrastructure, own management or in a central information about the strategy of your ranging from a PC in your smallest datacenter. Because data volume are enterprise and its financial situation, branch to a server farm in your continuing to grow, there’s a need for a personal information about your staff datacenter or headquarters. With the datacenter with sufficient – preferably and customers, information about Belgacom Explore service platform green – capacity, guaranteed intellectual property … That is why you have a comprehensive portfolio availability and the possibility to adequate security is a must. Trust of LAN, WAN, ICT services and cover peak moments. We offer you a is more important than ever in the network management solutions. range of flexible solutions: all types any³-economy. A customer or supplier Network services can be added to it, of housing and hosting, dynamic who wants to do business with you hosted in Belgacom Explore or onsite resource allocation, virtualization, via the internet must be able to trust at the customer location. The entire consolidation and managed services. the correctness and security of the solution is managed end-to-end and • Datacenter Facilities information and services provided proactively from within the Belgacom Housing, Onsite Facilities through that channel. Therefore, Network Operation Center. We offer security is essential. • Onsite Systems you a network set-up which allows Servers, Storage & Software Solutions, • Managed Network Security you to function optimally in the Onsite Services any³-economy, with state-of-the-art • Internet Access Street security, maximum availability and • Hosted Systems • Security Inside guaranteed network infrastructure Dedicated Hosted Systems, Virtual performance. Hosted Systems, Storage Hosting • Datacenter Security • Managed Hosted Systems • Secure Connectivity & Mobility • Belgacom Explore Managed Connectivity, Managed Managed Dedicated Hosting, Managed • Application Security Services, International Solutions, Virtual Hosting, Shared Hosting, 360° Application Security Protection Convergence, Application Performance Business Backup, Archiving, Domain Pack, XML Integration & Security Names gateways, Database Security, Identity & • Dedicated Networks Access Management Managed LAN, Datacenter Networking, • Workplace Management Managed Wireless LAN, Managed Desktop Lifecycle Management, • Security Management Network Security, WAN Optimisation, Application Delivery, Desktop as a Service, IP Telephony, Mobile • Physical Security Monitoring & Management Networked Video Surveillance, Access Connectivity, Unified Communication Control, Incident & Alarm Management, • Network Services Strategic Consultancy, Technical • Datacenter Security Licence Plate Recognition Consultancy, Integration, Management Onsite datacenter security, Secure • Security Services Housing, Secure Hosting, Secure Strategic Security Consultancy, Workplace Management Technical Security Consultancy, Managed Security Services 14 | Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | ICT for the any3-economy
  15. 15. “We work really quickly via the new media, so the very role and meaning of the physical newspaper has evolved. It’s changed our whole business.” Jean-Philippe Bovsovers, ICT Manager at Corelio Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Collaboration Applications Mobility Collaboration plays a crucial Your company doesn´t stop Staff and machines work – and role in the any³-economy. You functioning at the company communicate – anywhere, any work at any location with any gates: after all, in the any³- time of day, with any device. device. And you work together: economy, close cooperation with colleagues, customers, with partner companies is suppliers and partners. constantly increasing. The greater availability of your staff ensures higher productivity and better cost control. After all, efficient mobility is the result of a tariff plan and a device Belgacom offers several solutions Both your internal business processes which exactly correspond to your staff’s to make this collaboration happen and the interaction with customers job description. However, mobility is no electronically. These solutions make and suppliers have to become ever longer restricted to working on the road sure that your staff can be reached at more flexible. Your applications must or at home. Mobility also contributes the office, but also at home, on the be able to deal with complex data to the general operational quality of road or at a customer location. They models and multimedia while at your business by means of mobile have remote access to applications the same time being able to provide communication between machines. A and data, and therefore their physical this flexibility. Belgacom has the vending machine reports a malfunction location will no longer affect their expertise to efficiently integrate your by mobile communication, or reports cooperation with colleagues, applications with one another. We the sales level. This too can increase customers, suppliers and partners. In ensure a more effective production productivity. Services are becoming addition, we offer solutions which are planning or reduced administration by increasingly mobile. We are taking the concretely aimed at your relationship linking your key processes with those lead in this process with solutions for with customers and suppliers and of your partners. We guarantee that mobile payment transfer. Thus, mobility which allow you to meet their needs your mobile employees can obtain the and innovation go hand in hand. extremely quickly and efficiently. right information everywhere and at The collaboration solutions ensure all times. Of course, this multiplicity • Belgacom Internet for Employees time savings, greater efficiency of links with the outside world also • Mobile Voice and productivity. And, at the same means that particular attention must Proximus Wireless Office, Proximus time, they help you to reduce your be devoted to protecting your data and Volume Based Pricing, Unified ecological footprint. access to the applications. Communications • Telephony • Sector Based & Enterprise • Mobile Data Traditional Telephony, Hybrid & Applications Proximus Mobile Mail Enterprise, IP Telephony, Wireless Office, Customer Relationship Management Proximus Mobile Internet, Proximus Voice Services (CRM), Supply Chain Management Mobile Intranet, Belgacom • Contact Centers • Digital media Explore Mobile Call Centers, Multimedia Contact Video Streaming, WebTV, • Mobile Applications Centers, Interactive Voice Response Digital Signage Mobile CRM, SMS Customer Interaction, • Unified Communication • Application Platform Services Machine to Machine Communication, E-mail, Instant Messaging & Software as a Service, Mobile Payments, Location Based Identity Presence, Mobile E-mail, Platform as a Service & Application Services & Geo Applications Videoconference, Web & Call Hosting Application Platform • Mobility Management Conference Infrastructure, Application Integration, Proximus Fleet Management, Proximus Application Security • Information Management E-Bill, Vodafone International Web Portals, Document Management, Management, Company Devices E-learning Management, Company SIM Cards Management, Proximus Budget Manager, Mobile Preparation & Implementation Services 15
  16. 16. ICT Services If ICT support is not one of your enterprise’s core activities, you might do well to leave it to an expert. Belgacom offers solutions based on four pillars: Consult Integrate Manage We offer a sound plan for Belgacom sets up the ICT You are putting the operational the organization of your ICT environment you need. We support of your ICT environment. You can call on integrate all aspects of the environment into Belgacom’s us for strategic and technical ICT side of your enterprise: hands. Belgacom constantly consultancy. implementation, validation, improves that environment service provision at the time and manages the entire of installation, program and system, including monitoring Market conditions are constantly project management … and maintenance. changing in the any³-economy, and that is why your ICT environment has to perfectly match your current Belgacom handles the practical Belgacom adapts your ICT needs. At the same time, it needs to development of the ICT plan for the infrastructure and ICT processes to be flexible enough to anticipate new strategic and technical consultants. As changes in your business needs. We conditions well in advance. Belgacom an integrator we combine the required measure the operational performance offers the necessary consultancy on infrastructure and applications. and improve it. We provide for an both the strategic and technical levels. We assume responsibility for the organized management of your ICT We analyze your needs, discuss your implementation of hardware and environment, aimed at continuity objectives and define the most suitable software. We supervise every aspect and sustainability. We monitor all ICT solution for your business based on of the process and coordinate all of processes. This allows us to provide the analysis: the ICT strategy, the the parties involved. A single point of proactive support if required. We underlying ICT processes and the contact will be designated for you to are in charge of the maintenance of applications and infrastructure turn to throughout the process. your ICT environment. You will be you require. fully informed through flexible SLA • Implementation & Validation • Strategic Concultancy programs and detailed reports. • Installation Services • Technical Concultancy • Improve • Program & Project Management • Manage • Monitor • Maintain 16 | Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | ICT for the any3-economy
  17. 17. Outsource IT outsourcing can help you increase the efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage of your business activities. You work in a constantly changing economic environment which requires you to adapt your business model time and again. You constantly have to decide which activities belong to your core activities and which do not. IT outsourcing could be an important strategic move, because Belgacom will guarantee the network and infrastructure aspects. We take charge of the complete management of the outsourcing agreement. We balance flexibility and expenses by means of innovation, in a continual improvement process. ““Thanks to mobile communication, we can cut the time interval between diagnosis and treatment of a heart attack to a minimum.” Steven Creve, IT Director at the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Hospital in Aalst 17
  18. 18. ICT tailored to specific needs Every industry has its own features and specific customs. What are the needs of uprooted enterprises in six major industries? Belgacom has translated them into vertical solutions, each focused on the processes and corresponding ICT needs of a specific industry. Finance Government Healthcare Regaining the trust of An uprooted government Uprooted healthcare customers is the biggest service ensures permanently provides better services challenge of an uprooted bank. available and accessible public to patients. services. As an uprooted bank, you are trying An optimal cooperation between to increase your sales by means of This allows you, as a government all healthcare parties – hospitals, up-selling and cross-selling. At the service, to increase the efficiency, national health services, national same time, you are aiming for a cost the productivity and the satisfaction social security institutions, etc. reduction of at least ten percent, of citizens, companies and internal – increases the quality of care to without compromising in terms staff. As an uprooted public service, patients. These services largely of performance, governance and you are paying attention to the depend on the mobility of healthcare compliance. As a bank you have to integration of devices, machines, staff, but also on the way they offer more and better services, with people and processes. You also find cooperate and exchange data remotely new sales figures and additional green IT important. In the first place and have access to patient data at any profits. Belgacom provides solutions you want to simplify the contact location, etc. In certain healthcare on the basis of the network and with citizens, businesses and staff, areas specific profiles are scarce. convergent technology, often in as well as the underlying processes. Remote diagnosing and cooperation with international Belgacom makes both people and telemonitoring of patients – when partners. It will allow you as a bank processes mobile, with a wide range of the treating physician is not to implement new business models, solutions for access to mobile data and physically in the same room as the improve and transform processes. applications, reports and services. patient – are concrete necessities. This will lead to better and faster Applications concerning mobility, services to customers, through more security and cooperation ensure a channels. And, internally, as a bank, better accessibility of staff, efficient you ensure maximum risk control at management of medical equipment, minimum cost and greater mobility a better follow-up and treatment and collaboration between staff. of patients, cost control, coordination, supervision of data confidentiality ... 18 | Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit | ICT for the any3-economy
  19. 19. “Our EcoCoach solution is based on the possibilities of mobile communication. Thanks to that communication, we can encourage the drivers of our lease cars to drive more safely and economically.” Alain Vercammen, Business Development director at Athlon Car Lease Media Retail & Services & Uprooted media companies Manufacturing Utilities generate new turnover via Uprooted enterprises in Uprooted service providers innovative and interactive manufacturing & retail are focus on excellent services and solutions. characterized by quick and support of field staff. efficient communication The role of the media is changing. with customers. The services and utilities market is Ever more people are mobile and under heavy pressure. As an uprooted online. The exchange of information Globalization has had a major service provider, you can compensate is progressively marginalizing the impact on production and logistics. this by focusing on customer service. A conventional one-to-many media Companies nowadays work secure and stable network connection model. As a media company you with a world-wide supply chain: between branches and offices is a first develop business models from manufacturing and distribution take requirement. Your field staff will in which you derive fresh turnover, for place in locations which are very many cases assure the direct contact example via new channels along far apart. Each of these locations is with your customers. It is important for which advertisers reach your media the most appropriate solution for a them to have the required customer users. Driven by the changes in partial aspect of the supply chain. information available immediately, media use and the evolution in the Staff, customers and suppliers work through high-performance mobile technology, you are looking for new with mobile applications and mobile applications which can access the data ways to interact with your public. It is data. At the same time, globalization in the datacenter. Specific applications important that you stay close to the is also a reality on the customer side. – such as smart metering for public media user with an interactive and Customers order online, at all times utilities – may also be required. As mobile offer. The consumer needs of day, from any location whatsoever. a service provider, Belgacom went media content at all times of the day, Fast and efficient communication through the liberalization of the from any location and via whatever with the customer – through different telecom market and has its own device. Obviously you have to adapt channels – is crucial in all this. Being extensive field crew. We embedded your existing working methods to this a retailer, Belgacom has its own these experiences in our solutions for new reality. With solutions like Explore experience and built on it to create service providers and public utilities. for Media, Unified Communications, videoconferencing, streaming services a portfolio of solutions for uprooted and mobile interactivity, we make sure enterprises in retail and production. that you can concentrate on your In so doing, Belgacom built on the core activities. familiar pillars: network, datacenters, security, cooperation and mobility. 19
  20. 20. Belgium Headquarters France (13 offices) Belgacom nv under public law Telindus Arche sa Bd. du Roi Albert II 27 10, rue de Norvège B-1030 Brussels Z.A. Courtaboeuf BP 742 t +32 2 202 41 11 F- 91962 LES ULIS Cedex f +32 16 40 01 02 t +33 (0)1 69 18 32 32 f +33 (0)1 69 59 28 50 Belgacom Mobile nv Bd. du Roi Albert II 27 Luxembourg (3 offices) B-1030 Brussels Telindus sa t +32 2 205 40 00 Route d’Arlon 81-83 f +32 2 205 40 40 L-8009 Strassen t +352 450 915 1 f +352 450 911 Telindus nv Geldenaaksebaan 335 B-3001 Heverlee The Netherlands (2 offices) t +32 16 38 20 11 Telindus bv f +32 16 40 01 02 Savannahweg 19 NL-3542 AW Utrecht t +31 30 247 77 11 Telindus Sourcing nv f +31 30 247 77 37 Avenue Thomas Edison 1 B-7000 Mons T +32 16 38 32 59 Spain (3 offices) F +32 65 34 80 24 Telindus sau Pza. Ciudad de Viena 6 2a Planta E-28040 Madrid t +34 91 456 00 08 f +34 91 536 10 74 United Kingdom (10 offices) Telindus United Kingdom ltd Hatchwood Place Farnham Road Odiham UK-Hampshire RG29 1AB t +44 1256 709 200 f +44 1256 709 210 More information? Contact your account manager, call toll free 0800 55 200 or visit © Belgacom SA under public law, Bd. du Roi Albert II 27, B-1030 Brussels, VAT BE 0202.239.951, Brussels Register of Legal Entities, Giro 000-1710031-18